Windsor: Lance Skybreeze: Red Squirrel

  • Your character's full name: Lance Lance Skybreeze
    Age: 14 years, 54 seasons
    Species: Red Squirrel
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lance is a sturdy squirrel with sharp features.  He is lean and has some muscles.  Lance has striking black eyes.  His coloring is basically the same red as all other red squirrels.  He wears a red tunic with green leaf patterns for a boarder.  Lance is very quick and agile.  He is also a champion climber at Reguba Hollow.  This makes him good for scouting. 

    Belongings: Lance carries a rapier.  It is long and lethal.  It was the weapon of his father.  Lance also wears a red tunic with green leaf patterns for a boarder.  He has a brown leather belt where he put his rapier in.  His rapier has a leather scabbard to match his belt.

    Job or Position: Lance is a wandering Squirrel Warrior.

    Personality: Lance is a fairly independent squirrel, never staying one place too long.  He is strong willed and will do whatever it takes to accomplish something.  Lance is a skilled fighter and that makes him very useful in tough times.  He is kind, nice, and over all a good friend

    History and Background Information: Lance was born in Reguba hollow to his father Barkbrush.  He was always restless their and always wanted to go out on adventures.  Lance is the champion climber at Reguba Hollow.  He is always remember as that by the squirrels that live there.  As soon as he was fifty seasons he left out to explore Mossflower.  His father gave him his rapier and belt for protection.  Today Lance wanders Mossflower, protecting the weak and the innocent

    Any other details: Family Tree:

    Father:  Barkbrush Skybreeze
    Mother:  Skytail Skybreeze
    Older Brother:  Markus Skybreeze
    Younger Sister:  Meghan Skybreeze

    Other:  None other than he is my first character.

  • You might want to alter it a little and put some spaces between all the paragrphs and remove the 'blockquote' thingymajiggers.

  • I'm pretty sure 1 season = 2 human years too. Not 4 seasons = 1 human year. Other than that, it looks good. I like the pic too! 😉

  • Sorry about the blockqoutes.  He was my RPG character from another RP site, so when I copied the profile the code came with it.  I always saw seasons as 4 seasons = 1 year.  Like winter would be a season.  Though no one really knows for sure as BJ never specified it.

  • Thats why I always use human years. Its to avoid controversy. Thanks for editing the profile by-the-way.

  • I have human years on their, so I think its fine.  May I start RPing?

  • As soon as you like; we don't have any requirements on character approval or what-not.

  • Oh, thanks.

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