• Name:

      Fire Newt

        A tiny lizard with black skin. His belly is red with black spots. He’s smaller than most beasts.

        Loot has nothing of his own. Not even the brown sack he carries over his shoulder is his.

    • Swimming.
    • Agility.
    • Climbing.
    • Can hide more easily than others. (Mostly due to his small size)
    • He’s not an expert at thievery but he’s good at taking things when you’re not looking.


    • Neurotic.
    • Practically no combat ability whatsoever.
    • Much higher dependency on water than most beasts.
    • Very sensitive to extreme weather conditions.
      -Fear of fire.

    _When Loot came into the world, Loot was not alone. There were many other tadpoles swimming in the pond, but Loot felt alone. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Loot had no name, no family. In those days Loot was Newt. Just Newt.

    When Newt had grown out of tadpole stage, Newt left his pond to explore what was beyond his pond. Newt find another pond with lots of good food and nice clean water. It was Newt paradise or so Newt thought.

    Looks are not always what they seem. Nice pond was not so nice. It is ruled by biggest, meanest lizard Newt ever seen!

    Giant lizard grew angry by Newt’s presence. He said he was going to eat Newt for trespassing but then Newt begged and pleaded for Big Lizard to spare him. Newt was sure he was going to die then ,but then something Newt was not expecting happened.

    Big Lizard told Newt that if Newt found lots of shinnies for him, Newt would not be eaten and Newt could stay at nice pond and eat the nice food. It sounded like such an easy thing so Newt agreed. Newt thought he had made a good choice…

    Not all things are what they seem.

    Finding shinnies was hard. Big hairy creatures have shinnies but they protect shinnies and tried to hurt Newt when he tried to take them. Newt was not very good at taking the shinnies at first, but Newt got better with lots of tries.

    Newt learned something. Taking shinnies is much easier when big beasts are not watching.

    Newt fast learner and he bring back many shinnies to big lizard. More shinnies than any of the other rogues. Big lizard was so pleased that he gave newt a name. Newt became Loot. Big lizard’s happiness did not last very long though. All the time he wants more. And now he’s always yelling at Loot, calling him terrible things and hurting him.

    Loot wishes he never made deal with the big, scaly tyrant.

    ~Loot, the newt_

    I hope this is okay.

  • I think this is awesome. Definitely approved. 🙂

  • I totally think you did an incredibly awesome job! 😉

  • Yay! Thanks very much for reading!

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