Cold Iron (OPEN for all)

  • Years went by in the northern areas of Mossflower since the terrible event happend. In fact, it made four years tomorrow. The rampage that was barely halted by the brave archer squirrel, Leann, was never to be forgotten. Some say it was a tale to scare dibbuns into bed, other more experienced creatures knew otherwise. Everyone was on edge, woodland and vermin creatures alike. Though they knew it was dead know one thought of it dead. No they knew it still stirred, but just didn't know when it would return.

    Some where it all began

    "It juta myth!"
    "No,no. It happen. Me grandad saw it 'em self."
    "E saw everting himself."
    "I speak true!"
    "Sure ye do." The argument between two vermin, a fox and a stoat, went on for a few more minuets. That is till they found the grave.
    "Told yew so!"
    "I wanna see the body." The fox asked.
    "Are ya an idgit!?! What if we wake it up!?" The stoat said shocked.
    "IT's dead! We ain't got nothing to worry about!" The fox started digging, unaware of more beasts approaching.

    OOC: Yep, iron face. Just look at my rules I have for this thread in off topic. Non Trad thread with Iron Face. The creatures coming to the grave can open chara or your own. Your own can be the heroes, but most if not all open charas will be killed off.

  • ooc:  Can there be main characters that don't know about the legend/myth behind it?  That would definitely prove to be interesting if so :3

    For now I will control one of the creatures walking up until you say yay or nay XD

    "Oi, watchoo doin', eh?" One of the creatures asked that had just arrived upon the scene.  He was a rather tall and imposing looking beast, the weasel looking as if he could break a tree trunk in his bare paws.

    "Don' yew blokes know wat 'appened th' las' time thiz creecha was messed wiff?  Yew tryin' ta kill us all?  Eh?"

    "Oh come off it ya superstitious fool, 'twas years ago and tha' bugger ain' wakin' up agin!" one of his companions scoffed.  "Asides, ee's been in th' ground fer so long, all ee is is bones 'n dust!"

    The weasel sniffed disdainfully and crossed his arms across his chest.  "Awright, awright, we'll see 'oo's laffin' 'ere in a sec deh.  An' don' sez I tol' ya so when tha' bloke wakes up an' comes afta yas!"

  • OOC: Sure, thats fine.

    The stoat shook his head as he helped dig the grave up. "This ain't right, this ain't right!"
    "Shud up."
    "What if'n it isn't dead?"
    "It is! Now quiet down." The two dug through the frozen ground with great effort, finally they found the gastly prize. "Good hevans 'Es huge!" The creature was well bigger than the others looking at him. Five heads  taller than the fox stairing at him. The body was mostly intact, the cold protecting the corpse from decay.
    "Looks like et come life right 'ere an now." The stoat wwhispered. The fox threw a spear into it's chest.
    "Ain't no more. Big ugly thang huh?" Thunder broke, rain soon to follow.
    "That's a bad omen right there!" The stoat stated alarmed. "Lets get back to the camp already, ya can come if ye want weasel." The stoat took off, not looking back.
    "Sissy." The fox followed.

  • "Oi, tha' ain't righ'" said the companion that was uber confident.  He swallowed nervously as he stared down at the ghastly figure.  "Innit spose ta be dust by now?"

    The weasel scoffed and turned his back on the group, leaving the number to be four.  "Aye, now yore not so sure, eh mate?  Ferget this, Ahm followin' tha' foxy bloke back.  'ave fun wit ol' Iron Face mates."

    His companion twitched his nose indignantly.  "Yaaa gerroffit ya weenie!  'ee's ded, ain't comin' back ta life!"  he made a rude gesture at the weasel's disappearing back and turned back to look at the creature in the box.  "Urgh, 'ee's an' ugly one, innit 'ee?"

  • The creatures huddeled under their tents as the rain dropped down from aggrisve looking thunder clouds. They cracked with lightning and brought dafting claps. "Ya see 'em?" A gruff sounding ferret asked. "You see ol' Iron Face?"
    "Wish I didn't." The stoat replied. "Looks like he come alive tonight!"
    "Cold dose that to bodies here. Won't rot in ice. Stay the way they died."A magnificent lightning bolt arched down and struck the tree where the monster laid. Sparks flew every where, then BOOM!!! Another bolt hit Iron Face directly. The frozen mussels convulsed as electricity flowed through them. Small arcs of electricity scattered off his body. Pump pump A feign noise came from the beasts chest. Pump pump, The same noise sounded again.
    "GREAT FIREBALLS!!!" The fox shouted.
    "Good bolt a lightning." The ferret gruffly said.

  • The sudden bolt had jolted the tough-weasel just a smidge.  He huddled up against a tree and looked around, wide-eyed, his heart pounding.  But he soon shrugged it off and headed back to camp, crawling into the tent where the others were at.  "Oi, didja 'ear tha' lightnin' jus now?  Bloody 'ell I thought I was a gonna."

