Kaden's Level 1 Application

  • Well, here's my application mates. Enjoy ^^

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    Current Position(s): I is an Abbey beast

    Title: Abbey Beast?
    Have you ever been banned or restricted or received a warning?: Nope
    If so, then why? - Refer to the above answer ^^

    Write Two paragraphs or more Describing: (Two beasts locked in combat)

    Luck can be a beast's greatest ally or its greatest foe. In Prince Balvayne's case, it was an enemy that plagued his every action. The fox prince stood on the beach, his blue cloak tossed aside and dismissed as if it was a bloodied rag. Heat slammed against his figure, dampening his clothing with sweat. His worn green eyes remained fixed on a black furred feline that stood only a couple yards away. Balvayne knew in the deep rotten pit of his soul, that one day he would meet his match. He knew that one day, Lord Deidric would find him and kill him.

    Lord Deidric's yellow eyes stabbed daggers into Balvayne's conscience. The twisted feline's hate was unmeasurable. Balvayne had been a thorn in his side for far too long, and it was now time that the thorn would be ripped out and destroyed.
    "So Balvayne, I see you aren't the coward you were before. You actually met me here. Surprised me. You really did." His words burned Balvayne's ears with their sinister tone.

    Felix Balvayne smirked, shaking his head. The prince gave a cocky smile, slowly drawing his longsword. Twirling it once, he started to circle Deidric, who mirrored the fox's actions.
    "You know me Deidric, I've wanted your head on a pike even before you went insane," the fox snickered, kicking up hot sand with every step. Come on you psychotic cat, attack me, the fox thought longingly. Deidric had clearly snapped and was mentally unstable. Deidric's dream of bringing about the Old Way was over thanks to Balvayne's actions.

    Deidric was taken back for a moment, before hissing in rage. "I think after I kill you, I'll make Liara watch as I devour you. Then, I'll kill her, and eat her," the sadistic cat sneered, his bangs hanging oddly in front of his eyes. His steps were uneven, his breathing hastened, and his eyes looked more insane by the second. Maybe, just maybe, the prince did have a chance.

    Balvayne gave a chuckle, amused at the feline's sickening words."You'll get nowhere near her," the fox began, watching the cat's sword dance in the sunlight, "Your empire is over Deidric, your followers crushed, and the Darkscales destroyed. Even if you kill me now, you are alone. You have nothing, no power in Macar. Now, if you're as terrible a leader as you are a swordsman, I suggest you flee," he finished coldly with a smile. The fox knew all too well his words would reach the feline's teetering stability.

    Balvayne thought right too, because as soon as the fox prince finished, the crazed feline lunged at his life-long enemy, swinging wildly. Accuracy and precision were of no importance; Balvayne had to die! The cat roared in frustration as steel clashed against steel. Deidric swung wildly at his hated enemy and spit flew through the air with every yell and grunt he made.

    The fox's eyes widened and immediately he found himself backing up quickly in the sand, making every parry and dodge that he could. Once in awhile, the crazed cat would skim the fox, giving him a cut or gash at most. Honestly, Balvayne was surprised Deidric could even swing the blade with how bad his mental being fell. The fox found himself exchanging blows and looking into the eyes of a beast meant for oblivion. Eventually, Deidric had stabbed high at Balvayne's throat, causing the fox to side-step to the right. However, Deidric intended to drive Balvayne off balance.

    Claws out, the cat dove onto the fox, not having time to bring his sword in for a stab. Deidric's sword fell to the sand and so did Balvayne with a thud. The enraged Lord Deidric began to claw at the fox's very being. He wanted to eat the fox's soul if possible. Deidric thrashed unmercifully at his opponent, his claws driven by a want to splatter the fox all over the sand. "I will kill you, I swear it!" Deidric declared, only looking more off the deep end.

    Balvayne was caught by surprise by the attack, and thus found himself clawed at a couple times. One of the scrapes connected with his muzzle and the other took a clean swipe at his chest. The fox howled in pain, trying to defend off the crazed cat. Desperation took over the fox and after placing a slap upside the feline's head, dazing it, the fox prince opened his jaws and bit Deidric's shoulder, his teeth digging in greatly. After the surprised cat fell back grasping its shoulder, Balvayne crawled over to his blade, grasping it tightly. When he turned to face the feline once more, he found himself tackled once again with such force that the pair rolled down the sandy beach into the water.

    The fox emerged from the water gasping, desperately searching for his lost blade. Deidric jumped onto the fox's back, biting and clawing at him. Balvayne howled in pain and without thinking threw himself and Deidric backwards into the crashing waves. The two were separated once again, and Balvayne struggled to find his sword once more. Deidric's watery steps got closer and closer. C'mon, c'mon! Where's the bloody blade!

    "I'm going to enjoy this Balvayne, oh so very much!" the enraged beast yelled raising it's claws to the sky.

    Found it! Balvayne's mind boomed in success. Acting on instinct, Balvayne turned immediately and thrust his blade forward. The fox connected with flesh, and a cry of pain flew across the beach. The panting fox's eyes followed the blade right into Lord Deidric's gut. A sigh of relief over came him as he watched the cat's raised paw collapse to its side.

    Swallowing hard, Balvayne let go of the blade, allowing the feline to pull away from him and collapse into the cooling waves. He heaved a sigh, his green eyes watching the cat slowly descend into the darkness of death. It was over. Lord Deidric the Usurper was slain. Prince Felix Balvayne VI, had confronted his demons. "Long live Macar, death to the Usurper," the fox whispered, standing up from the waves. He was free.

        I Kaden, do solemnly affirm that I will maintain the example of my skill that is demonstrated by this application inside and outside of the writing level 1 boards and will always maintain the rules to the best of my ability.

  • Accepted! I read each and every word of it and I only saw about three minor errors! You are now a Level 1 Writer! Congratulations!

  • NICE.  Congrats, Kaden!

  • Totally sweet! In an Eric Cartman voice xD thanks a lot Sparhawk haha ^^

    xD ty too Marsh me matey! high five!

  • Congrats! Honestly, you completely deserve it. You're writing is awesome 🙂

  • xD thanks a lot Seth means a lot mate ^^

  • Ha! Told ya. xD Congrats, mate.

  • xD yeah yeah you're right Night =p haha, thanks man ^^

  • Check for me. 😄

    Looks great! Wow…even better then me. lol 😄 Good job.

    Hate to say it...MORE!

  • xD Thank-ya : D, haha

    and more what? xD

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