Where to Now?((Reserved for Temp))

  • _"Prince Kaden my boy, how are you doing?" A weakened older mouse asked. He wasn't old, but the mouse was the age of a father, and his time behind bars in the Winder kingdom's prison had aged him significantly. Brillo spoke softly, like a father to his son. The mouse forced himself up to the bars that concealed him.

    Kaden, a little bit younger then he was currently, but not much, stood at the cell silently. His eyes lost, frigid as ever, and dark. The weasel looked back and forth before sighing.
    "Fine. You ready Brillo?" The weasel asked, almost choking as he spoke.

    Brillo's eyes began to water, but he shut them tight, banishing the tears immediately.
    "As ready as I'll ever be." The mouse replied, forcing a smile. He held at his paws, and Kaden shackled them. The weasel then pulled the mouse forward, heading down a long hallway.

    Kaden rolled his eyes.
    "Sure. Glad to hear." The weasel whispered plainly, his half open eyes focused on the path ahead.

    There was an eerie and awkward silence between the two. At the end of the hall, Kaden stopped looking to the door, and then back to Brillo.
    "I promise you, it'll be quick." The weasel said, almost trying to comforting the mouse.

    Brillo hesitated before speaking. The mouse played with his shackles, before looking up at the tall weasel as if it was his last chance to speak. "Kaden, how's the Duskbringer? Did I forge it well?"

    The weasel paused, as if holding back tears of his own. A small smile formed. "Aye, you did."

    Brillo smiled contently. "Good," he began softly. After another pause, he nodded to the weasel. "I want you to know, you're not like them." The mouse whispered, before opening the door and approaching the noose that dangled in desperation for his neck._

    Kaden's eyes snapped open. He looked at Duskbringer and sighed. He was once again on his own. The weasel made sure to leave in the middle of the night from Temperance's little cabin. Unfortunately, after an hour or so of travel, he had decided to drift back into sleep.

    The weasel glanced at the full moon, shaking his head. Wolfess, thank-you for the hospitality I guess. He thought, thinking he should at least mentally thank her for the time he had stayed there. It was now time for him to move on right? As always? Shrugging at the thought, the weasel forced himself to his feet and started to head off down the road, unaware of the Abbey that would eventually stand in his way.

  • "So, where'd you plan on going, Sir Kaden?  You realize that if you continue traveling in your selected destination, yon vermin camp about two hours from here will not be very welcoming, methinks."  Temperance called out softly to him in the night, a slight hint of amusement in her voice.

  • Kaden's ears poked high, and the weasel immediately turned, sheathing his blade. Duskbringer reflected the moonlight beautifully in the dark night. Its wielder glanced back and forth, before realizing Temperance was down the trail, and currently approaching him. Her amusement poked at his patience and thus the weasel scowled, sheathing the blade and crossing his arms.
    "Oh really? Well I won't be very welcomin' of them in my path then," the weasel replied smartly.

    His tail swooshed back and forth, and the weasel tilted his head in curiosity. Why exactly was she following him anyway? Didn't she have better things to do? Coldly, the weasel glanced at her in suspicion.
    "I'm leavin'. Plain 'n simple actually. Dunno where I'm goin', I am jus'… goin'. Have to." The weasel responded in his simple way.

    A moment later, he turned his back on her, preparing to continue walking. She was quite stubborn wasn't she? Why was she so persistent on knowing his choices or where he was going. Stopping, the weasel turned to her.
    "Why'd you follow me anyway?" He asked, holding out a gloved paw and looking to her in confusion.

  • Temperance shrugged her shoulders and walked over to him, the slight smile still on her face.  "Why not?  I am a traveler after all, it is in my nature to rove.  Besides, you intrigue me."  She stopped beside him and crossed her arms too, eyeing him curiously.  "Besides, you do not know this country, and I do.  Methinks you would fair better with a guide, yes?"

    She laughed lightly and swished her tail.  "We are not so different, you and I, Sir Kaden.  We are one in the same, you just do not see it yet.  Stick with me long enough, and methinks you will, in good time."

