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  • It was a typical late evening bar setting. Creatures were getting drunk and drunker. Some had gotten to the point of blacking out. O'Malley laughed at their stupidity. He sat at his table with the small sign Open for hit. The hitman was quietly counting his own money, stacking coins of copper, silver, and gold. a slow night, but he was getting paid, none the less. He heard someone else walk in, not really paying attention.

    OOC: It could a creature hiring him for a hit or calling him out on his deeds. He can also be hired to join a group.

  • Then a mysterious wolf like creature walked in wearing a black cloak. He turned around staring at O'Malley with his silver eyes gleaming on him from the moonlight reflection. O'Malley continued to count his money, until the wolf unexpectedly slammed his hand on the wooden table that O'Malley was counting on. The pieces of money fell on the table scattered. O'Malley muttered with an angry but quiet voice "Who are you and what do you want?". The Wolf said "My name is Grolok" in a rather serious voice. "I have come here to offer you a proposition. O'Malley straightened up a bit. Grolok said "join me, I have heard good things about you and I beleive we would make a good team of.. assassins….

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    Gaden walked into the room full of vermin.

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    A rat looked up and saw Gaden. Gaden walked over to the table that the rat was sitting at and said, "Prepare to die!" And tries to stick a knife in the rat. The rat dodges and whipping out his own knife stabs Gaden in the heart, killing him instantly.

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    Stephen made an odd smile at the impudent wolf. "Well child," he started in his spine chilling soft voice, "it's not my choice to join your silly little party. I need the blessing from the godfather." He stopped a moment, which seemed like eternity. " He ain't the one who'd let go on of his…favorits.
    You'll need lots of charm and an exquisite gift if you want more than a cur smile from him. If you still think your up for it mutt, follow me." His tone never changed, just friendly, warm, playful monotone. Truth be told, he came close to strangeling the wolf with his chain, but a job is a job...none the less.

  • And the wolf replied "good". He asked O'Malley to follow him where he took him up the stairs tavern. O'Malley not knowing where he was being taking was brought to a small dorm. It had one hay bed with a wooden knight table and a window front. On top of the table there was a candle and a bunch of papers. The wolf opened the paper and there was a blue print of the city hall where the nobles and stewards lived. It was labeled "Farewell"….

  • The hit man chuckled at the plans. "Oh now, you can't be serious." He had his paw on his side. "Those nobles and such are highly regarded clients of the mob. Politics do get…rough at some points.
    We get high pay from them. If you want me in this...fest, once again you'll need blessings, and suitable replacements for them. We always try to keep it underwraps from the law." Stephen adjusted his noose tie. "Not good business when law man is after you.....but."
    O'Malley made a very nasty smile. "I have been wanting to stretch my wings, and the mob is the perfact candidate for a framing." He laughed softly.

  • The wolf said "I can assure you no trouble we'll be done, to us". He then said "And if you even think that killing all these nobles and stewards is just a fun little game then you got another thing coming you little mutt". The wolf then continued to say "If we kill them the city will have no moral and will be panicking not knowing which way is up…". "Which gives us the upper hand of stealing anything we desire, or you could go back to church and "pray" to your so called gods he chuckled" It is your call...... "Money or foolishness...."

  • "Hm," O'Malley huffed. "all this for some petty theft? No,no, I see more….potential in this plan." He started to pace around the table, looking at the wolf oddly. "Why settle for simple trinkets, when we could take the city's gold in one quick sweep...mongrel." The weasel didn't mind trading insults with the wolf,  so long as the lupin could take a few names as well.
    "I know a few who would be more than intrested in aiding that plan. Do you think you can handle it...child?" stephen stared emptylied in the wolf's eyes.

  • Grolok said "Having more then two on this little "party" of ours isn't what we need at all…. then again if we are getting people to "help" us what we could do is use them and be through with them, you know the whole story trust in no one"....

