Help Temp with her 3 new characters! Please?

Ok, so like the title says, I'm making three new characters  😉


As you all may have noticed by now, I like having characters that are oddly colored.  Like a wolf colored like an austrailian shepherd blue merle.  Or a cat colored like a buckskin horse.  Or a squirrel colored like a tortoise shell cat.

I don't know what to color these three as!

Any suggestions?  And of course they have to be three different colors too :3

XD RGB? CMYK? A split complimentary scheme? Ahah! They should be every color of the bloody rainbow!

Just kidding XD I'm not quite sure


Except I don't think that would work 😧


I wish I could help but I'm not the best person to ask. 😧

I'm partial to tiger cats

but maybe this is something too similar to what you have. @[email protected]

D'aw!!  Actually I don't have anything colored like that yet 😄

I was thinking that maybe I'd color one of them like a Timber Wolf or Gray Wolf, and another like a Bengal.  Bengal's are my most favoritest house cat, I WANT ONE SO BAD!!

Interesting coats they have.

I like the coat of the canadian lynx as well. canadian/wolfspiritofthewild/lynx_2.jpg?o=5

😧 I swear that gray is not the only shade I like.

D'aw preeeeetttttyyyy :3

Yeah, Bengals are vury interesting.  They can get to be the size of a small-medium sized dog.  And  a kitten is $5G's.

PRETTY BABIES!!!!  Omg gorgeous x3

Don't you have enough characters already Tempe? How are you going to keep all of them afloat when you crank out two a day or something?

^^ Easy, I've managed so far.  Don't worry, if it becomes too much of a hassle I won't use them :3  Ask Kyr, he knows as well as I do that I can hold my own.  The two of us have almost 5,000 posts each on my old forums, and on there I had maybe three times the amount of characters I do now. 🙂

Ok so four characters, but this one I already know what is gonna be colored like.

She's going to be colored like my cat, Iris 8D
And she's NOT going to be a cat hehehehehe

I'd agree with you Spar, but for better or for worse, it suits Temp's style xP

Love the pics Night Fang, as I happen to be quite the wolf fan myself ^^


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