Captain Altair of the FFFAF Navy's bio

  • Nickname: [Altair]

    Full Name: [Altair (no last name)]


    Description: Eyes:golden-yellow, fur:black, silky, height: 6', typical expressions:sadness, serious, no nonsense straight and to the point, scars: none, typical clothing:olive green army uniform with a badge on the shoulders. the badge depicts a rose crossed by the sword of Martin the Warrior. beside it is an outline of a battleship above three wavy blue lines.

    Possessions: Weapons: M-16 rifle, and the guns from his Battleship, jewelry:had a ring but removed it when his mate was KIA  😢 :'((ask him for details)

       - shore bombardment,
       - strongly muscled
       - quick to do what needed to be done, no matter what it was

       - can't swim
       - (can't think of any others right now but I'll add more as i think of them)

       Character history: lived in Montreal Quebec before joining up with the FFFAF worked his way up in the ranks in a relative short time. when given the choice of what animal he wanted to be able to change into  he chose to go with his favorite, the black panther. he was given command of the FFFAF Navy's fiercest and most heavily armed and armored ship, the FFF BB Class  Bismarck. he captained it through several different and difficult missions before loosing his fiance. he has since been at sea and hasn't had the chance to mourn her properly nor to go out and to try and find someone to replace his love. 😢

  • Good profile!!  Though I think it should be in the non-traditional characters section, since black panthers aren't a traditional Redwall character ^^

    But other than that, it's good!

  • Uh… 'scuse me if I'm butting in here, but frankly I've got absolutely no idea how this character is in any way related to redwall, being evidently a shapeshifting Canadian soldier with an assault rifle.

    Also, black panthers are natural born swimmers. Almost all leapords (panthers are actually black-furred leopards) love the water.

  • Ah yes that too, I didn't read it very carefully obviously.  Umm yes, what Rainman said >.>

    Forgive me it's late and I haven't been sleeping very well 😣

  • This is nice but it's not appropriate for a traditional Redwall RP.

    This profile belongs in the non-traditional section like Temp says. You should submit a profile like this here:

    If you would like to play in a normal Redwall setting then you need to change your character's homeland, change his species to wildcat, take away the shape shifting thing and give him medieval weapons like a sword or spear etc.  His history would need a major makeover too. 😕

    If you're not sure what to do, try reading other people's profiles to get an idea of what's expected. You're also welcome to ask us questions and we'd be glad to help in any way that we can.

    Lastly, if you choose to submit a character profile to the non-traditional section then this is where you RP…

  • Hey thanks for the input guys! Basically what there said Altair, it might just be simplest to make up a new character in the traditional style.

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