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  • I got permission from Sethorion to start a story arc, so here we go. I'll start out with a brief outline of whats going to happen.

    There is going to be a ring of assassins. There are two Green Isle  otters in that ring. One of them is a captain in h The High Rhulains army and the other is her personal adviser. The others are just regular vermin. Now there is a big baddy who wants the High Rhulain dead so he is hiring the assassins to do it. His reasoning is if he cuts off the snakes head it will die. (If you get my meaning) so then there's these assassins running around with power in their paws unchecked. So there's this otter, he's the general of the Rhulains army and she trusts him and is very close to him. And of course he doesn't like her adviser, so now he's suspicious. This guy just popped up out of no where and works his way to being her adviser. So the General is always on guard of course. Bu I don't think he should be the hero I have two ideas one is. The hero is the High Rhulains son, and the other is a quest-er from Redwall is the hero. I think there should be one band from Redwall who goes questing for something (not sure yet we'll have to discuss that) to Green Isle and get in the middle of this assassination. So when the Assassination fails the big baddy gets mad and attacks Green Isle so there we have our big battle!!! WOOPY!!!!! So how does that sound?

    Now here is a list of the positions open that you guys can take!

    -High Rhulain Elizabeth
    -High Rhulains son Rorgus
    -Adviser (Assassin) Sparhawk
    -General Sethorion
    -Captain (Assassin) Temperance
    -Captain of a ship (Which carries the Questers)  Darius
    -Bid bad guy Vikenti
    -Head of The Ring of Assassins Kyrodo
    -Other Assassins in the Ring Buckthorn
    - Vermin General Nightfang
      - Vermin Captain. Loot
      -Head of the Questers from Redwall

    And if there's any others I forgot please tell me! I'll be working on the thread!

  • Ironically , I am reading High Rhulain right now.

    Do I need to have finished the book in order to participate?

  • Nope you don't unless theres something you don't know about the High Rhulain or something . And if there is I can help you. But no this doesn't have anything to do with the book except for the position of HIgh Rhulain.

  • I'm only a third of the way through the book so it's highly possible that there are things I don't know about it.

    I'd be happy to play a villain of minor status.  Not so sure I could handle an important role. xD

  • OK cool! Least we got someone! Well I'll have thread up soon!

  • When I get my chara up I'll be one of the ones from Redwall

  • I think I'd kinda enjoy being the General 🙂
    Are we putting charas up for grabs yet? It's up to you, Ror.

  • Yeah sure! I'de be glad to let you have him. I'm not quit sure what you mean by up for grabs. But what I was thinking was that you would pick which position you want then make a character for him.

  • Is anyone else interested in joining?

  • OK so do you want to be on eof the assassins or a captain in the bad guys army Nighthawk?

  • Do you mean me?  xD Though I am NightFang, not NightHawk.  😛

    I'll be a vermin captain. I don't write assassin types very well.  &}

  • Oh woops sorry got you mixed up with Nighthawk 😛 sorry bout that. OK sounds good I'll put that down! OK all set!

  • I think you mean Sparhawk? Or are you talking about something else…? lol

  • Would I perhaps be able to take the role of the head figure for the group of individuals who each serve the purpose to murder by surprise attack, especially to carry out a plot to kill a prominent person?

    Hehehe, I apologize for speaking pseudo verbose XD. As in, may I take the role of head assassin? I feel it would be an engaging position to experiment with.


    Like…it got stolen a long time ago....and somehow winds up there.  Yeah yeah I know it's happened before, but it's a sound idea 😄

    I'd like to be an Assassian, I"m pretty good at being sneaky 😄  But I'm not too good at being bad....but I can try.  That and I could be one of the Redwallers.

  • Hmm…  I like Temp's idear...

    I could be a "good" beast, but would prefer not to be an abby beast.  I also could try my paw at being bad...  I'm quite open.

  • Dude I could so be a good assassian XD

  • Harr harr, me too.  At least, that is what I would like to think…  BD

  • Lol me too!

    Wait, I meant good as in conscience wary and alignment XDDD

    I know I could be a good assassian 😛

  • Though perhaps this would be a good opportunity to challenge myself as a writer.  I would not mind trying at vermin general either.

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