Garridor Sultier

  • ((This is an old idea for a chara I had when I first joined. The sight hiccuped and he was lost.))

    Name: Garridor Sultier

    Species: Grey Fox/ White fox mix




    Description: Garridor is a very quiet, secretive vulpine. Rarely engaging in conversations, even rarer still that he speaks his mind. He's just a shadow in the background, but easily to spot out in a crowd.

    Appearance: Garridor is black and white fox. His top half mostly black, the bottom half is snow white. He has jade green eyes.

    Possessions: He has a black cloak and a large two bladed battle scythe. It's bladed half way on the top half and completely bladed on the bottom half. The fox also has metal clawed gloves, they have many uses. His armor is light chain mail under metal studded monitor hide.

    Strengths: His mobility is quite good, rivaling that of a squirrel. He very quiet and will help out any body in peril.

    Weakness: Not the talkative kind. Creatures often don't trust him. He is known to have night terrors. He also has a seething hatred for badgers.

    Background: His background is a big mystery. Orphaned at three, and raised by a horrid hoard a vermin It's a wonder he has any kindness in him at all. Garridor had no specail treatment what so ever. His instructors worked him twice as hard than the others, just for the laugh of him struggling to keep living. His work of the scythe was self taught, swords too light for his taste of fighting. His unique weapon gave him the upper hand when challenged by an elite fighter. Needless to say, the elite lost a few digits. He rose threw the ranks quickly, but left for an unknown cause(he hated the corruption in the hoard.) His hatered for badgers came when he saw their destructive blood wrath first hand. He thought them monsters. As of now he just patrolls the roads of mossflower, helping thous in need.

  • Hmmm, this is interesting.
    Nice work 🙂

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