• In case some of you have not seen the post I had posted in a certain thread, some of us are going to be playing Shaiya together.

    Shaiya is all about medieval; all you get is swords, bows, crossbows, etc.  It's free to play, all you have to do is download and install it.  You can create guilds and there are factions to choose (Good or Evil) XD  Only downfall, is that if you choose to Align with the Dark Goddess on one server, you can't make a Light character.  You start off at level one and have to complete quests in order to level up, get special equipment, etc.  There are dungeons to explore and what not, and you can have up to seven people in one party, or you can create a Raid, in which you can have an unlimited number of people in it, but you don't get the experience bonus.  On the Light side you can be a Fighter, Defender, or Priest for humans, Archer, Ranger, Mage for elves; Dark is Pagan, Assassian, and Oracle for the one like the elves (forgot what it's called XD), or  Guardian, Hunter, Warrior for the other race.  There is PVP, and in the PVP areas there's a "guard the temple", in which you have to fight players from the order site in order to preserve your temple.  In the borderlands is the only way Lights and Darks can fight each other, as long as they're on the same server; and in the major market area, there's an underground black market in which Light's and Dark's can buy and sell goods with one another, no fighting allowed.

    Here is the link for more details.  Yes you have to download it; yes it's free.

    I am thinking of making a Redwall Guild on the Lailah server (On the light side folks, we can talk darkies later 8D).  Those of you that would like to, you're more than welcome to join!!  If your interested, please post here and we can set up times and days and all that fun stuff.

    If you're not interested, then don't post here.  If all you have to say is "It won't run on my computer."  or "I hate that game."  or anything along those lines, save it for yourself.  I didn't not post this thread to start a debate or to have people knock it, or tell me how impossible it is for them.  I get it.  But save it, please.

  • Interested! Joining! But later today, not this moment. And I have to ask the actually owners of my comp. Other people use it, so I have to pop a quick installation request. (They'll probably say yes)

  • Awesome 😄

    Well obviously I didn't mean right this second lol.  But cool!  I'm actually a nerd and play on all four servers, Teos being the main one XD  but I can't make anymore new charries on that one.  The other two, Etain and Gaia I have reserved for my darkie characters 😛

  • Haha, I didn't mean now, either, silly.
        Sounds awesome, though. BTW, will people have an upper hand because of upped levels? Or are people making new charas if they've played before?

  • My hopes is that nobody will have the upper hand; that's why I'm going to make a new charrie ^^  It would be fun if  we all like level at the same time, but I know how that goes. XD

  • Suppose it wouldn't kill me to give it another shot. My curiosity is eating me anyway.  I'll leave it downloading now while I run off to work. xD Probably won't have it patched and running til tomorrow. I work late tonight.  Whee! wonders why there are no crazy face emotes  &}

  • ^^ It's ok Night!

    It'll be fun; I have a tendency to make things crazy fun 8D  I'm not bragging or anything I promise, I've just been told that by several people 😛

    Have fun at work!!!

  • I would join you guys if I could, but I don't think I will be able. I apparently don't have enough disk space to download it. I tried deleting a few programs, but I've still gotten no results. Sorry guys!

    EDIT: Never mind, it just worked! I have it downloaded know!

  • Aww, it's ok Vik, no worries 🙂

  • Also note my edit.

  • OSNAP NO WAI!!!! 8D

  • I'll try it when I get a comp back.

  • Ok cool ^^

  • I'll try it when our comp gets back

  • Lol ok cool!!

  • OH YEAH; my account name on Shaiya is Miranthia_Rexen!

    I totally forgot that you have to create an account with the site xD

  • My account is vikenti01.

  • Ok, going to add you 😄

    Aww Vik it says it can't find you 😧  Did you make a profile page?

  • Profile page? I'm not sure. Also, do you want my character name, or my account name?

  • Lol you're account name, not character name yet.

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