• Random idea XD, but interesting:

    What if we, as the members, could split into factions? Kind of like clubs? Maybe Global Mods/Admins and stuff could be faction leaders and each team comes up with a name. Each faction could contribute to the newspaper. They would also be like brothers and sisters to the newer members.
        I could make a Motherboard for each faction, sort of like a clubhouse. There could even be a "Capture the Flag" Thread put up at the beginning of each month, Each faction posts a map of their outpost, the faction in charge of it that month sets up the rules and the winners are decided at the very end of each month, like MoM.
        We'd have a little friendly rivalry, which encourages participation. We'd also have people who take inexperienced members under thier wing.
        What do you guys think?

    For each group there could be:

    • Faction Leader (Or whatever you want to call it)(Abbot, Warlord, Skipper, etc. might work)
    • A Greeter
    • What else?

  • Good Idea Seth I'm all for it

  • Thanks
        So, who else think we should do it? And are there any suggestions? We can all vote on Faction names and colors with our groups, but as far as whether or not the faction leaders will be "Warlord" and "Champion" and whatnot is uncertain thus far.

  • Yeah I actually really like the idea. It reminds me of something I did on a created site with some people. It was Redwall like, but not Redwall, and the four factions were actually present on the site. It was pretty cool. Promoted a lot more activity.

    Something like that would probably be really beneficial here. I say do it.

  • Yeah I'm all for it! Its sounds like fun! Lets do it.

  • Sweet! Let's go for it then. I can open a poll for who Faction leaders should be. Spar and I should probably already be two, but I don't know for sure. We can discuss Faction names in the same thread.
        As far as what the leaders will be, should it be, for example, "(Name) Faction Leader," "(Color) Faction Leader" or "Warlord/Champion/etc."?

  • Could people please click HERE to nominate possible leaders?

  • I say do it! 🙂

  • Hey Spar, how should we refer to the Faction leaders? Should they have titles? Like "Warlord" and "Champion" or just "Blue Leader" and "Red Leader"?

  • Wahll… I think like the "Blue Leader, Red Leader". Huh, it'd be like, "Blue Leader, come in Blue Leader. This is Red Leader, do you read me?" 😉

  • That's exactly what I was thinking when I wrote that, actually 😮
    Seriously though?

  • Like in StarWars, right? Hehehe!

  • As far as the "Blue, Red" goes, yeah I think we should do it. Plus, you could make their title their color!

  • Yep. I can actually change everyone's colors, btw. If you belong to a certain faction, your stars will be that color. Leaders will have larger stars, like ours.
        So no "Warlord" and "Champion"?

    Btw, Sparhawk: look at your post count. You're officially evil.  O8D

  • I always wanted to be evil!!!!You mean the "666" right? No, I don't think we need the "Warlord, Champion" in there.

  • OMG  😆 Idea. Idea. Possibly stupid, but an idea none the less!  O8D

    Mmmkay so, I feel like apart from the CTF thread idea for the factions, it would be pretty cool if the factions had their own non-traditional rp area. It would be a Redwall like area, but the factions would be able to have its members operate free of Redwall's species limitation and expectation… for the most part. There could be conflicts between the factions, within the factions, etc. Would really add life to the idea IMO

  • It's an interesting idea…hmm... It might be possible once we know that the factions idea is going to work.

  • Well, there's nothing to stop people from doing that if they want to. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well. Hahaha
      There's going to be a board where only that faction can post. Sort of like a clubhouse or whatever you want to call it. It's their turf. There can be a "Help" chilboard and an "RP" childboard. Maybe a "Disscussion" board as well. I will still, personally, add a "CTF Discussion" board. That's something I'm personally going to set up. People don't have to participate though. If no one joins in, I can remove it. Shrug

  • Oh no I like the CTF Idea haha, I meant like in addition too. And yeah I was just throwing it out there ^^.

  • Uhh, what 'xactly is CTF!

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