    The sudden jolt had also scared the creatures that had been traveling with the weasel off their feet.  The loud-mouthed one, a ferret, crawled towards the grave and looked down.  "Tha' lightnin 'it 'is ugly mug an' 'ee didn' 'splode or anyfink!"

  • A cold hand jerked out of the grave and grasped the ferrets neck. The rest of the body followed. Tree roots snapped back as Iron Face stood up, joints snapped as they moved for the first time in years. He rotated his head, popping bones into place. He looked at the ferret with dead, emotionless eyes. It grabbed the spear and removed it from his body. He exhaled, a musky dead odor lived in it. Parts of his skull could be seen, a few ribs poked out as well. It did nothing but stand there holding the ferret and weapon.

    "Good golly!" The fox yelled after the lightning hit.
    "Me thoughts exactly!" The stoat said in agreement to his friend.
    "S'pose no one get killed. No burnin flesh smell." The same gruff ferret said. They all laughed, shooken but still alive. The rain even let up.
    "Still think that rain was a bad, bad omen?" The fox teased at his friend.
    "Ye…well maybe not as bad as I thought, heh heh." The stoat chuckled meekly.

  • The ferret gurgled in fear, his eyes literally popping out of his skull as he looked at the monstrosity that held him.  He didn't even fight back he was so scared.

    The weasel chuckled nervously before he scoffed.  "Eh, I tol' dem ta leave tha' blokes grave alone but noooooo, nobody evar listen's ta me."

  • With out much warning Iron Face threw the ferret with much force against a tree and followed up by shoving the spear through the small creature, pinning him against the tree. He gazed at what he did, almost with a sense of admiration at what he did. It left the ferret hanging and began walking to the camp, silent as ever.

    "You beasts headin anywhere? We just been romin the woods." The fox asked the weasel.
    "We been somewhat goin to this town south of here." The stoat tole.
    "Been  a good while since we been a town with good food." The gruff ferret said again.

  • The weasel shrugged.  "Nah no' really mate, same as youse, jus' been roamin' 'round."

    His companions nodded, some of them still a bit edgy.  A fox twitched his ears and fidgeted with his hands; he'd always been a twitchy fellow.  "Shh, summat's coomin' I c'n sense it."

    "Wot are yew goin' on about ya adlebrained fox, 'tis probly the others."

    He shook his head adamantly.  "Nay, 'tis soomthin' not nice."

  • The monster grabbed a sword that was dropped when the lightning struck. He walked up behind the camp, hiding behind a tree still managing to be hiddin.

    A cocky weasel stood up. "Ell' if it ain't some nice 'ittle creature, I'll jest stick 'em with me knife! Ain't nobody I'm scared uf!" Iron Face behind him, the on lookers frozen in terror at the hulking beast. "What are yew all gawking at!?"
    "E-e-et's him!" The stoat squeaked.
    "Him oo?"
    "I-I-I-I…" The stoat stammered.
    "IRON FACE!" The fox yelled. The weasel turned around and was sliced in half before he could utter a word.
    "RUN FOR YER LIVES!!!" The group scrambled, but not until a rat had his skull cleaved into. Iron Face had return.

  • "I tol' ya' so!!  Tha' bugger can' die, shoulda lefteem in da ground!"  The weasel screamed as he ran with the others, pushing creatures out of his way in order to get ahead.

    Though like that others, he probably wasn't going to be very lucky.

  • Iron Face walked after the weasel. His gaze never lost sight of the target. Branches snapped as his heavy body stepped on them. The monster grabbed a rock and threw it at the running prey. If it hit or not, he didn't know but his aim wasn't usually off. Not a sound was uttered from him, no expression on his face, all he wanted to do was kill.

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    Somewhere in Mossflower Woods,not far from where the monster had risen from the dead , a pair of golden foxes sat near a fire. One of the foxes was a big, fierce looking brute while the other was much smaller, skinny and sneaky looking. Their fair fur was tattooed and pierced in all the glory that was Juska. Tribal warriors.

    "Eurig, " The larger of the pair whined and his ears flattened behind his head, "What was that noise?"

    The smaller fox strained his left ear to listen for a few moments and then he shook his head, "Ye must be hearin' things, Boyd. "

    "I heard screamin'. Like…terrified sounds. " Boyd said, his enormous muscled body beginning to shake. "I'm scared. What if this place is haunted?"

    Eurig stared at Boyd for a few moments with green eyes unblinking  but then he slapped his knee and threw his head back, laughing.

    "It's not funny!" Boyd growled.

    Suddenly, Eurig hopped up agiley to his feet, " Haunted? Really,brother? How old are you now? "

    Boyd lowered his head.

