Best RW Quotes EVER

  • I need the two absolute awesomest sweetest rockingest Redwall quotes ever…

    1.) Some sort of quote that would beckon a stranger to Redwall, or that sums up in a single sentence the essense of Redwall (the place, not the book).

    2.) Just the coolest quote ever. Maybe something about how awesome or brave Redwall beasts are.

    They need to be relatively short.... I'll see if I can think up something cool for the submitters of the quotes I pick.

    The game is on!

  • 1 "Redwall Rules" 😄
    2 "Other books stink" 😄

  • -ooc Funny seth! 😄

    1. "am that is"

    2. "Redwaaaaaaaaaaaal!"

  • The best quote if your a girl is…

    If a otter asked you to choose between him and hotroot soup...
    I'm really going to miss him....
    Hotroot soup its a girl thing

    1. "Eulaliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

    2. "Blood and Vinegaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!"

  • Okay. This is for real:

    "Sometimes your greatest fear becomes your greatest adventure, but sometimes, your greatest adventure involves your greatest fear of all."

  • And;

    _"O it's hard and dry when the sun is high
    And dust gets in your throat,
    When the rain puors down, near fit to drown,
    It soaks right through your coat.
    But Long Patrol hares, my lads,
    Stout hearts they walk with me
    Over hill and plain and back again
    To the shores of the wide, blue sea.

    Through mud and mire to a warm campfire,
    I'll trek with you, old friend,
    O'er lea and dale in a roaring gale,
    Right to our journeys end.
    Aye, the hares of the Long Patrol, my lads,
    Love friendship more than gold.
    We'll share long days and tread hard ways,
    Good comrads, brave and bold!"_

    ~Song of the Long Patrol~

  • Just two more:

    "You can call me anything you want. Just not 'late for dinner'."

    I'll do the other in a little bit.

  • Y'know, the only quote I can ever remember is "I sell hens their own eggs back and steal the whiskers from barnyard dogs." Chickenhound's mother said that (can't remember her name. :P) But yeah.

    However, I wrote this poem not so long ago, it was originally for a contest but…since that site died (it seems) maybe you all could use it somewhere? Or heck...even if it just sits here for fun. lol

    Sunny days and war-torn nights,
    Peaceful tales and frightening flights.
    Throughout the land, fate does toll,
    To seek hero and villain alike in role.

    Through many trails, throughout the wood,
    Battle on the dark and courageous good.
    Fill us with hope, or daunt us with fear,
    But tell the tale to friends with good ale and shrewbeer!

    Live on and cheer, the days come and gone!
    Never forgetting the heroes who’ve all passed on…
    We live, we see, through you and me,
    All the greatness and evil we both could be.

    Redwall! Redwall! The fates do call!
    Through summer, winter, spring and fall.
    They sing of us, our dirge, our prayer,
    Knowing we will forever, in peace, be there.

    So come, follow us, to a land of beasts,
    Full of wild lands, great friends, and feasts.
    Adventure with the wildest crews,
    Live your life for the many, and of course, for the few.

    For the memory is where all these tales will go,
    To share again, one day, amongst falling snow.
    Where the fire will warm our footpaws and our smiles,
    As we recall every ally, land, adventure and mile.

    ~ by and copyrighted to: Keira Blacktalon

  • Wow. That is really good. You have a lot of good talent there Keira.
    Keep it up. ^-^

  • lol, Thankies. XD

  • mine did not make any sense

  • Only if they see your sig…

  • lol ^^

  • If you want, I'm sure RL wouldn't mind starting a poetry contest.

  • shrugs Whatever works. lol, I just thought I'd toss it in here, because it was about Redwall RP.

  • I've written a poem, only problem is, its about the Silmarillion. 😄

  • lol, That doesn't help. 😛

  • I know. I'm planning to write some Redwall poems. After I read Martin the Warrior and The Legend of Luke again. 😉 And send my letter to Brian Jacques. 😉

  • my quotes still rock to me

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