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  • It was a beautifully calm summer day on Green Isle, the sun was beating down on the grass and into the clear water of the lake. Next to the lake lay a fort, it was a wooden fort and otters lived in it. To be more precise The High Rhulain lived there. She and her son had had the fort rebuilt and that was their home.

    Two otters walked along the corridors of the fort arguing heatedly. It was the High Rhulain's Chief Adviser and the General. They were arguing about whether to have 2 ships patrolling or 3. The General thought they only needed 2 and the Adviser though they needed 3 to be safer that way. They walked on until they came to the throne room where the High Rhulain was with her son. She was sitting on a couch at the south side of the room under the window. She looked up as the two otters came in.
    The General and The Chief Adviser both bowed to her and she nodded her head to them in acknowledgment.
    " You Highness I still say we need three ships patrolling the west coast of the Isle."
    " Your Majesty we only need two ships patrolling , my otters are quite sufficient enough to patrol without letting any vermin ships through and we don't need to waste a ship just to patrol the west coast. And besides what ship would we use?"
    " Calm down you that's nothing to argue about. And besides we really don't have the ships to spare Adalin (Add-al-in)." Adalin looked slightly aggravated at the General who was smirking back.  Adalin was inwardly smirking back, his plan had worked beautifully and he had gotten them to not put any more ships to patrolling the west coast.
    " Mother," Said her son
    " yes dear?"
    " Could I go down to the lake while you and the General and Adalin talk? I would like to play with (Name) and the others." The Queen thought about it for a while then she nodded her head,
    " yes you may go down to the lake, just be careful."
    " I will!" Said the 15 year old otter. He jumped up and scampered from the room grinning happily.

    Later that day the Prince came back and was sitting with his mother.
    ' Mother, why don't (Generals name) and Adalin like eachother? They always  seem to be arguing." The Queen sighed,
    " Well you see The General was top of the rank before Adalin came, then because he proved to be useful and knows alot about ruling he became my head Adviser. So of course the General never liked him.
    " Now you run off to bed now dear. I've got work to do. Goodnight!" She kissed him goodnight and he ran up to his bedroom.

  • Meanwhile, far across the ocean, the other end of the nefarious plot was growing. King Vadim Whitedeath, lord of Syrea, sat bored as his head adviser stood giving him the long list of events in his kingdom. Syrea was no small nation, so quite a lot had happened since the last report. Verusha and Vladimir were standing nearby and having their own conversation in hushed tones.

    "That is enough Chief Adviser," Vadim said suddenly, "tell me what I want to hear. I'll review the rest later."

    "What do you mean sir?" the Adviser gulped nervously.

    "About the Green Isle Invasion, tell me everything new," Vadim growled, "surely you know that is foremost in my mind."

    "Of course my lord, the plot is going according to plan," the Chief Adviser said, "the assassins say they will make their move soon."

    "Then our invasion force will move in to mop them up," Vadim grinned, "bring Zarya to me. I will have her lead them."

    "But my lord, she has been a general for only a short time now," the Adviser said in alarm, "surely you would not trust your invation of Green Isle to her! There are far older beasts who could lead the attack!"

    "I have heard many good things about her. Besides, once the High Rhulain is dead, the rest will be easy," Vadim smirked, "this will just be a training mission for her standards."

    "As you wish my lord," the Advisor answered as he bowed. He left the room quickly to find the wildcat. King Vadim Whitedeath didn't like to be kept waiting. Verusha and Vladimir stopped their conversing as they found themselves alone in the room with their father.

    "It sounded like you two were having quite a heated discussion," Vadim said without looking at them, "whatever is the matter?" Their was an edge of amusement in his voice.

    "If Vikenti never comes back, who will take his place as your heir?" Verusha asked, "Vladimir or me?"

    "Why don't you two fight each other? The last one breathing gets the throne when I die," Vadim said calmly, "and please wound each other a few times before the end, I love to see pain." For the first time he turned and looked at them, his eyes burning with an evil delight. The two siblings looked at each other nervously. They didn't seem sure if their father was serous or not.

    "If you are not going to interest me, get out!" Vadim snarled. The pair was only to happy to oblige. They hurried out of the door, giving a last hasty glance of confusion to their king and father. "Idiots," Vadim muttered as he leaned back in his throne, "how they bore me…"

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  • Zarya arrived promptly. Her entrance was made quietly, only made known to the king by the ermine messenger who announced her arrival as she passed through the wide double doors that swung open to welcome her into the king's throne room.

