Allot Wittongue

  • Nickname: Wittongue
    Full Name: Allot "Wittongue" Curvack
    Mottos/Personal Philosophies:

    -"I'm no' runnin' way jus' delayin' tha' ba'tle!"
    -"A dea' oaf don' nee' no trinkets eh?"
    -"Cluny the Scourge woulda' called me Allot the Scourge, cuz I'm tha' dang'rous!"
    -"Monies will always luv ya! Vixens won't!"
    -"Thief's are the bes' kind o' frien', if they ain't stabbin' yew in tha' back, they're stabbin' the bloke behin' ya in the back!"

    Species: Fox

    Description: He is rather short for a fox. His is actually kinda puffy and not very menacing at all. While he'd like to think himself "Terrifying", being short, skinny, and puffy takes away from such a label. His eyes are a dark yellow, and his fur is your average old fox's colors of orange and black. He also has a "token" sly smile.

    The fox has a red bandanna, a brown coat, and poofy tan pants. He has bandages wrapped on various parts of his body meant to look as if he has multiple fresh war wounds, when in reality, he is barely ever touched in combat. Why? Well, he either is successful in fighting, or runs for his life.

    Possessions: A very nice golden medallion stolen from a warlord and two knives: one is banged up and kind of warped, and the other is very fine. He also carries a haversack full of his most recent "trinkets" or "Steals".

    -Adept thief
    -Quiet in movement
    -Very quick
    -Pretty good at throwing or fighting with his knives
    -Skilled at picking lockpicks
    -Great Climber
    -Expert at fleeing
    -Quick mouth
    -Rather "lucky" if that is a skill

    -Horrific sense of direction
    -Can be a coward
    -Talks to himself as if he has a good side or bad side on each shoulder ((like the angel and devil on shoulder type thing))
    -Obviously can argue amongst himself about his morals and decisions
    -Not the strongest despite his quickness
    -Quick mouth can get him into trouble
    -Has his spurts of stupidity


    ((I'll put in the background whenever I log on next haha, gtg, so this bio isn't complete just yet))

  • LOL

    Is it bad that I think he sounds adorable in every aspect?  XD

  • In his eyes, yes, but to anyone else, no haha

  • I like this character a lot, he has a great deal of  of personality to him 🙂 I like that he has some real flaws other than "rawr I'm bad," things like the fact that he has a bad sense of direction.

  • @Kaden:

    In his eyes, yes, but to anyone else, no haha

    Oh sweet, we're good then!

  • Harr harr!He and Zhyhin almost seem like birds of a feather. xD

  • Oh no…..Oh no....OH NO!

    I didn't think about that until just now.....and you're RIGHT!

  • Yup. He's almost a younger, more adorkable version of Zyhin, although he has more than enough quirks of his own to make him a distinct character. (For instance, one of Zyhin's few skills lies in keeping a ship on course, while Allot has no sense of direction at all.)

  • @ Night & Temp: Holy crap hahahaha he is

    @ Rainman" Thank-ye mate ^^!

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