• Nickname: Zur

    Name: Zuragan

    Species: Harvest mouse.

    Description: 4foot 5inches (proprtionaly to humans) Gold fur, Blue eyes, Strong but slightly lean build, Strong eyes, strong back and thick neck, A purple tunic

    Possessions: nothing fine, just clothes. Weapons, a beautiful saber
    Strengths: crazy strong, but not the strongest. Skilled with his saber, quick on his feet and fast thinking. Bold and ispiring. knows that river ways and of long boats. Sweet, kind, loyal. decent cook.

    Weaknesses: often his quick thinking gets him into trouble, Or His boldness, Won't fight woman. no armour, afraid of heights. over conifdent, bad traker, pore with bow and arrowes.

    Background:  log-a-log aved him when lord green eyesmarched though a village completly destrsoying it. being the lone suvivor of his village, at first he didn't fit in with the shrews;However, hesoon  grew up learning of long boats and shrew cooking, and his talent with a Saber. he quickly became a very important member to log-a-log's crew. Adivising him on what river ways he thought would be best, and even where and when to make camp. Together they fought vermin bands and ambushes, but log-a-log knew that one day he would have to take Zuragan to red wall to see if he preferd the life stile of the mice. When he did Zuragan felt no diser to liva as they did, but he didn't want to travel with log-a-log either. Then he had a dream of martin the warrior…

  • This is a great start and I think it makes me hop up and down like a giddy little dibbun to see a mouse character (I likes teh mice!).

    😧 However, Zur's history is soooo short. It makes me sad! I want to know more!

    For example,  where does Zur come from ? What was his family and life like before tragedy struck? Why was his village destroyed? Who destroyed it?

    My apologies, I do not mean to sound like a nag but I'm curious and I do so love a good story!

  • No problem at all. I think he could use some more info as well, but i am still working on it and have almost no time during the day. But trust me You will see devolepment.

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