    "Zarya, your grace." The ermine gestured to the approaching wildcat.

    The general cut an imposing figure dressed smartly in the decorative silver plate armor and midnight blue cloak. A decorative silver long sword hung harmlessly at her waist. She was of average size for her species, long of limbs and moderately muscular.  Her gray fur was always groomed to its finest state but even at its best it was a little wild and rough in places where her fur was worn thin and scarred.

    The newly appointed general paused when she was a couple score paces away and bowed deeply before the king , " Thou hast summoned me and I have come. How may I serve thee, my liege?"

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    BIC: "Tonight's the night. May our arrow strike true," a British accent pierced the cold night air, a small breath of fog leaving the creature's muzzle. A spotted wildcat stood on the prow of a small boat, an emerald eye peering through a telescope as he kept wary watch at the two ships out on patrol.

    Their main ship, Black Fang, was much further back, awaiting the fire signal to vouch for their escape. Jet Melrose chose a small group of his most trusted assassins to join him when they disembarked on the boat, as in a much smaller vessel, they would be quite difficult to spot as they approached Green Isle.

    He watched as one of the ships approached their way, but noted they were still on their usual path of patrol. He lowered his telescope and pointed to a stray rock formation near the shore. "…Behind those rocks." His row beasts complied, and it seemed they took cover just in the nick of time before the patrol ship passed by about 20 meters ahead of them.

    He waited for the ship to gain distance before signaling them to make for the shore. "I expected one ship..." he muttered quietly. When they made landfall at the south western shore of Green Isle, he set the telescope away, jumped out of the boat into the wet ground, and turned about.

    "Everyone out! Oar beasts, get yourselves and the boat out of sight near this spot. Don't forget to cover your tracks. Prepare to back us up in the event we are forced to make an emergency escape. Make sure the area is kept clear, and leave not a shadow unchecked. Assassins, we have our mark. The High Rulian queen as King Vadim Whitedeath of Syrea requested. He has offered a fair bit of coin, and the first assassin to slay the High Rulian will have a considerable bonus. If you slay a beast, hide the body and leave not a trace to be seen. If any beast runs into trouble, send a fire arrow into the air and the Black Fang will come by to take us out, but this is our last resort option. It is my hope to finish our mission and leave this island without a trace. If they are to capture you and there's no means of escape, you are to take your own lives without a second's hesitation. You know the drill."

    "The three of you left, come with me. We are to meet with Captain Temperance of the High Rulian Army at an overhang near the great cliff face. She will brief us as to how we will best infiltrate the fortress's defenses. Let us not keep her waiting."

    He grabbed his quiver from the boat and shouldered it, proceeding to lead his primary squad up a trail near the rocks.

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  • Rogg looked down at his trembling paw and a small bead of sweat trickled down the back of his neck, as he waited for an audience with the queen. He felt so terribly nervous, it had been several years since he had in essence abandoned his homeland and traveled far and wide, pursuing his life's work. But now he was back, back to see his family, back to once again serve the land he once called home.

    The otter hoped that the inhabitants of Green Isle would still let him return into the queen's service, but perhaps it had been to long… He put the thought far from his mind and concentrated on the task at hand.

    It amazed Rogg how little Green Isle had changed in the years since his departure, the sparkling streams, waves crashing against the granite cliffs, the lush meadows are forests,  it was still as beautiful as he remembered it.

    The island had not changed, but maybe Rogg had, the things he had seen, acts he had committed, encounters with so many creatures, things he had done, maybe it had changed him...for the worse.... he did not like to think of this though, he was here, and nothing would change the fact that he was a deadly fighter, offering his services to the creatures of Green Isle for no personal gain.

    Hopefully the queen would be sympathetic to his case...
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  • The young Prince slept fitfully that night. He kept having the same dream over and over again.
    He tossed and turned restlessly. Then the dream came again,
    it was of a tall handsome warrior mouse. He was dressed in armor and held a magnificent sword. It was a very majestic looking mouse and when you looked at him your eyes would be filled with respect and in some cases terror. Then the mouse would speak and he would say
    "Brand, there is a great danger at hand. You must warn your mother. There are some that can't be trusted, beware."
    Then Brand would wake up sweating all over, then he would fall asleep again. He didn't know who the mouse was but he could tell that it was important. He still hadn't grasped the full meaning of the dream yet.