  • Kaden scratched his head in confusion. She was so chipper, it almost poked his patience like a dibbun pulling on a pant-leg. The weasel seemed unmoved by her words. He merely raised a brow curiously and waited for her to finish. There was something about the wolfess that made him unable to quickly just shove her off right away like he'd normally intend to do. Even Avalon who had helped him earlier was kind as well, but Temperance pushed even more.

    Her last words jabbed at his heart a bit. Not in the sad way, but it almost made him angry to hear words like that. Even Brillo had claimed Winder was like the mouse! The very thought had once upon a time made him laugh, but now looking back on it, maybe Brillo was right. In fact, maybe this Temperance woman wasn't truly vermin. However, Kaden was, he knew he was. The weasel scowled lightly.
    "Oh yeah? What makes ya so sure eh? You don't know me. And, where would you plan on going oh great guide?" The weasel growled, poking at her offer.

  • Temperance opened her arms wide and clasped her hands behind her back.  "It all depends, you point, I lead."  She mulled over his last question carefully, unsure of how to answer at first.  The more he pushed her away, the more she wanted to know about him.  She knew, somehow, that it would all work out in the end.  Something had been ingrained in this weasel's mind, to make him so withdrawn, to make him…..hate himself.

    "I know," she started slowly, staring up at the beautiful full moon.  "Because once upon a time,"  she stopped staring at the moon and smiled at him, coming closer until she could whisper in his ear.  "I thought the same things you did.  And then, one day, I was proven wrong."

    She moved away from him and indicated the vast forest around them.  "SO, where would you like to go?  Or rather, where are you running away from?  Methinks it would be best to avoid that direction, yes?  And yon vermin camp?"

  • The weasel found himself crossing his arms once more. His foot even began to tap impatiently. He sighed and looked up at the moon as she did. He tried his best to ignore Temperance's words but somehow they crawled into his head and squeezed their way into his conscience.

    When she leaned in close and whispered in his ear, the weasel paused, flushing lightly. Her words grabbed his heart this time and gently tugged on it. The weasel showed a little bit of sadness for the first time. However, he quickly shoved it back into his shell. His eyes narrowed once more with her final words.

    " 'ey, no one said I was runnin' from anythin' for starters!" Winder snapped," Secondly, I ain't worried about a vermin camp. I'll go around it, and if they give me trouble, I'll go through it… and so will my sword," Kaden pointed out, motioning to Duskbringer on his back. "Whatever is that way," he said pointing in the direction he was originally heading,"is where I'm going. I need another place to stay for a bit… but not the cabin. I just need a safe spot."

  • "Oh I agree, whoever it is you're trying to evade will find my cabin, and I'm afraid I would have to give it up." she said lightly, motioning for him to follow her in the direction he'd pointed out.  "Then onward, Sir Kaden, to whatever lies in this direction.  We can travel for as long as you would like, and find camp wherever is necessary.  Also, yon woods will provide us with the sustinence we need."

    "Then there are always friendly travelers that will share their meals and stories with us."  She looked back at him and smiled slightly.  "Not to worry, Kaden.  You're safe with me."

  • The weasel shifted uneasily. He rolled his eyes as she spoke and oddly enough found himself following her despite his great desire to just turn and bolt off in a different direction. Temperance spoke as if she was going to follow him literally wherever he wanted to go. The weasel was extremely puzzled by this situation, but none the less decided to deal with it.

    As he followed down the trail, he couldn't help but ask himself why exactly he didn't bolt off. Or, he could always hit her with his scabbard and knock her out, and then leave! That was an idea. He actually took it into consideration for a moment or two, but then she turned around.

    The weasel sighed looking at the forest floor and shoved his paws in his pockets.
    "Oh, am I?" The weasel smirked. But you are not safe with me… he thought. She'd probably end up being captured by his brothers or their lackies and end up a slave or something. Then again, the weasel kind of thought she'd deserve it. "So, what exactly is this way besides the camp Temperance?" He asked, glancing up at the moon before watching her walk.

