RWL: Warlords (An Online Redwall Based Game)

  • There's a cool game out there folks called, RWL:Warlords. It's text based mostly.
    Here's the way it works.
    You lead a horde, and hire mercenaries, attack other hordes, start clans, loot, sabatoge and other cool stuff. It is in the plans of Redwall's Legacy to eventually integrate a game very much like this eventually, but not now. In the mean time, we would like to encourage people to join up at the other site and learn how to play the game.

    The site is,

    Have fun!

  • Kind confusing, but I'll try it I guess.

  • Hey… Someone already took my name!!!

  • Sounds interesting, but a Redwall game ought to be where you can create your own character, choose your weapons & armor, or buy them, and where you fight in against vermin, and then, once leveled up enough, you could go to a battle field where you fight with other creatures against vermin.

  • You are talking about an RPG type game. Yah, that would be sweet but I've yet to see one out there.
    This game is more of a strategy war type game it looks like. I haven't joined yet because it looks too complex. I think that a RPG game might get more use.

  • Well, plus, not many people like strategy, which is what that game is, and a RPG game would keep the players fascinated, and playing for about…....6 hours. 😄

  • LOL. RPG is much more popular, but I personally love a good strategy game.
    Starcraft is a good example of RPG style mixed with strategy.
    Games like Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires, and the such, are my favorites. Good balance of strategy and interactivity is the best. 🙂

  • My brothers and I play a lot of strategy games and first person games, like Call of Duty. That really creates tension while you're playing.

  • FPS games are fun too. Especially playing multi. It's great to hear someone in the other room scream their head off at you because you blew them up in Halo… 🙂

  • sighs I can't stand what Starcraft did to the RTS world.  While the story line and such was excellent, the GUI sucks most hard.  Why should I have to click on a building to build something?  It'd be like a general driving his happy tail down to the barracks to tell his soldiers to prepare for battle. It just doesn't work that way.

    Now, C&C is my God of RTS.  One vision, One purpose!

    As far as FPS goes, I've been sad; I can't get my Steam account working again (I think it was hacked).

  • Now THAT is fun to do! 😄 Of course, since we have two computers for the same game, we play at the same time and sometimes on opposite sides. 😉

  • Opposing each other is the best ever. It's way better than being on a team… LOL 🙂

  • Have you ever played a sword fighting game? Those are good, but there aren't many.

  • The closest I've ever come to a first person sword fighting game was the time that we played halo with only the axe. LOL. That was fun. No guns allowed.

  • I had played Eragon with sword fighting and that game on the PC is brutal!!
    I tryed the game and its very confusing

  • Yeah, I know. Most sword fighting games are. That's why I would want to make one. Where you can be a ninja! O8D

  • pah! I tryed on of my own and no way I didn't get many people

  • LOL. Anyone who wishes is more than welcome to submit any games that they make to the Downloads section.
    I think that RWL will be put off on being added to Redwall's Legacy for the time being. I am becoming extensively busy (Hence why I am only on every so ofter to administrate and not RP) and won't be able to add it any time soon.

    Never the less, I would encourage people to come up with wild and crazy ideas for the forum. Anything that will make it better, is an idea and you should let me know.

    This is YOUR forum. Not mine. I keep it in line, but you are what makes up the forum.
    Please tell me what you want, and I'll see what I can do. 🙂

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