Back on the wall

  • Jessie stopped by  the steps "You first….." she said looking at him. She had to make sure he was first down so he won't run off.

    Tessa called down "Hurry we don;t have all day" looks up at the sky "I mean night" took out a scone and munched on it

  • Trok rolled his eyes at Jessie's question and continued to run by her until he reached the wall top. "I think we'd better hurry whatever's going on. I can talk afterwards."


  • Jessie gave him a dirty look, "Fine." and she continued on her way.
    Tessa sucked on her burnt paws from the hot scone, but man it felt really good.
    "Finally!" she said and took her paws out of her mouth and wiped them on her tunic.
    "Sorry we are late, we had some issues while coming here." she glowered at Tork and grabbed the pine martin by his neck and forced him to stand still.

  • Trok pulled away. "I thought you called me up here for something…" he stopped short suddenly when he saw Rolvog. He cursed his luck, kicking the wall making dust fall to the ground. He hadn't yet recognized the captive in the Entrok's arms, but it didn't matter quite yet. He was focusing his whole mind on one of his worst enemies of all time.
        Rolvog chuckled and dropped Rosen who fell the ground, coughing and sputtering. The Entrok ignored her and stepped by without a glance. He gave an evil chuckle and faced his prize with the glint of success in his eyes.

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  • ooc: when she stole scones from the oven!

    bic: Tessa darted past him and helped Rosen from the ground, "You're ok, he didn't hurt you or anything." she asked softly.

    Jessie stayed next to the pine martin, "Stay." she muttered in his ear.

  • Trok whispered back, "Run? I wouldn't miss this moment for the world." He slid his own sword from his belt and stepped up to Rolvog.
        Rolvog gave a hissing chuckle and stepped closer. "I didn't think we'd see each other again so soon."
        "Niether did I, But it also seems kind of fitting."
        Trok's claymore slammed into the Entrok's gauntlet, causing it to come off as the straps that held it on snapped. His enemy growled in pain and swung back. Trok exptertly ducked, planting his blade into the sandstone battlements in the same instant. Grasping the hilt in both hands, he lifted himself up and kicked out as hard as he could with his hind legs. But Rolvog just ducked as he kicked and flew over his head,  bringing up a miniture sythe from his belt. Two seconds later the pine martin was laying on the ground again with an ugly gash in his side and his blade buried in sandstone on the other side of his rival. He gasped in suprise and pain.
        The iron horror stood back up and faced Trok, looking down on him with his head cocked on mock puzzlement. "What a fool to have tried to escape."
        Eyes narrowing, the martin glared at Rolvog with a face that cold have split a mirror. "I'd rather die here having tried, than die there having never tried." He lashed out his legs again, but yet again missed the lightning fast monster. Rolvog smiled evily. Behind him another form materealized form the shadows.
        The pine martin, Trok, whispered in shock, "Hisk."

  • -ooc-Keep in mind that Rolvog is a mutated wildcat in inch-thick armor and has about 15 war impliments on. Trok is also kinda hetting killed. Don't your charas care? I thought that thier profile siad that they valued other lives over thier own?

    -bic- Rolvog signaled Hisk to take care of the two squirrels, ignoring their rather out of form questions. Hisk moved over to them and pulled out a sythe that connected to his forearm over the razors, similar to Rolvog's sythe. His paw also slipped a second weapon from his belt. A fencing rapier.
        The other Entrok turned back to the dying pine martin. With a smile of satiffaction, hidden beneath his iron skull, Hstepped up to Trok and leaned down whispering, "Your days were just begining little enemy of the throne, I thought that you had more sense. Let me end your misery." And with that he leaned back up and swung his sword down towards Trok with all the might he had. Rosen watched helplessly, seperated from her freind by Hisk.

  • Trok figured that Tessa probably couldn't see that his side had been laid open and was pinned beneath a mass of steel twice the size of himself. He ignored her, unable to do anything else.
        In the last second as the Broadsword came down at his neck, Trok brought of of his streangth to bear. Swinging up both arms they connected with the hilt of the sword. Shoving up as hard as he could he was rewarded a shout as the handle struck Rolvog in the chin.

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    -bic- Rolvog slumped down on top of Trok, stunned at the blow. The injured martin grasped the Entrok's paws and threw both of his legs into the crocks of Rolvog's arms and pushed. The wildcat was thrown to the ground.

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    -bic- Rolvog slumped down on top of Trok, stunned at the blow. The injured martin grasped the Entrok's paws and threw both of his legs into the crocks of Rolvog's arms and pushed. The wildcat was thrown to the ground.

    Tessa backed away in horror fear in her eyes as she looked at Trok, Jessie was frozen too with Rosen.

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  • Tessa and Jessie couldn't move, but just watched the battle. Fear has over come both of them, They were going to fight to the death. Jessie shook her head, "This can't be happening." Tessa said Scones forgotten she said, "We need to help Trok, Jessie." she said and then moved toward the fighting creaters. Jessie went out of her trance and moved to help too.

  • -ooc- Trok is fighting for his life TJ. Please help a little before I have to kill him or something else drastic.

    Hisk turned around when he heard his companion hit the ground, unconsious. He span his sabre in a wide arc and leapt into the air after the escaping martin, who, to his surprise, didn't run. Trok used The rat's overestimated energy and stuck a leg out, tripping the vermin, and shoving him roughly against the wall. Hisk did mangae to open an ugly slash across the pine martin's paw before he was tripped however.
        There was a shriek of steel and a grinding of stone as the Entrok hit the wall. Trok used this moment to chase the monster and get a hold of him, but Hisk had only been stunned for an instant, then span back around again with a three-pronged throwing star in his paw, his eyes on fire. Trok stopped in his tracks, noticing the new threat.
        "One step and you're a goner Trok." He seethed, aiming the knife at his enemy's throat.  "I don't miss easily."

  • Tessa in one smooth moment, lifted up her staff and brought it down on Hisk's head with a satisfying smack.
    "You don't ever go after one of my friends again," she hissed and kept her stafff on her back.

    Jessie dashed to Tork and threw his arm over her shoulder and pulled him away from the wall. "Come on, we have to go. Tessa will catch up." she said as they moved down the steps.

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    Hisk baked away, surprised by the onslaught and the made was to quick for him to get at her with his blade. Rosen jumped up as well and started to assist with the attack. She locked her arms around the Entrok's neck and arm to keep him from moving.
        Trok had also taken this moment and dodged the star that the other beast had thrwon at him. Then he also started forward to get at Rolvog.

  • Tessa dodged the blade and swung her stick at his stomach. It jarred her arm, "Oww.." she muttered. She saw Rosen helping by holding down Entrok.
    She turned and continued to attack Hisk.

  • Hisk started to back up against the inner side of the battlement walls, trying to dislodge Rosen and at the same time defend himself from the two maids. Rosen, still on his back with her arms locked around his neck, kicked against the inner wall that Hisk was backing against. The force shoved him forward and almost over the outer wall. Rosen hastily jumped off his back as he tripped on the base of the battlements. He regained his balance however and turned around to attack again.

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  • Tessa swung her stick a hit him on the leg, throwing her staff away she ran forward and pushed against him with all  her weight,  to push him off the wall. Desipte he was way taller and heaiver then her, she managed to make him lose a bit of balance.

    "Gosh you are so heavy." she said as she pushed harder.

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