  • "Redwall is in this direction, beyond that is the quarry, the plains, and eventually the shore."  (I guess, I'm not exactly an expert at Mossflower country terrain o.O) She answered as they walked along, the moonlight illuminating the forest for them.

    ooc: yyyyyeaaaaahhhh short, but it works I guess.

  • The weasel nodded knowingly, mentally taking in the terrain. His cold eyes wandered the forest as the pair did, revealing the elegant and mysterious, yet dangerous terrain of Mossflower. However, he found himself pausing his thoughts and asking a simple question.
    "What in hellsteeth is Redwall?" Kaden asked, kicking a stone.

    Before she could answer though, he spoke once more.
    "And hey, why exactly did you do that? Give me the knife and such?" The weasel asked suddenly. He didn't know what made him think of it, but thinking back on it, the weasel was clearly bothered by the whole situation. He could have easily ended her in a second, yet she had complete faith in him. The weasel growled at the very thought of it.
    "I still don't understand why you did it," he finished blandly, his half open eyes looking her up and down.

  • "I did it to prove a point." she said simply, her eyes still on the path ahead of them.

    "And Redwall is an Abbey, made of sandstone that is timeworn and majestic.  It is full of peace loving creatures; they farm, cultivate, fish, you name it.  It's gates are open to everyone, so long as they come with a pure heart and noble intentions.  They are quite friendly, and their feasts are legendary, and utterly delicious."  She closed her eyes at the thought of the glorious food and sighed blissfully.  "Mmm, what is the phrase; there is more food than one could shake a stick at."

  • The weasel scoffed at her response. Redwall seemed like a fat joke to him. All of this talk of peace and friendliness seemed like a lie. Plus, they probably wouldn't be accepting of a vermin like him. Furthermore, he honestly felt like that was the sort of situation he'd take advantage of. Speaking of advantages, he realized for some reason he couldn't change this situation with Temperance.

    She had found a way to at least crack his shell to the point where he sort of trusted her. Oddly enough he admitted she was pretty even for a wolfess, which the weasel mentally slapped himself for. Beauty was a trick to bring one closer to the knife, in the oh so ever loving words of his father. His mother, was ironically very beautiful, thus making his father a Grade A hypocrite, but hey, what else was new?

    Sighing, the weasel raised a brow. He should have ditched her at the cabin when he had the chance. That, or he should have knocked her out as soon as she had gotten close to him.
    "A'ight so, maybe I'll 'ead there. I dunno. You're really not leavin'…are you?" The weasel suddenly asked feeling his shell crack a little more.

  • Temperance stopped in her tracks and turned to face him.  She studied him carefully, her eyes searching his own.  Finally she shook her head slightly.  "No, no I'm not."

    Once again, she turned her back to him and resumed her journey down the path, leading him to the beloved Abbey and it's peaceful creatures.  Why wouldn't they accept him?  She herself was a wolf, and therefore classified as vermin.  They would be hypocrits not to do so, and that is something an Abbey dweller was not.

  • The weasel shook his head watching smoke appear in the distance. She was right about the vermin camp being in the way. Kaden ignored it at first, glancing over at Temperance unamused,"Ya know, you're stubborn," he smirked.

    Honestly, the weasel didn't know what to think about the abbey. He knew he probably wouldn't be able to adjust to whatever their rules may be and thus shortening his stay there. The positive to this was that he didn't plan on staying long anyway. Yet, at the same time, who really knew?

    The weasel then looked to Temperance and pointed ahead with a gloved paw.
    "There's the camp ya mentioned," Kaden murmured. He kept his paw ready to snatch his blade the closer they got. Maybe the dumb beasts were asleep and they could waltz right through. Or, maybe not.

  • "I will take that as a compliment." she said quietly, her eyes on the smoke as well.  As they got closer, they could hear snatches of gruff conversation and arguments, coupled with the harsh laughs of your typical vermin camp.  She saw something moving in the trees and grabbed on to Kaden's arm, pulling him behind a very thick oak tree.