    Eurig began to pace back and forth like he always did when he was about to deliver a speech, " Boyd, have you taken a look at yourself in the water's reflection lately? Let me assure you, there's nothing more frightening than you are in these woods. Noth-"

    They both heard it then. Eurig's amusement died almost instantly. The fox shook his head, " Alright, you heard someone scream. It's not a big deal, right? We hear beasts scream all the time! Haha! It's just like old times when Axtus used to tie a beast to a tree, gut him and let the birds slowly feast on his entrails!"

    Boyd scowled at Eurig and rose from his seat in the grass. He picked up his great battle hammer and slung it over his broad shoulder with ridiculous ease.  "It sounds like the sounds are coming this way, Eurig. We should hide."

    "Hide?!" Eurig hopped up and down like a mad rabbit. "Why should we? I bet you could beat up any- woah! Hey! Boyd! What in hell's teeth are you doing!?"

    Boyd grabbed his brother by the neck scruff and dragged him to hide where the undergrowth was thickest.

    "Boyd? Have you gone and lost your-  mmmph!"

    Boyd clapped paw over Eurig's mouth and his green eyes pleaded with his brother's for silence. Well hidden in the foliage, they listened to the sounds draw nearer. Some beast was running from…something. Something large like Boyd , maybe even bigger than that and definitely heavier. It lumbered through the woods, seeming unrushed as if it knew that ultimately it would have its prey.

    ooc- They're hiding in an area where the bushes and whatnot are thickest near their camp. xD They could be found unintentionally. I don't mind.

  • The weasel was a good ways ahead of Iron Face, but like all idiots; he just had to look back.  He saw that the great lumbering beast was still after him, and whimpered in fear.

    Since he was looking over his shoulder, and not paying attention to what was in front of him, he ran right into the campfire.  He shrieked in surprise and pain, tripping over a log and landing heavily on the ground.  He writhed in agony and smacked at his fur to quench the flames then proceeded to scoot backwards as fast as he could.

  • Iron Face started to catch up with the weasel, oblivious to the foxes near by. He dropped his sword near a bush and stepped over a rock, into the camp. His figure glowed red from the fire. The beast waled through the flames. He felt no pain as he stepped on hot coals, seering his flesh. A fowl odor rose as he grabbed at the weasel. A strong paw grabbed the creatures leg and he was thrown backwards into the bushes. Iron Face turned around and walked to it.

  • From their hiding place, the fox brothers looked on in horror. Boyd looked away and Eurig grabbed his brother by the shoulder and leaned in, hissing into his large ear, "Did ya see the size of that monster?! He's even bigger 'n you!"

    Boyd was very scare. That thing - whatever it was, had walked fearlessly through strong burning flames. It didn't cry out in pain or even flinch. Was it insensitive to feeling? Boyd shuddered again and was stuck fast with fear to his spot.

    The weasel was thrown bodily, landing in the undergrowth not far from the brothers.

    Oh no. They're gonna find us. Boyd thought, stricken with terror. If he finds us hiding here he might get mad and try to hurt us. Eurig wouldn't last long.  I gotta protect little brother. Summoning all the bravery he could and holding his hammer tightly, the big fox stood up, "Hey! This is our camp here. You guys take your fight somewhere else!" Boyd called out to Iron Face and his victim in the bravest voice he could manage.

  • The weasel landed heavily on his shoulder, not oblivious to the resounding SNAP as his arm broke under the pressure.  He bit his lip to stop from crying and quickly crawled in the bushes, in a poor attempt to hide himself.

    The beast that had called out shocked him, to say the least.  "Oi, mates; 'elp me ou', 'ee's gonna kill me!"

  • Iron Face tilted his head in curiosity. His dead eyes studied the tattoo warrior, seeming scared but holding his ground. He began to slowly walk around the large fox, going for his sword. Even though the fox had a large hammer, the monster had no emotion of fear or worry. His breathing was monotonous and unlabored. He stopped going for his sword and walked to Boyd. In arms reach, he made a strong swing of his arm at him.

  • "Tough luck, buddy. It's not our problem. " Eurig told the weasel with a sneer.  The little fox hopped up to his feet and waved to his brother. "Come on, Boyd. These two aren't worth our-" Eurig saw Iron Face making to strike for his brother.

    Seeing his opponent moving towards him, Boyd hastily backpedaled. Iron Face's arm missed the big fox by a narrow margin, " I'm gonna ask ya o-one more time to leave, mister. I don't want no trouble." Then he yelled over his shoulder, "Eurig! Help the weasel!"

    Eurig rolled his eyes , " Boyd! I'm telling ya, this is more trouble than it's wor-"

    "DO IT!"

    With a shake of his head, Eurig went over to the wounded creature. "Can ya stand, buddy? Cuz I'm not gonna carry ya. "

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