A Winder Reaches Mossflower

  • Avalon looked at the wolf and weasel then raised an eyebrow upon Temperance’s comment “Heh… So what are two beasts like yourselves doing out here looking at each other?”
    Avalon sheathed her throwing knife and put her other paw on the side of her lower torso.

  • The little event happened in a blur for Kaden. The blond furred weasel realized it was the apple that had taken flight, after it struck Temperance between her ears. However, the exhausted traveler was unable to stop the things that followed. In the end, the apple had ended up on his head after striking it.

    Before he could even think, Temperance had removed the red fruit and spoke. She even laughed, something the weasel was not used to. To him, jokes were cruel, vile, and in many ways violent. His brothers only knew such jokes, and thus so did he. "Sure, I guess." He whispered, turning away.

    Avalon then made her approach, and the weasel was perplexed. Standing out here looking at each other? The weasel scoffed at the idea of it. He had to keep moving, and find a place to rest. Shaking his head, he held up a gloved paw, dismissing the very idea of a conversation.
    "Nothin'." He put simply, his voice emotionless. The weasel buttoned the mid button of his jacket, slipped back on the sword belt, and slung Duskbringer over his back. "You two 'ave fun, I need to…leave." The weasel spoke, unsure of what to say.

  • "Actually, I almost tripped over Sir Weasel."  Temperance said to the fox.  She polished the apple on her cloak and took about bite out of it, smiling a juicy smile.  "Mmm, 'tis just right."

    Then she turned her attention back to the weasel, a slight frown creasing her brow.  "Pray, what is the matter Sir Weasel?"  She studied him, and went over his demeanor and emotions in her mind, perplexed by it.  What could have happened to this poor creature to live him so?  Perhaps there was more to this weasel than she first thought, and she was determined to get him out of his shell.

    "Come, help me with this beastie, miss."  Temperance stopped him in his tracks and pulled one of his arms around her shoulder.  "It is not safe for you to sleep out here, methinks you'd be better off in a cozy bed where you're out of danger." she looked at Avalon and motioned for her to take the other side with her head.  "It will be easier if we both escort him, Miss Fox.  I know of a place where he can rest easy."  Providing he didn't attack her of course.

  • Avalon’s left eye opened wider as Temperance motioned to her “No, escort yes but get in close, no. I’m not getting near that blade, besides I don’t want to make him feel restricted… its not like he’s going to try and run, unless… No what an absurd thought.”
    Avalon took out a throwing knife and tossed it in the air neatly catching the blade between her paw toes as it fell before twirling it “Well I suppose I could stick close but I want to be sure that neither of you will go trying to lob my head off, especially him… he looks edgy, tired but edgy.”

  • The weasel found himself once again, unable to stop Temperance from pursuing her actions. At first, when she approached, he had shut out every last word she said. It was like going through a funnel; sure the words stuck around for a bit, but in the end, they all leaked out. Or simply, they went in one ear and out the other. Kaden merely pursued on, almost stumbling at times.

    When she asked what was the matter, he simply raised up a weak paw, mentally shoving her off. Before he realized what she was about to do or implying, she had taken his one arm and slung it over her shoulder. The mercenary's eyes widened, and he growled fiercely, his right paw grasping his blade hilt, but he stopped, and very hesitantly lowered his paw.

    Tired. Weak. Frustrated. No matter how hard the weasel tried, he couldn't bring himself to fight her or say anything in response. He merely nodded, and mumbled curses to himself. Why was she helping him? And furthermore, where exactly did she plan on taking him? The questions scrambled his brain and only made him more tired.

    When Avalon spoke, the weasel brought up a snarl. His cold gray-blue eyes locked on her and he went to reach for his blade, her words greatly angering him. However, once again, the weasel stopped himself and shook his head.
    "Ya can bite me," the weasel scoffed at Avalon. She was right though, he was tired, and very edgy.

    I'm losing time. What if they know I'm here? I'm so… tired though. The weasel thought hopelessly. His half open eyes found their way to the sky thanks to the weasel tilting his head. What was to become of Kaden Winder, prince of the Winder family, and most importantly, "vermin".

  • Temperance didn't realize she had been holding her breath, until she let it out.  She almost sighed in relief, but decided against it.  She shrugged her shoulder at Avalon and went on down the path, calling back to her after a while.

    "Do not be so quick to judge negatively miss.  You could have quite easily slain me while my back was turned to you, and Sir Weasel could have killed me at any time, even in his state.  Yet, here I am, right as rain."  The Abbey was the first place she had in mind, but she was not completely sure that that would be a good idea.  Nevertheless, she hoped the fox would change her mind.  While the young wolf was very strong; Sir Weasel was rather heavy.