    She peered from behind the trunk and watched as several of the vermin, a mixture of rats, stoats, and ferrets, came up the path, but there were still movement in the trees on the other side of the path.  "Methinks we're not alone." she whispered to Kaden.

  • Before Kaden could tell her that it was not a compliment, he was pulled behind the tree by Temperance. The weasel sighed and shifted his gaze around the forest. His ears perked high, attempting to listen to every last sound that was in the area. He nodded knowingly. "You're right," he whispered softly.

    The weasel's cold eyes examined their area once more before he drew his blade. Regardless of friend or foe(most likely foe in his mind), he'd have to be ready. Kaden stood closer to Temp, barely realizing it. Grasping the Duskbringer in both paws, he waited patiently.

    Kaden was energized from his rest, and thus felt like his normal self for once. His speed and balance were back, as well as his overall awareness. The weasel waited patiently for their foes, ready to cleave whatever stood in their way.

  • Temperance quietly drew the dagger from her boot, forgoing the twin sabers strapped to her back, for the time being(they were there the whole time  >.> ), and crouched low to the ground.  She inched forward, stalking her prey, using the thick underbrush as cover.

    She waited for the vermin to pass by her hiding spot before she acted.  She leapt at the straggler, a sturdy but crippled ferret, and clamped a hand over his mouth.  Before he could make a sound she had slit his throat and hid him in the bushes, the dagger clutched tightly in her paw as she carefully chose her next victim.  Picking them off one by one for now was the best idea; if they could finish them off quietly, the main camp would not be alerted.

  • The weasel watched Temperance work; her grace and skill was well noticed. Kaden gave an amused smirk as she ended the ferret. The weasel's ears perked high and he scowled. Some beast had just stepped on a twig, and it was not either of them. Putting a paw to his lips, the weasel departed from their tree, and descended deeper into the forest. He was still visible, but deep enough that anyone who was sneaking around, may have been nearby.

    Kaden's eyes wandered the trees searching for a sign of life besides Temperance. The weasel, after a moment or two, gave up and decided it would be best to go back and help Temp with her duties. However, right as he turned to head back, his ears raised in a flash. An archer! The weasel gasped, his mind racing. An arrow being pulled back echoed in his mind. Acting quickly, the weasel dove for the forest floor.

    He was quick indeed, but not quick enough. The arrow skimmed the weasel's side, baring a nasty slice around his ribs. Could have been a direct shot though if he hadn't dove. Growling in frustration, adrenaline pushing the weasel, he rolled to his feet and spotted his enemy: a sea rat in the bushes behind him.

    Kaden pointed his blade fiercely at the rat.
    "You die, right now." The weasel snarled to himself.

    The rat, gulped, and tried to hurriedly string another arrow. Unfortunately, like all hurried tasks, his rushing only made it harder. The rat began to fumble awkwardly with the bow, and by the time he strung it, Kaden's blade ran through its stomach with one paw, and his other held its mouth clamped shut.

    Slowly, the weasel lowered the rat to the rough ground, and pulled out his blade. He winced, touching his side. Is a small wound. You'll be fine. Kaden then focused his gaze back at Temperance.

  • She had managed to kill another two before the remaining three discovered what was going on.  Rather than shout alarms and give away their position, the two ferrets and remaining rat grinned evilly and drew their weapons.  This took Temperance off guard for a moment; usually vermin caused a major uproar when they found out somebeast had been picking off their mates.

    Perhaps these were deserters?

    Regardless, Temperacne grinned sheepishly and skillfully ducked as the first brute swung his sword at her.  In one fluid movement she unsheathed the twin sabers on her back and countered another attack thrown at her.  She tripped the beast and stabbed down with her right, slashing at the remaining rat with her left.  The other ferret came at her with his sword flailing, the blade knicking her shoulder and gashing her cheek.  She growled and left the sword standing in her dead foe, curling her hand into a tight fist and briging it crashing into the beasts snout, forgetting the wounded rat for the time being.

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