Strango Hardborne

  • Nickname: Strango

    Full Name: Strango Hardborne

    Species: Stoat

    Description: Quite tall with white fur. Very stout and sturdy, with giant paws, that are full of deep scratches and scars. Typically dresses flamboyantly in a long coat with a black tricorn hat, topped with a quail feather. Wears tall black leather boots on footpaws. Has a relatively long snout, and cold, green eyes.

    Possesions: His weapon of choice is a heftly cutlass, alothough he also has a small knife hidden in each boot for emergencies. He always carries around a hip flask filled with grog, and drinks regularly.

    Strengths: -Skilled with a cutlass
                          -Packs a strong punch with his large paws
                          -Can come up with clever schemes

    Weaknesses: -Often becomes drunk
                                        -Is very lanky, and trips easily


    Strango grew up in the lands north of Redwall with a corsair for a father. From a young age he learned the ways of the corsairs, joining his father on pillages in their ship Shadow Lady. Strango's main advantage in battle is his large, sturdy paws and tall height.

    As the seasons passed on, his father grew old and weak, leaving Strango in charge of the Shadow Lady and her crew. But Strango has a deep respect for his father, who sends Strango to do his bidding, leaving him little to time to take his ship on raids. Strango awaits the day of his father's death so that he will be able to carry out his plans unhindered.

  • Stoats are awesome _.  So are pirates.

    So stoat pirates= automatic win.

    ahem  Anyways…

    This is a great start , mate!

    Were you still fixin' to post in He Calls Himself a Captain ? Or are you going to start afresh like?

    If you'd still like to stick with your original post I would be more than happy to lend a paw- er hand. Just toss a personal message my way and we can work something out.

    😄  Welcome to Redwall's Legacy, by the way. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  • Nice char.  And I agree with Night on the subjects of stoats and pirates.  :[]

    Welcome to Redwall's Legacy!  Look forward to seeing you on the boards!

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