There haven't been any more votes in a couple days and the five leavers are most certainly going to stay in the lead. And so, without further ado, I proclaim Spar and I the first two Clan Lords and post a poll to break the tie with the other three. (I was worried that might happen, lol)
    To expedite the voting and move forward, this is only going to run until night after tomorrow. You won't be able to view the results until it has expired. You get one vote.

Vote carefully! You cannot change your vote! Let me know if you make a mistake.

Hey, do you and I get our titles and colored stars yet? Or do we have to wait? I'd like red by the by. (Sorry Tempe, but I did call it first :P)

EDIT: Also, it looks like you need to finish putting the child boards in the red, green, and blue clan boards.

So what exactly is this about and how could I join a clan and ya… lol:)

Big brother will take care of everything, don't worry, Skull.  😉

Actually, you'll have to talk to Seth about the current member selection method.  Either I didn't pay enough attention, or it went right over my head.

And Seth, I assume that the nominees are NOT to vote?  QUICK, VERIFY THAT, BEFORE SOMEONE UP AND DOES IT

The last of what Marsh said would seem fair, actually.

As for the member selection, I believe that will be up to the faction leaders, according to what was said in the first voting thread.

Nevermind XD anyone can vote, though please don't vote for yourself.


Actually, on the issue of club membership, I'm gonna go look up the rules for dividing current members into factions…  I have a vague idea that it involves division and the member number which one holds...

Oh my bad o.O  Oh no I didn't vote for myself, that'd be very rude of me to do so.

I didn't realize that we weren't supposed to vote if our names were up there 😣

Yeah my b too 😣 rushing around while studying,

What's done is done…  I done it naow, too.  If Seth has other ideas, then he can remove our votes.  x]

Hey guys, it's fine if you vote, just as long as it isn't for yourselves, which I can see you didn't. 🙂

I think it's fair that you guys vote too. After all, the end result will still affect you guys.

It would be pointless to remove your votes anyhow because they split perfectly three ways. lol

In other words, each of us likes one of his/her opponents, and hates the other.  xD

So guys. How do I join and what would I do If I was in this faction. Are their any beliefs or causes?

Well, that would be up to your clan. You guys will get to pick a Clan name and stuff if you want, too. I'll separate people into their clans asap.

lol, and no, Marshall. There was a fifty-fifty chance of that happening.
    Hahahaha, and stop being paranoid. I never said that I hated you. Anyhow, 'hate' is a strong word. I think that 'disprefer' would be more accurate in some cases. 😛 jk

I know that, Seth. xD    And I'm sure that any contra-beneficial feelings held towards me by yourself are entirely mutual.  hahaha  😄

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