• I was wondering if I could make a newspaper based on Redwall. Yes I would need some help BUT it would make this so much more fun. I myself think that everyone could post articles in a certain category place and people could read it at the end of the day. Thank you

  • What would it look like, in a general sort of way?

  • sort of like "redwall news" it would be sorta like a fan fiction news thing. or we could gather up a bunch of rolepays and put them together

  • It's an interesting idea, although I don't see this actually taking off successfully, at the very least not in the near future. If more of our members would support the idea however, it would be a considerable possibility.

  • I would be willing to support the idea. I think it sounds interesting!

  • is there a way we could make a signup type of thing?

  • I'm just about to post something that could satisfy that. Um, as far as sending out the newsletter, I could set that so that it goes to everyone's PMs.

  • I think that would work out nicely actually. After implementation, we add the option for members as to whether or not to receive the newsletter, and we're good.

    That leaves what the content of the newsletter will be, the members who would work on it, and the frequency in which it would be supplied to the members. Once a month sounds rather convenient. In the newsletter, we could also add information about any special events, including updates on the upcoming factions if/when we have it set up.

  • dose the Faction Leaders and that stuff have anything to do with the newspaper?

  • I thought maybe the Recorders from each Clan ("Faction") could submit an article for it. Just a possibility.
        Skullrod, you could also include first-place contest materials and the MoM. And/or recipes.
        Gosh, we haven't set up a contest in a long time, have we?

  • Thank you all for your support! I really appreciate it! Once a month sounds good! Please post the pms to everyone or post a thread in the news updates. THANK YOU!

  • I don't think I keep organize it and keep it going, but if you want to, you can be in charge of this Skullrod. You'd need to remind the Recorders at the beginning of each month and then send the entire Newsletter to me so that I can Mass-PM it. Sound good?

  • so can you for now mass pm a request and then tell them to email the answer to me? or you could do it and give me all the names at the end. I will be fully responsible for it.

  • Cool 🙂
        What request do you want me to make?

  • If anyone would want to join. then tell them to pm if they want. Then we could officially do it. I can't do it alone…

  • Alright, I'll see what I can do.
        In the meantime, is there anybody active in this thread that would be interested in contributing?

  • Mouse said he would. Seth are you interested? You and me could become the editors or founders… I have to give you alot of credit because it's thanks to you that this is happening!

  • You're welcome XD
        Actaully though, as far as being an editor, I'm trying to start up an antology program with the local high school, so I'll already be doing a lot of editing. 😕
        We'll see, though.

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