    Finally after he had waken up again he slipped out of bed and padded downstairs. He went into the big room where the fire was and sat down in a chair next to it. Then staring into the flames he fell back asleep. Without dreaming of the mouse.

    The Next morning his Mother woke him up, he was still sitting in front of the fire in the big arm chair.
    " What are you doing down here Brand?" She asked him. Brand looked up into his mothers eyes but he couldn't remember a thing about last night. All he remembered was that he couldn't sleep so he came down and fell asleep in the chair.
    " I couldn't sleep last night so I came down here, then I fell asleep."
    " Well you had better run along now and get your breakfast." She said to him. Brand jumped up out of the chair and scurried down into the kitchens. He asked the cook for a bowl of Shrimp-n-hotroot soup.  Then taking his soup he went out and sat on the dock swinging his legs back and forth over the sparkling water.

  • General Typhon Slade was tired of his arguments with the Chief advisor. In the end, the third shore patrol was kept within the walls, as he wished, but it felt like a shallow victory. He couldn't live with this job if he had to fight for every order, every step of the way. He wished that Adalin would keep his nose out of where his jurisdiction lay.
        He stationed the shore patrol at the west gate since they weren't as familiar with the workings of patrols and preferred to stick together anyhow.
        Typhon strode purposefully through the corridors, checking on his men, making sure the patrols were sound. When the Captain of the Guard arrived, Typhon took his leave back to his room, tossing his sword and armor onto his bed.
        Then he changed into a dark cloak and cowl, strapping an extravagant silver dagger to his waist, out of sight. He sucked in a deep sigh of relief. He only felt at home when he wasn't himself.
        Carefully, slowly, he opened his window and peered down the wall  of the tower, covered thickly with ivy.
        It was time for his midnight walk.

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  • "Thou hast summoned me and I have come. How may I serve thee, my liege?"

    King Vadim had been sitting far back his throne, his eyes fixed on a particular spot on the floor. He mused of everything and nothing as his mind wandered. When he heard the voice of Zarya he suddenly snapped out of his trace-like state. The king turned towards the young wildcat with a look best described as a serpent setting its eyes on new prey.

    "General Zarya, I've heard much about you," the white weasel began in a smooth tone, "I have a task for you, one only fit for a beast of your rank…" Vadim let his words hang on the air for a moment as if to increase the suspense. He stood and approached Zarya, circling her from a few paces away.

    "I want you to lead my invasion force to crush the Green Isle," Vadim explained after the minute of silence, "it will not be a difficult task for one such as you, a ring of assassins will already have killed the High Rhulain. In this mission you shall prove your worth as a general in my army." While his words were encouraging, there was threatening undertone that indicated failure would prove something completely different.

  • The black cloaked figure strode to the door of the main halls entrance. He threw off his hood and let the rain drip noisily from it. A light from a candle shone on him revealing a muscular body, black fur, and red tiger stripes. He took to assassinations mostly and had wanted a true conversation with the king. He paused for a moment before opening the doors. But just then he heard whispering in a corner, coming from to pure white ermine.
      Kai had already recognized their voices. "Vlad and Vera! Nice to see you two again." he called to them. He walked over to them and shook-paws vigorously. "Sorry I've been away so long! My dad were at first going to mossflower for a business meeting, because he got a new job. But then he said I should come along! So then the cart broke down and…" he paused for a breath after his long rant. "Well, my dad now works at a weaponry! I also heard Vikenti is not here. Were is he?"

  • The young otter cut through the water on the west side of Green Isle, he was the youngest to be chosen for the squad of assassins, he was proud, yet ashamed. He was one of the few otters that chose to attempt to kill the High Rhulain. Aral had considered not doing it, yet, the price was right, so, here he was attempting to kill the High Rhulain.

    The black sea otter had three things besides his clothes, a slim dagger, a dirk, and a vial of liquid, poison. As he neared the western coast, he stopped to look for the two patrol boats, he saw neither, so he darted forward through the waves to the dock.  With a quick motion, he was up, and out of the water, on the wooden dock. With a hearty shake, he shook the last of the water off of him

  • Brand watched the reflections in the water as he thought about the situation.
    He looked up as he caught something out of the corner of his eye, there standing in the middle of the lake, was a mouse! It all suddenly came back to him, he remembered his dream the previous night. He jumped up leaving his unfinished bowl of soup behind, and ran into the fort to tell his mother.

