Iron Face

  • (((After watching a Friday the 13th and Halloween marathon, this guy came to be.)))

    Name: Unknown

    Nickname: Iron Face

    Species: Undead Wolf

    Description/History: Iron Face was a very disturbed pup. He never spoke, nor did he train with the other wolfs. He just sat there and grew large, not fat but tall and big. His size frightend most of the pack, the alpha confused why he never challenged him. Many thought he was too stupid to do anything, but he was more intelligent than he lead on.
    In truth he was a mute, vocal cords never forming. He soon became hyper aggressive. With apparent reason, he killed half of his own pack and went on a northern rampage. It was ended by twenty arrows from five archers, the killing missile hing him between the eyes. He was buried in an unmarked grave and that was the end of it, or so they thought.
    While two warriors trained with iron helmets that covered their face, a large pike hit the grave and punched through to his heart. A lightning bolt resurrected him, and once again let him rampage.

    Appearance: He is Two heads taller than most wolves and has dull grey eyes. His fur is moldy and musky. You can also see a few of his rib bones.

    Possessions: He has a tattered jacket and pants, his weapon is what ever he gets a hold of. The mask was taken from one of the warriors to hid his rotting face.

    Strengths: He is almost indestructible and incredibly strong. He can crush a skull with his hands. He is quiet, even when killing.

    Weaknesses: He is slow, and can be lead into complex traps quite easily. He can't swim.

  • Hurray for psychotic undead…things! xD

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