Erglu Erdu

  • Full Name:  Erglu Erdu

    Species: Ferret

    Moral Bent: Evil

    Size:  Average

    Description:  Male ferret.  Fur, grey tinged with cinnamon.

    Possessions: Billhook-style sword and spike type dagger.  Canvas wrap style leggings, rawhide jerkin

    ~Erglu is not a refined swordsbeast, but he can very effectively use his billhook blade and spike dagger.  His approach is to immobilize his foe with his large blade, and then kill with the smaller.

    ~He is adapt at long cross country treks.

    ~Skilled at thriving in the wild.

    ~Wears no armour, vulnerable to ranged weapons or skilled swordsbeasts.

    ~Low pain tolerance


    Erglu is a highway robber.  Throughout his life he has joined with various robber bands and has experienced various levels of success and fortune.  At the moment, he is a loner, his previous band having been slaughtered by angry woodlanders.

    *Moar to come after I RP with Erglu for a bit… He's kind of a blank slate.

  • All i could is well done again. You are a valuable member to this community. If you could add information on the backround I would really appreciate it. Survivalists are my favourite type of character. I find they are people that have an even bigger story then a good person. Best regards, skullrod..

  • Well, it is a work in progress…  I'm not done yet.  Check back later.  🙂

  • scratches doodles on said blank slate : D

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