    After telling he about Martin the Warrior appearing in his dream he asked.
    " What does it mean mother? And how do we now who to trust?" His mother looked at him curiously,
    " I don't really know son, just don't go telling any beast about this." With that she withdrew.
    She went to seek out Typhon, the General. She knew she could trust him.
    When she found him she told him all about Brand's dream.
    "What do we do now?" She asked him.

  • The faint, paw-worn trail was faint in the silver streamers of moonlight, but Typhon Slade picked his way through the woods with ease, the memory of it's branches and byways burned into his mind as though with a firebrand. The Castle was his turf, but this, in honesty, was his home.
        When a slender female figure stepped into his path, Slade nearly leaped out of his skin. His knife was already in his paw by the time he recognized the newcomer.
        "For the love of sanity, woman," he barked, "What are you doing wandering about the woods in the middle of the night?"
        As Brand's mother explained about her Son's dream, Typhon slipped his knife back into his belt.
        "What do we do now?" she asked him.
        "What do we do?" Slade folded his arms and leaned his back against the nearest tree. "We get a good night's rest, that's what we do. Children often fantasize the coming of Martin's Spirit. If he dreams again, or has more details, then tell me."

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  • @King:

    "Thou hast summoned me and I have come. How may I serve thee, my liege?"

    King Vadim had been sitting far back his throne, his eyes fixed on a particular spot on the floor. He mused of everything and nothing as his mind wandered. When he heard the voice of Zarya he suddenly snapped out of his trace-like state. The king turned towards the young wildcat with a look best described as a serpent setting its eyes on new prey.

    "General Zarya, I've heard much about you," the white weasel began in a smooth tone, "I have a task for you, one only fit for a beast of your rank…" Vadim let his words hang on the air for a moment as if to increase the suspense. He stood and approached Zarya, circling her from a few paces away.

    "I want you to lead my invasion force to crush the Green Isle," Vadim explained after the minute of silence, "it will not be a difficult task for one such as you, a ring of assassins will already have killed the High Rhulain. In this mission you shall prove your worth as a general in my army." While his words were encouraging, there was threatening undertone that indicated failure would prove something completely different.

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    The wildcat kept her gaze and posture attentive and respectful. Her face was calm. Though anxious she was, her face was a mask of calm. What had the ermine heard about her? Beasts spoke many things of her. Some said she was ruthless and efficient while others claimed that she was too young and too green for the rank that she had so swiftly obtained. She was not the youngest of generals but she was the most efficient youngster.  She showed much promise and she could only assume that was why she had warranted the King's attention.

    She nodded and held her tongue and stood straight-backed and tall whilst the weasel circled her. She sucked in a steady, calm breath and smiled politely.

    When he mentioned an invasion of Green Isle the wildcat felt her heart take a plunge into her stomach, "Green Isle, eminence?"  The island of warrior otters? Had she heard correctly? It took every ounce of her discipline to mask her surprise. It only registered slightly in her eyes. The High Rhulain was dead? She did not doubt the might of her country but the otters of Green Isle were no easy adversary. She did not doubt Vadim's words. She was loyal. Foolishly so.

    But an easy task? Even without the High Rhulain those otters would not be easily subdued. She understood the tone that he used. She had no choice in the matter. She would prove her worth or she would die on the field trying. She nodded, accepting this, "I am honored that you have chosen me and I promise you on my life that you will not be disappointed. " She placed her paw over her heart and bowed her head.

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    She nodded, but continued walking with him. She seldom had time taking a walk, not for pleasure. She enjoyed the fresh night with the moon high in the sky.

    Back at the castle, Brand had awoken with a start. His dream was fresh in his mind. What he had dreamed of had terrified him. He remember seeing terrible vermin, black, with evil looking knives, they were all around the castle. At their head, was an otter. He couldn't make out who it was, then the mouse appeared again, he had his sword and was slaying the vermin, the otter who now he realized was an assassin was in the fort heading towards his mothers room! The mouse turned to him then and spoke.
    "You must warn the Queen. She is in grave danger, there is one not to be trusted." Brand asked.
    " Who?! Who is it?" But the mouse didn't hear him. He could see the otter entering his mothers room with an evil knife in his paw. It was then that he had awoke. He jumped out of bed and ran to his mothers room, he went through the door and dashed to her bed, only to find her gone. Panic gripped him then. He searched all about for her but she wasn't in the room. Then he ran down stairs to look for her, but she wasn't there either. Then he went outside into the night. As he ran along the path he ran into some beast coming towards him, with out even seeing it. He was terrified thinking it was one of the evil beasts from his dream. He looked up quickly, seeing it was only Typhon calmed him a little.
    " Brand?" It was his mothers voice.
    "What are you doing out here?" She asked him,
    "Mother!" He quickly hugged her, then he began telling her about his dream.
    When he had finished she looked gravely at Typhon.
    "What does this mean Typhon?"

