Skylan Rolva

  • **Nickname:**Sky

    Full Name: Skylan Rolva

    Species: mouse 😃

    Description: Sky is a young mouse who is on the smaller side. He has bright blue eyes matching the very sky. His fur is a light brown that is consistent all over his body. He wears a dark cobalt colored habbit(sp?), and a wrist bracelet on his right paw. The young mouse is like every other mouse in terms of appearance, save for the size, eyes, and that the youngster constantly looks tired or worn.

    Possessions: As mentioned he has a leather wrist bracelet/guard on his right paw that belonged to his father. He also has a sling, but other than that not much weaponry or possession wise.
    Age: 16

    -He is an intelligent young mouse, especially for his age
    -A cracking good shot with his sling
    -Very kindhearted
    -Willingness to push himself despite his illnesses

    -He has experienced illnesses and overall weakness since he was a dibbun
    -An overall lack of energy physically
    -He is inexperienced in combat, yet really wants to be Champion of Redwall one day. He hopes that illnesses will subside, while others unfortunately have high doubts. Some think he's lucky to be alive.
    -Picked on by others his age, and even the dibbuns sometimes make fun of him
    -he is quiet and shy


    Skylan Rolva is named Skylan or Sky, after his great great grandfather, Skylan, who shared a very similar eye color and found himself lucky to be alive as a dibbun. It was not because of an illness like the current Sky, but the point was, Sky's parents felt lucky their child was alive.

    He grew up at Redwall Abbey, and like many mice dibbuns he wanted to frolic and have adventures around the abbey. Unfortunately, his illnesses kept him bedridden for seasons sometimes, and thus kept him limited in his activities. The young mouse constantly is educating himself and helps around the abbey as much as possible to prove his worth. He has a couple choice friends, but other than that he feels a little like an outcast. Furthermore it is sad to say not everyone wants his help; it's the thought that counts though right? One day, he hopes he will be free of his illnesses and be able to be Redwall Champion, however even his parents admit sometimes his illness may never fade.

    Despite this, the young mouse has taken up the sling to mess around with as he aged, but still finds himself slowed in one way or another. Only time will tell if the pure hearted youngster will ever recover, let alone be a warrior one day.

    Short bio I know but it gets the point across.

  • Aww, poor thing!

    But he sounds like a very interesting youngster nevertheless 😄

  • Ah he's fine though ^^, and thank-you 😄

  • :3 You're welcome!

  • Nothing wrong with profiles that are short 'n sweet.  Nicely done.

  • xD thanks mate, and yea short 'n sweet can be nice

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