  • Avalon followed the wolf and listened as she spoke. The black vixen waited until Temperance was finished before commenting “True, but how was I to know you two weren’t putting on a show… Now that I see his attitude and heard your explanations for having encountered each other I’m reasonably sure you two haven’t met before though.”
    Avalon looked closely at the weasel who was facing the sky with a look that indicated his thoughts were drifting “Is something bothering you… besides us sir??? Err, say what are your names anyway?”

  • Kaden was silent. His mind was wandering. It traveled through the strands of time back to his mother once again. He thought of days when he wasn't running all the time. Back when he could literally do whatever he wanted and face no repercussions. Well, almost whatever he wanted.

    The weary blond weasel's ears perked slightly at Avalon's words. He realized too, that Temperance had asked him what was the matter too. Silently, he just shook his head. Ignore them Winder. The weasel scowled to himself thinking about the dreaded day. He wanted to sleep beyond all belief. A bed sounded like a grace!

    Maybe he should try to suck up to them? After a moment of thought, he still decided against it. Kaden had to stay on the move. His brothers would hunt him to the ends of oblivion for their father, and bring back the weasel's head. Yet, when he thought about that, he thought about his mother, the only person who cared about him. Well, maybe there was someone else. Borus, the mouse slave who forged Duskbringer for him. No, nevermind. The poor beast probably hated me 'till his dying breath.

    Then, the weasel was dragged out of his thoughts by the name question. He just wasn't going to be able to think peacefully would he? The weasel grunted and sighed.
    "Kaden. And nothing is wrong." He growled, letting them both know he didn't want to be asked about his thoughts, quite rudely. As for their names, he technically didn't care. Regardless, he knew he'd end up receiving theirs. How far is this bloody place?

  • Temperance noted the growl in his voice, and smiled slightly.  "Temperance Macayle.  But you can call me Temp or Mac, it does not matter which.  A pleasure to meet you, Sir Kaden."

    She decided that the best place to take him was this little abandoned cottage she stopped at from time to time.  She'd found it a while back, and took a shine to the place.  Over the months she patched it up and restocked it, replacing all the furniture in it and making it quite a cozy little home.  Temperance often sent travelers and friends there when she knew they would be in the area, opting to share the little home.  Though she didn't claim it, it was essentially her very own home.  "I am taking you to a place where you'll be able to rest fully and have a decent meal.  Yon cottage is not much further from here, so please bear with me until then.  I am going as fast as I can, but you are quite larger than myself, Sir Kaden."

  • "Temperance Macayle. But you can call me Temp or Mac, it does not matter which. A pleasure to meet you, Sir Kaden."

    Avalon knew by Kaden’s tone that he was lying about nothing being wrong but decided not to disturb the weasel any further and instead commented to Temperance “Well good day to you Temp, my names Avalon Sure-eye.”

    "I am taking you to a place where you'll be able to rest fully and have a decent meal. Yon cottage is not much further from here, so please bear with me until then. I am going as fast as I can, but you are quite larger than myself, Sir Kaden."

    Avalon inspected Temperance and Kaden who she was carrying “Heh, I know for a fact that…”
    Avalon stopped deciding not to insult the weasel  “That I wouldn’t have the strength to carry him and his sword… heh I can barely fight weasels paw to paw let alone carry one!”

  • Kaden rolled his eyes as the two spoke. Although he didn't particularly care, he did find himself mentally jotting down their names and faces. Temp and Avalon? The weasel sighed and tried his best at this point to stabilize himself a bit more, and help Temp out with the journey. His eyes searched their surroundings for the cottage. A meal and rest sounded divine. His ears perked and a little bit of peace came over him.

    Sure, he didn't like his predicament. Sure, he needed to keep moving, but at the same time, maybe the weasel was wrong. After all, he had such a head start maybe he could take advantage of the possibilities that were starting to unfold. Sleep, eat, rest. Maybe then find a place for a week. After that I should be fine to keep moving, the weasel thought eagerly.

    However, like a tortoise, he retreated those thoughts and himself into his shell. After all, they couldn't really be trusted. They would be helping him now, but when things are on the line, a vermin regresses. Or, so Kaden thought.

    His right ear rose while his left flattened. He wasn't quite sure what the Sir Kaden thing was about. It reminded him of home when he was royalty. Oh, the things he could do. The weasel smiled almost cruelly at the thought.

    Then Avalon spoke once more. The weasel's eyes averted when she stopped herself. Obviously she wanted to say something originally, but stopped herself. Aye, hold your tongue. He thought ruthlessly.

