My first Redwall Character.

  • This is my first Character profile. I hope you all enjoy this. This will be my character throughout role playing for now. I didn't put that much time in to it because it's my first character. Tell me what you think. Anyways enjoy!

    -Name: Grolok.

    -Animal: Part wolf part and part Husky.

    -Physical description: He has black and silver colored fur, silver eyes and a moon shaped scar around his right eye. He has sharp claws that have reflection in the moonlight.

    -Clothing: He wears a black cloak with blood red edges and designs, black war-torn boots, and a hidden chain mail that is covered by his thick dark cloak.

    -Facial expressions: serious and silent.

    -Characteristics: He is rather aggressive, hates others, he will become loyal for money, and once you become vulnerable he will kill you and take everything you have

    -Description: He does not know about his past, parents or even where he came from. He lives in the thick and dangerous forests of The Dark Forest. He has never had true love and friendless nor has any allies. He is equipped with two long sharp edged daggers, and many throw-able knife-like blades that he fires all at once like a fan. He knows the ways of survival very well. He fears nothing, but he has visions about a family rumored to be his, and a village being burnt to the ground.

  • It looks good, as far as it goes. You might want to consider putting your character into these specifications: How To Create A Character Profile. Just copy and paste the above into a post and fill in the blanks.

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