  • Temperance Macayle, captain of the assassins, was waiting near the overhang in question, her tattered cream traveling cloak flapping into the eastern winds. Her bluish green eyes glittered in the moonlight as she passively scanned the sea for signs of the other assassins. She narrowed her keen eyes as they locked onto her target: A small row boat approached the shore from behind a reef, just narrowly avoiding the watch of the two patrolling galleys.

    There was no mistaking it was them… Her heart pounded with an unwelcome anxiety. Whether she liked it or not, the attempt at the queen's life would soon come to pass. She clenched her fists as she watched the assassins climb their way up the cliff side.

    Their targets were determined only by the highest bidder. Under the watchful command of the current General Jet Melrose, they have slain the infamous, overturned wars, and 'modified' chains of commands for the malicious intents of their clients. The true extent and power of the Ring of Assassins is known only to the General. It seems the Ring had become the very judges of life and death, but that is not necessarily the truth. It was their clients who chose their targets, and the Ring sold only for the highest bidder.

    After passing a series of difficult trials, becoming a member of the Ring entailed the full forfeiture of freedom, becoming closely accustomed with and commanded by a set of strict principles based off a series of ancient scriptures that have been summarized long ago in a moldy tome entitled, "The Creed of Assassins". The General keeps this tome in a special chamber at the castle of Belheim, very closely guarded and booby trapped so that even she, a trusted captain of the Ring, would not dare get a hold of it. The creed mentions one could not simply run away from the Ring, and those who have done thus were forthwith hunted down. Every beast who becomes a member of the creed, dies as a member of the creed. However, even the Ring was too extensive to be without corruption, so the consequences of betrayal were brutal. Traitors faced a worse fate than even the cowards, and were above all, violently tortured, later suffering a slow and painful demise by stake and by flame.

    The thought of such a horrendous fate nearly coaxed her out of her original plan, but her mind was decided. Regardless of what would happen to her, she felt the queen's death was wrong, and it was not like her to betray her beliefs. Though the Ring thirsted for royal blood, no such blood would be spilled this night, not so long as breath still passed through her lips. For matters of stealth, only a small number of assassins have been sent ashore, aside from those like her who joined with the kingdom to gather intelligence and to sabotage their defenses. No matter their skill, they were no match for the numbers of the armed royal guard. The unknowing assassins were entering the jaws of a great beast, and it was up to her to seal them shut, when the moment was right. Despite her intentions, she had found a few other traitorous friends among her infiltration group willing to support her decision, traitors with sour feelings towards their client king and his plan to attack Green Isle. It was no easy task judging who would fight by her side and the devoted who would turn her in upon the mere mention of mutiny.

    She cleared her throat as the assassins neared their meeting point. She crossed her arms and tapped her foot paw. "Oh hello, general. Long time no see. So what brings you to this fancy little island?" she asked with a small smile.

    "Captain Temperance. You know why we have come," Jet responded in a slightly irritable tone. He gestured for the other assassins to stay put before he approached her. "I have no time for your games. My messenger was misled. We were told there would only be one boat out on patrol tonight. How do you explain that!?" he asked as he pointed out to the galleys.

    Temperance eyes bore into Jet's with a nary a flinch. Though her allies failed to prevent Adalin from coaxing out a third boat into the patrol, she had lied to the messenger that there would only be one boat out, in an attempt to get them unprepared. "It's not my fault that they reconsidered against the wishes one of my subordinates, for the safety of the kingdom. Of course, I would've informed you promptly as soon as I found out, had I a telepathic under my command. You still arrived with a boat in one piece, so let's get straight to the point, shall we?"

    Jet scowled and took a step forward. "I am the head of the Ring of Assassins! I have dubbed you worthy of my trust to be my second in command, so you of all beasts can not and will not treat me like rubbish! I expect a captain to lead by example, and if I find you can not handle yourself as leader, you WILL be stripped of rank and placed on probation!"

