Vorna Scarclaw

  • Nickname: Vorna

    Full Name: Vorna Scarclaw

    Gender: Female

    Species: Searat

    Description: Vorna is a brawny but lean female searat with gray fur and pale, almost colorless blue-gray eyes. A large, criss-crossing web of ragged scars show through the fur of her right claw and forearm, from where it was badly mangled as the result of a long-ago fight, although the limb itself is fully operational (if somewhat unpleasant to behold). She wears the rough but more or less sensible clothes of an experienced pirate; sturdy tunic and vest, leggings, floppy seaboots, and a bandana tied about her head.

    Possessions: Vorna is seldom seen without her trusty cutlass, and in a pinch wields a boarding axe or one of a collection of knives with equal ease. She once had a lot in the way of pirate's tawdry finery and jewels, but has since lost or pawned most of it away. She does, however, retain a half-dozen or so small brass hoop earrings distributed between her two somewhat ragged ears.

       - Physically strong, tough, and cunning
       - Able to cow and intimidate weaker vermin
       - Skilled fighter
       - Brave and Tenacious/Determined

       - Poor Self-Control (Has difficulty restraining herself when tempted by greed or anger)
       - Mean Streak (has difficulty winning the friendship or trust of "decent" folk due to occasionally cruel behavior)
       -Rude: Vorna's manners are rough, crude, and abrupt.
      - Heavy Drinker: Whenever she gets the chance to indulge, Vorna generally demonstrates her overfondness for grog, or anything with alcohol in it really. This usually results in foolish behavior, physical impairment, and an incapacitatingly merciless hangover.
      - Terrible shot with bows and slings (although she isn't completely worthless with knives and javelins)
       - Has great difficulty trusting others.

       Vorna was born and grew up in much the same way as all searats; origins in desperate poverty combined with a rapacious drive to become rich and secure in power, with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks in doing whatever it took to keep hair and hide in once piece, gut fed, and lootbox full. Possessed of a powerful arm, natural cunning, and a skilled cutlass, she quickly managed to claw her way upwards from the bottom, becoming second and then first mate on a corsair vessel, and earning her keep browbeating crew into line and fighting off more rival vermin bands for her Captain than she could recall. However, although she couldn't possibly let the dangerous beasts around her catch on, more and more Vorna began to feel that something wasn't right with her life. More and more she found herself wishing for companions she didn't have to worry about having a knife planted in your back by, or envying the lives of the goodbeasts she came across. The so-called joys of a life of piracy pirating began paling, and she found herself hesitating before kills, her sword arm stayed by a sudden, strange reluctance. Now she finds herself marooned in Mossflower when such a moment of mercy saw her thrown overboard by a rival, having barely survived to wash up on the Western Shores half-drowned. Not knowing where to go or what to do besides what she's always done, but knowing that she wants something to change, Vorna has set out to try and find… something. She doesn't yet know what, but the road that takes her there is bound to be an interesting one.

  • Wow, really good job! Glad to see you jump in right at the outset!

  • I like it.

    She would probably fit well in He Calls Himself a Captain thread but I'll leave that up to ye. xD

  • Great, thanks for the quick responses, kind words, and helpful suggestion. I'll look into it.

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