Mafia Amigos(OPEN TO ANYONE)

  • Grolok's eyes narrowed as he chuckled, he said to O'Malley "Put that sword down,your embarrassing your self…. The mafia is nothing to me, in the Dark Forest there is no mafia it is every man for himself...." He slowly drawed out his long edged daggers and said to him with them facing towards O'Malley " The mafia isnt going to know about this and will not, when they hear about the deaths they will be blinded with this diversion we could ransack  all the money and not share any to your Mob.... you tell the mafia you die... so are you with me, it's really if you value your life..."

  • Katie rolled her eyes. "Yes, both of you put your weapons down. I'm not really in the mood to heal the stupid." She said looking at one than the other, folding her arms. "You're both attracting attention of which I don't think either of you want." She paused for a moment, tilting her head, thinking.

    "Whether he tells them or not, chances are the mob will find out, or someone here will tell them, and then you both are dead when they find out. I'm sure everyone in this bar know what you're up to." She said to Grolok then back at Stephen. "…Now if you'll excuse me, I want no more of this. I don't want to end up on the Mob's hit list as well. I do suggest, you part ways with this wolf, or else get yourself hurt...or killed. And I'm not inclined to work on those that the Mob have marked and risk my own hide."

  • "I've already been killed child." Stephen swung his noose tie gently with his finger. "Got hanged, buried, and came back." He quit musing and went back to the subject at hand. "And again the squirrel is right.
    The mob has eyes and ears every where." The weasel sheathed his sword. "Besides, times of chaos is when we do best. When one source of authority is brought down, we simply step in." O'Malley waltzed by the wolf and collected his money.
    "So like I said, it will take some impersonating to get what we want. We start with the mob, then we take the towns power. Hm, kinda like an oxymoron when you think about it." He tossed Katie a bag of gold coins. "For your troubles miss.Last chance wolf, follow me to meet the don or have your body in chains at the bottom of a lake." Stephem was waiting half way out side, waiting for a reply.

  • The wolf facing downwards said under his breath with a very strict  but quiet voice while at the same time slowly walking towards the Wiesel saying "I suggest you stop putting your brains where your behind is and start thinking straight forward you fool…" He quickly draws out one of his daggers and smacks the sword out of O'Malleys hand and points the blade towards his snout.....

  • Katie caught the bag of coins that Stephen had tossed her. "Umm….thanks, I guess..." She said with a light smile and pocketed the bag. Maybe she should come to this place more often. Getting coins without doing any work.
    Although that feeling didn't last long as Grolok walked over to Stephen and held out his dagger.

    "Now Now....No need for that, wolf." She said interjecting herself between the two. "Now behave, and quit acting like a fool." She told him, her eyes scanning the surrounding room as they now have the attention of most in the bar.

  • ooc: Stephen already had his sword put up.

    Bic: Stephen didn't even blink as the blade was brought to his nose. The wolf didn't intimidate him, just annoyed. "Now listen hear you impudent mutt, you can either put your blades away and follow me to my boss or you can simply leave. You continue to act hostile toward me and I will kill you, it all depends on what you do. I'd be more than happy to help your endeavour, but we need to give the don a false sense of security so his suspicion dose not rouse. My logic makes sense, dose it not? If we manage to get the law man to believe the mob did the crime, then we won't need to do the time. As soon as the city goes into disarray, they will take charge and any other attempts will be thwarted by the executioner. So are you or aren't you going to listen to me?" He talked as if he was scolding a dibbun.

  • The wolf replied with a devious voice "Your right, you are more smarter then I thought you were…" So he followed him to the compound of his family where there were guards dressed up in just peasant clothes, they all looked poor. Grolok knew that they were smarter then that so the wolf asked O'Malley "Are they wearing anything under their clothes like a chain male?"

  • Katie tagged along with the two although she wasn't sure if they knew she was following them, then again being who they are, they knew.
    She was interested in what was going on. If there is going to be some kind of war going on, then her services would be in need, and perhaps she could strike a good deal for her payment.

  • "With iron studded monitor hide under it." He added. O'Malley knocked on the door several times.
    "Do you have the thyme?" A hoarse voice asked.
    "Only parsley." O'Malley answered.
    "Nice ta see yew again Malley." The door opened, the questioner was an old stoat.
    "The same. I need to see the don, where is he?"
    "In de study. Why?"
    "Just have some business to ask about."
    "Ah, g'on then." Stephen led the group down many winding corridors and stair cases, going deep under ground. They finally got to a torch lit room filled with luscious items and paintings.
    "You have something to ask of me?" The don, a fat well dressed wolverine asked. His eyes were hidden between large folds of flesh.
    "The wolf has a proposition to ask of you." He bowed and stepped aside for his Lupin friend.

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