    Temperance stifled a growl, slightly frowning as she bowed to him, though slightly relieved that he did not suspect her of treason. "Understood, sir..."

    He took a deep breath and placed his paws on his hips as he glanced out at the boats patrolling the sea. "I can not warn the crew of this slight change in circumstances, but it is of little threat. I only hope that they spot them early enough should we find ourselves forced to give the ship our signal for an emergency escape. Of course it will not come to that. I expect no other surprises for this night other than ours. The king grows impatient, and the assassination can not be delayed any longer. Have you drawn or obtained a map of the palace, as I commanded?"

    Temperance detached a scroll from her belt and handed it to the general. "It's all here: A detailed map of the entire castle, as well directions for the best points of infiltration. There is a possible 'back door' entrance from the opposite side. However, from our current location, I suggest we make our way in through the aqueducts, which will lead us through the west gates. It runs beneath the castle into small stream to the north west, and leads off into the ocean. It's a perfect spot to make our entrance." The aqueducts would lead them to the west gates where the third patrol lie in wait, where she hoped to have them captured before they could issue the emergency signal. She twiddled her fingers behind her back nervously as she watched him closely examine the map. He sealed the scroll and handed it to one of the other assassins to pass it around.

    "Very well. I trust your judgment on this matter. A promising young otter has recently joined our ranks, the youngest I've dared to pass as one of my assassins. If he is truly as talented as he suggests, I'm sure he will find this 'back door' on his own. By now, he has entered the island from the opposite side through swimming alone. Temperance, you will take lead. You know the lay of the land better than I. We make for the aqueducts!"

    She felt a bitter taste in her mouth upon hearing of this assassin prodigy. Her allies were not prepared for a second approach.

    Temperance led the 6 assassins east until they met a small stream, which would lead them to the entrance of the aqueducts that tunneled beneath the castle. She felt the general was too keen to be captured by the third patrol, and her life was forfeit if she tried to grab the patrol's attention. The ambush would have to take place where her allies lay in wait, nearest to the queen's chambers.

    She could find no way to be free of the assassins' supervision. At this very moment, the infiltrated assassins were silencing the guards left and right around the castle, and hiding the bodies. At the same time, what few allies she had were silencing the assassin guards nearest to the queen and replacing their posts to avoid suspicion among the others. She had also requested Veil to alert the guards directly in front of the queen's chambers of their approach, without causing a commotion that would jettison their delicate operation, then later to meet up with them at the aqueducts to assist her. As Jet's assassins attempted to slay the guards posted there, her allies would ambush them. She would maintain her cover until the last moment to make sure Jet was taken care of, than they would quietly alert the remaining guards of the final assassin.

    ((Note: Narvis, change in plans. You may take note of the queen's current location, and warn Typhon and the others, but do not warn Jet and the assassins. If you decide to meet up with us a the aqueducts, do not warn Jet that the queen is not inside the castle, as we are trying to capture the assassins. Instead, tell us everything is fine.

    Note 2: I believe it is Vikenti next, then Rhory, then Fishrudder, then Rorgus, then Sethorion, then Nightfang, then back to me. Narvis will also likely be joining the mix, but that is my guess on the current turn order. As for Rogg, I don't believe his post is valid in regards to the current circumstances of the RP))

  • Veil stood guard by the main gate awaiting the night, for that is when the assassination would happen. He had been having thoughts about the assassination and didn't all together think it was a good idea,Hour later As he stood there the Queen came out and started of into the night, at first Veil thought he should follow then remembering his orders which were to warn the guards at the queens room decided not too "but warning the guards is now unnecessary" he told himself so with that he plunged of in the darkness to follow the Queen. As he followed the Queen he took off his armor that he had been wearing for guarding and put on a black cloak and put the hood up. After a few minutes walking the Queen came up on another person, Typhon the general, as they started talking he listened very closely, then they started walking again and Veil followed still.
    suddenly he heard another person this one was running and running towards them, it was Brand the prince now Veil listened to
    the prince's second dream, when he was done telling the Queen said "What does this mean Typhon?"
    "I'll tell you what it mean" said Veil stepping over in to the moonlight so they could see him, "it means that there is going to be an assassination an attempt on the Queens life and if you want my advice you shouldn't go in to the castle right now" Veil said

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