The Time Approaches

  • A massive battleship hove into view around the island's head land. the ship was more a floating fortress of guns and steel. A young black panther stood on the bridge's starboard wing and, using binoculars, watched the shore. he spies a young female wild cat on the shore. She was beautiful and he wished to meet her so he ordered a zodiack to be launched to take him to shore. The ship's massive anchor dropped into the sea with a splash and some of the crew prepared the zodiack for the Captain. He stepped into the zodiack and it was quickly lowered down into the water. the young panther started the zodiack's engine and sped off away from the ship and towards the shore and the lovely female.

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    The young wildcat on the beach, just so happened to be Temperance.  After months of searching for her adopted daughter's birth parents had led her no where, she was finally taking a break from it.  So she had found herself on the coast, near the sea.  She sat on a rather large rock and watched the waves roll in, the water breaking towards the tideline and lazily slooshing up the beach.  She smiled slightly and sighed, then looked out towards the sea.

    Her line of vision was automatically level with the massive ship, and at first it took her off guard.  But once she realized what it was she relaxed, and then was drawn to the small mass moving inland.  As it got closer, she could tell it was a zodiak (which is like a rowboat I'm assuming, right?), and there were several beasts rowing, but the most impressive of them was the black panther that seemed to be staring right at her.  She could do nothing but watch as they came closer.

  • (OOC: this is a zodiac )

    The boat's aluminum hull crunched onto the sand and the troops jumped out and made sure that the area was clear. Only then did the black panther leave his position at the engine and walked up the sand towards her, his eyes never leaving her. She was more beautiful up close.

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    The wildcat watched as the panther walked up the beach towards her, not sure if he was friend or foe.  Regardless, she had already decided to treat the newcomer with kindness.

    She smiled at him, a little taken aback at the intensity of his gaze.  "Hello there."

  • "hello there, beautiful"

    He said as he came closer to her and smiled at her.

    "would you like to visit my ship and have something to eat?"

    He asked holding his arm out to her.

  • She hesitated a moment, the cat blushing furiously at the panther's compliment.  She slowly reached out and linked her arm with his, a slight smile  gracing her lips.

    What harm could it do?

    "Alright, I would love to." she said.

  • he walks with her down to the zodiac and helps her into it then he climbs in and sits beside the motor and signaled the troops to get back in. they scramble in and Altair starts the motor up and swings the small boat around and heads back to the ship.

  • The wildcat remained silent as she sat in the zodiak, choosing to remain wide-eyed and perplexed at the events that had unfolded.

  • the small boat pulls up along side the huge ship, which towers above them. Altair quickly attaches the cables, that hung down from the side of the ship, to the zodiac then sat down next to her. he gently lay a paw on her knee and asked.

    "So what's your name, miss?"

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  • She smiled slightly, unable to hide the blush that was forming on her cheeks.  "Temperance sir, but you may call me Temp.  And what is your name?"

  • "i'm called Captain Altair. welcome to my ship, the FFF BB Class Bismarck"

    he said as the zodiac was lifted from the water and lowered into it's resting place on the steel deck of the ship. once it was locked down he held out a hand to her to help her up and out of the small boat.

  • She took his hand and climbed out of the boat, looking around in awe at the ship she had just set foot on.  "Wow"

  • in the front and back she could just see the huge turrets that held the 18" guns. along the side she could see all kinds of armaments from .50 cal. machine guns to 105" howitzer canons along with AA missile launchers and anti missile guns.

    Altair smiled as she looked around at the ship. a sailor approaches and whispers something to him. he nods and tells the sailor to have the Bismarck head out. the sailor salutes and walks off.

  • She watched the soldier retreat for a moment, and then looked to her host.  "Is everything all right?"

  • "yes and no, depends on how you look at it, the ship has been ordered to go and clear out a beach head so the rest of the army could land"

    he looks at her and then holds his paw out to her so he could lead her into the ship for the meal that he had offered her.

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