Faction Leaders

  • First off, Who is here is willing to be a faction leader? Speak now or forever hold your peace. You can nominate people, but they still have to accept the nomination.

    I am one of those volunteering. I nominate Sparkhawk, Kaden Winder, Temperance and Rorgus. (Those are just the few who randomly come to mind)

    The four nominees with the most votes will be the faction leaders. I will unlock the voting once we have a few more options.

  • I would be willing but I don't know how could I could do it. But I nominate Sethorion, Kaden Winder and Temperance.

  • Well I'm honored haha, and accept a nomination. I agree with those nominations you placed, but would like to nominate Marsh too

  • I nominate Sethorion, Kaden Winder and Temp and Marsh

  • Oh wow I'd be honored O.O  Though I don't know if I could live up to your expectations! ^^

    I nominate Seth, Kaden, and Marshall!

  • Well, would you be willing to anyway? You need to be clear on that. 😉
        By the way, just a reminder that you can nominate yourself! You do not have to be nominated by another member in order to make it on the list.
        I still appreciate the three nominations I got. XD It makes me feel good.
        I like the idea of Marsh, too, but he'll have to speak up.

  • Yes I'm willing :D!

  • I'd be willing. But I definitely nominate you, Tempe, and Kaden.

  • You're both in. 🙂
        And thanks

  • When are you going to open the voting?

  • Probably tomorrow or Monday.

  • I nominate Kyrodo too!  Wait can we nominate more than three?  I wasn't sure so that's why I didn't say more than three in my first post XD

  • Nominate as many as you want, actually. It's just a way of saying "I think this person could do it." It could give them the confidence they need to speak up and volunteer.

  • Oh, if that's the case… rubs hands together I nominate, uhhhh....hmm.... I'll have to think on that one....

  • Ahem My official list then:  Kaden, Marhsall, Seth, Kyrodo, Oli, Vik, Rorgus, NightFang, Bel and Spar 😄

  • Gosh, I missed a lot.  Darn lawnmower.  >.>

    I'd be quite honored and willing, although like Temp I don't know if I could live up to expectations…  But, the worst that can happen is that I would LEARN something...

    I nominate...  Heck.  I will limit myself to five, and will manipulate if need be: Nightfang, Seth, Temp, Kaden, and Oliver.  I love all you other guys, too, though.  :3

  • Well then, looks like I've been nominated. On the grounds of "why not", and being stuck waiting for posts most of the time, I would gladly accept my nomination.

    The idea of factions intrigues me greatly, as I've been experimenting with them for my story WIP.

    PS: I nominate Belisarius

  • I am willing to be a group leader, but I don't know who to nominate! Everybody I would nominate is already on the list!

  • I have confidence that all those whom have been previously nominated by others will do well should they be chosen.

    Since there is no limit to whom we nominate, then my choices are as follows:

    Sethorion, Marshall, Oliver, Kaden, Vikenti, Temperance, Sparhawk, Belisarius, Kyrodo and Rorgus.

    I appreciate being nominated and humbly accept. I am always happy to help in whatever way I can.

  • Well I didn't know we could nominate more than three! I nominate Seth, Temp, Kyrodo, NIghtfang and Marsh and Vik! Oh by the way how many factions are there going to be? And how many leaders?

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