    When she finished speaking, the weasel rolled his eyes. Were weasels a threat in this particular area? Heck, he still didn't even know where this was. Sighing, the weasel looked between the pair.
    "Sure. Where are we anyway?" The weasel asked uncertainly.

  • "Nice to meet you too, Miss Avalon."  Temperance veered off the path and took them farther into the woods, skillfully bypassing bushes and low branches.  "We are in Mossflower, Sir Kaden.  Judging by that question, you are not from here.  I will not pry, you do not have to go into detail.  Ah, here we are."

    As they entered a clearing, a quaint little cottage came into view.  The establishement looked very cozy, and welcoming.  "You are welcome to stay here as long as you wish to, you will be safe.  I do not really claim this to be my own, per say, but I guess if you get right down to it, this is my house.  That being said, my home is your home, so long as you don't have the notion to trash it, Sir Kaden."  she smiled slightly as she pushed the door open to the cabin.

  • OOC: I dunno.

    BIC: Avalon looked back over her shoulder as Temperance opened the door then she looked back to the wolf as a question began to bug her a little If Kaden had never been to Mossflower before and didn’t even know where he was at then what was he doing here.
    Avalon followed Temperance more closely as she started to relax.

  • "I'm from far away," Kaden whispered blandly. The dazed weasel pulled his arm off Temp's shoulder silently, before finding his way to the nearest chair. Kaden had become so used to sleeping against trees, on rocks, or even on the ground itself that he didn't really mind sleeping on a chair. Plus, the chair he plopped himself into wasn't uncomfortable in any sense of the word. His eyes shut, and he heaved a relaxing sigh.

    Temp's words echoed in his head, and the weasel shrugged lightly. "Sure. Don't trash it," he responded weakly, sinking down in the chair even more. His eyes opened lightly, and he took in the surroundings one last time. It was a small yet fine little cottage. The weasel had to admit it was perfect for someone living off on their own or who traveled to and from or place to place.

    "Thank-you." He murmured, before closing his cold eyes. He wasn't asleep yet, but the weasel was resting. Eventually sleep would take him, but not right away. First, he placed his paw on his dagger; a routine for the traveling weasel. Secondly, he opened his eyes one last time to take in his surroundings again, and then he allowed himself to drift into the darkness.

    OOC: You guys don't have to worry about a post order too much while he's asleep ^^, I'll be back on in like two- three hours. Have lacrosse practice ^^, post as much or little as you want while I'm gone, and I'll reply when I get back… if both of you posted at least once that is xD

  • Temperance smiled and closed her eyes.  "You're welcome, Kaden." she said quietly.  She lifted a homespun blanket off the back of another chair, and draped it over the sleeping weasel.  She nodded to Avalon and motioned her head towards the door before walking that way herself.

    Before she got to the door, she doubled back, and rummaged around in the cupboards.  She placed a flagon of pale cider, a block of cheese, and some bread on the table.  Hopefully, when Kaden woke up, he would see it and invite himself.

    After, she headed for the door, taking one last look at the sleeping Kaden.  Something about him, drew her to him.

  • Avalon noticed Temperance nodding towards the door and stepped back outside where she waited on the wolf letting loose a silent yawn and stretching her arms, she wasn’t truly tired but Kaden coupled with how relaxed she was getting around the two of them made her want to sit down and ‘chill’. Avalon watched as Temperance appeared in the door taking a last glimpse at Kaden leaving Avalon to tilt her head slightly though she said nothing.

  • Temperance closed the door quietly behind her, and stopped to stretch, the resounding cracks in her neck and back causing her to sigh contently.  She sat on an old tree stump and took in a deep breath, then looked over at Avalon.  "So, Miss Avalon, what are you're takes on this entire situation?"

  • Avalon tilted her head "My takes, sorry but I'm trying not to draw any conclusions yet… Hate to make the same impression I did back where we met... Why?"

  • Temperance shrugged her shoulders and chuckled lightly.  "I don't know, it's just all so…surreal.  The three of us, Sir Kaden, yourself, and I; we are all the same.  Yet, we're not.  Other beasts look at us and automatically fear the worst.  As well as other vermin, but here we are.  Why is it that we know we are good, whilst others draw their own conclusions?"

    ooc:  that made absolutely no sense...

  • Avalon sat down with her back to the cottage "Ehhh, I don't know, stereotyping I guess. From what I understand Mossflower has been a point of interest to many vermin conquers. Only makes sense that after so many invasions you start getting jittery before you’ve even talked to another of their kind.”
    Avalon let her eyes close most of the way but remained awake.

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