  • ooc- I'd love to join in, but I'm not I see what's happening. I thought that O'Malley was going to take Grolok to his boos, then Grolok took him to see his boss. I was also under the impression that Grolok wanted O'Malley to join a large group in this effort.

  • ooc:Imma fix that now.

    Bic: "Well that's Jim dandy. Now follow me. It's time you meet the don." Stephen started out the room's door and headed down back to the bar. Ever gold and silver piece was where he left it. The galley's regulars knew better than to take his profit. O'Malley leaned next to the exit, waiting for the wolf.

  • The wolf said with a rather nasty impression "what are you waiting for? This has nothing to do with your foolish don! It is a waste of time. Politics these days is very uneven trust me i have been in the mafia, not good at all…" He continued to remain at the bottom of the stairs with on foot on the stair and one on the ground.

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    "You best be careful, round here, talking like that, wolf." Katie said, standing up from the bar, looking over at the wolf.
    She didn't really like coming to this bar, but it was one of the only ones that didn't water down their drinks. Not that she was drinking them. No, she would pour her ordered drink into a flask, so that she may use it on a wound, before bandaging it up.
    "...The mafia or its don is not something to be poking fun at..." She added, knowing from experience, as she had fixed up a couple in the ranks.
    The squirrel-maid twisted the cap to her flask, packed it up and made her way over to the door that Stephen was leaning on. Getting what she wanted from the place and ready to leave.

  • ooc: Don't mind at all.

    Bic: O'Malley chuckled. "Squirrels right, and it ain't the same mafia you were in. Not since I came to be." Stephen drew his three bladed sword. "Now sonny, if you want to stir trouble his city ya gonna need his permission. If ya don't I'm sent after you, and I've ended the lives of critters far larger than you." He spun the blade at it's handle, unfazed by the fact he just threatened a wolf.

    ooc:Sorry for the short.

  • Grolok's eyes narrowed as he chuckled, he said to O'Malley "Put that sword down,your embarrassing your self…. The mafia is nothing to me, in the Dark Forest there is no mafia it is every man for himself...." He slowly drawed out his long edged daggers and said to him with them facing towards O'Malley " The mafia isnt going to know about this and will not, when they hear about the deaths they will be blinded with this diversion we could ransack  all the money and not share any to your Mob.... you tell the mafia you die... so are you with me, it's really if you value your life..."

  • Katie rolled her eyes. "Yes, both of you put your weapons down. I'm not really in the mood to heal the stupid." She said looking at one than the other, folding her arms. "You're both attracting attention of which I don't think either of you want." She paused for a moment, tilting her head, thinking.

    "Whether he tells them or not, chances are the mob will find out, or someone here will tell them, and then you both are dead when they find out. I'm sure everyone in this bar know what you're up to." She said to Grolok then back at Stephen. "…Now if you'll excuse me, I want no more of this. I don't want to end up on the Mob's hit list as well. I do suggest, you part ways with this wolf, or else get yourself hurt...or killed. And I'm not inclined to work on those that the Mob have marked and risk my own hide."

  • "I've already been killed child." Stephen swung his noose tie gently with his finger. "Got hanged, buried, and came back." He quit musing and went back to the subject at hand. "And again the squirrel is right.
    The mob has eyes and ears every where." The weasel sheathed his sword. "Besides, times of chaos is when we do best. When one source of authority is brought down, we simply step in." O'Malley waltzed by the wolf and collected his money.
    "So like I said, it will take some impersonating to get what we want. We start with the mob, then we take the towns power. Hm, kinda like an oxymoron when you think about it." He tossed Katie a bag of gold coins. "For your troubles miss.Last chance wolf, follow me to meet the don or have your body in chains at the bottom of a lake." Stephem was waiting half way out side, waiting for a reply.

  • The wolf facing downwards said under his breath with a very strict  but quiet voice while at the same time slowly walking towards the Wiesel saying "I suggest you stop putting your brains where your behind is and start thinking straight forward you fool…" He quickly draws out one of his daggers and smacks the sword out of O'Malleys hand and points the blade towards his snout.....

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