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  • Name:Leon Darkrose






    Description: Leo is a very loyal and loving lion. He protects all of his loved ones and will defend them till the end. He enjoys eating raw fish over other animals which was frowned upon by his parents.

    Appearance: His fur is a golden yellow and his main is reddish yellow, almost rusty color. He has hazel brown eyes, but turn red in bloodwrath. He has numerous scars across his body, but the most noticeable is a large scar across his left eye.

    Possessions: He has a pair of Katars. One is used to punch through armor the other opens up, revealing a third blade. He also has small clay pots full of flammable oils. He is also a skilled bow beast, carrying a bow made of crocodile bone.

    Strengths: He is a strong swimmer and fighter with his weapons.

    Weaknesses: He hates cold weather and can't use pole arms.

    Background: When he was just a 6 year old cub his dad and king of the lion warriors put him into training. Then one day his dad made him and his friend fight till the other had surrendered. But he went on a rampage at the site of his own blood and killed him. He was banished and was later inducted into a group of rouges that betrayed him when he was 16. Now he wants to get revenge on the new leader of his clan the one who had him banished his brotherโ€ฆ...

  • This is a nice start. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    Edit: I almost forgot to add that non-traditional profiles do have their own section where they're posted which is here: http://www.redwallslegacy.com/SMF/index.php?board=61.0

  • Nice job! I can see this is going to be a good one!

  • Nice job and welcome to RL Darkrose!

  • thank you ๐Ÿ˜Ž O8D &=) &} :wubs: ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† XP"

  • Nice job on the profile, but shouldn't it be in non-traditional?

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