Belarus the Grouch

  • Character Form:

    Nickname: Bel, Grouchy, Belarus

    Name: Belarus Starlight

    Species: White Fox

    Gender: Male

    Age: 62

    Appearance: White fur and misty amber eyes that have a harsh look to them

    Height: Average height.

    Description: An elder to Mossflower Belarus the second used to be one of the better abbey guards but in his aging seasons has ironically taken to growing the same vegetables that took him half his life getting used to eating. This old white fox has long since put away his armor and his weapons but that doesn’t mean he won’t find it so that he can assist in the defense of the abbey or woodlanders if he is called to do so. Belarus is a distant offshoot from Nova and Thyra Starlight though this fact doesn’t matter much to him.

    Possessions: He keeps his medium steel armor in a chest located inside the gatehouse as well as both his sword though he keeps one mounted on wall pegs instead of in the chest. In peaceful times he can usually be found in a green habit with a pitchfork. When he’s not in a habit he’s usually in his dark green shirt and trews.


    • Above average strength in his arms


    • Difficulty running (limp in his right leg)
    • Avoids kicking (limp in his right leg (again))
    • Can’t swim or climb well (leg again)
    • Fading eyesight
    • Sometimes impatient
    • Bites when angered enough (friend or foe)
    • Lacks any skill with any form of ranged weapon
    • If he does use a throwing weapon there’s a chance it’ll pop his shoulder out of place
    • Simply… he’s old!


    • Remnants of blood wrath from his ancestors still runs through his veins but like them when he get’s blood wrath it inflicts internal injury on him as well.


    Born in the abbey long ago Belarus has stuck around Mossflower for the majority of his life. In his earlier adult seasons he spent his time with the Long Patrol and got to know the hares and their fighting methods giving him an edge over many woodlanders at least during his early and mid seasons as an adult. Originally Belarus thought vegetation based food was poison and it has taken him the better part of his life to get accustom to what he calls ‘dirt grub’. In his age Belarus has begun to suffer several problems physically and has also grown a nasty temper that can erupt randomly meaning that as he has grown older his chances of suffering blood wrath have gone up significantly.

    Personality: Generally speaking Belarus is usually annoyed at himself for one reason or another and can become very agitated when another beast does something wrong, no matter how small it may be, though it depends on his present state of mind. On occasion Belarus has been known to bite and therefore keeps away from dibbuns even though they cheer him up usually he fears his own temper around them. To sum it up Belarus is a grouch and he usually is aware of it.


    Aww sounds like he could use a hug!!

    It is a rather nice profile though, congrats ^^  Though he's a Grouch, he actually sounds quite loveable.

  • Aye he's a very good character. And haha reminds me of a grumpy old man I know

  • Sounds like my grandma…  o_O  GRUMPEH

  • Oh man, Sir Grouchy is coming around the corner! Sticks a pot on his head and finds somewhere to hide

    This is quite the amusing character XD

  • A few others have done this so I decided to give it a shot with this character and see how it goes.

    Character Attributes/Personality :Belarus
    Curiosity: Low
    Imagination: Low
    Ambition: High
    Education: Medium / Low
    Prejudices: !!! (Very High)
    Alertness: Medium
    Ability to Reason: Low
    Generosity: Medium
    Reliability: Medium
    Excited: Very Low
    Content: Low
    Lonely: Medium
    Nervous: Low


    Classification: Woodland Vermin
    Kingdom Allegiance: Salamandastron
    Local Loyalty: Abbeybeasts
    Alignment: Good (+8)(When Grouchy +2)(When in blood wrath -+0)
    Ethical Status: Gray
    General Mood: Blunt / Irritated
    Expend-ability (0-10): 9

    Other Skills (NOTES):
    From his time in the Long Patrol Belarus has retained a number of basic skills.

    • Rapid reaction (can hurt him at times).
    • Capable of calculating odds in combat (usually doesn't matter to him though).

  • Yay! We have a trend now! We're all fancy and fashionable now!
    Also, nice combination of character traits I see!

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