Kaden Winder

  • Full Name: Kaden Winder

    Species: Weasel

    Description: The weasel mercenary is infamous like all of the Winder family for their light blond fur and cold gray-blue eyes. You know you're in the presence of a Winder when those two things are present. Kaden himself is tall and has sort of a lanky yet firm build. His ears are both pierced, and red, blue, and black tribal tattoos line his chest and arms, reaching up to his neck.

    His standard clothing consists of a long black traveller's coat, black fingerless sword gloves, black pants, and bandages lining his feet allowing him to wander rough terrains unburdened.

    Possessions: He has one blade, Duskbringer, a black iron curved longsword slung on his back, and a small knife on his belt. Other than that, the mercenary tries to travel light and quickly.

    -Great swordsman
    -Very quick and agile
    -Adaptive to his situations
    -Good brawler as well
    -Experienced in travel and survivability
    -Well spoken, can even change his accent

    -Not trusting of even "allies" or "friends" he has made in the last couple seasons
    -Has a large bounty on his head, thus bringing danger to himself and "friends" if he sticks around
    -Can not use any sort of ranged weaponry except a throwing knife
    -Swordplay can get sloppy if he gets angry
    -Left wrist is weakened from an injury he sustained when younger
    -Insomniac; Can't sleep sometimes for a day or two, thus causing exhaustion, affecting his overall performance greatly. This insomnia is primarily related to his traveling all the time. While he dwells on the past, as many beasts do, it only really comes in when he is exhausted and has nothing left to think about.


    Like all Winders, Kaden was taught to be a killer. The Winder family is a powerful family of very well spoken, experienced, and educated weasels who have been a force to be reckoned with in his lands. Vermin in his land gasp at the very royal name. They own a massive horde in their kingdom, and constantly strive to conquer more; a way of creating their own empire.

    At his young age of a couple seasons he was taught the purpose of blade with his two brothers. Like his brothers, he also was soon taught to use the blade. However, being the youngest, Kaden was always roughed up and at times even cut by his brothers in "spars". His life wasn't easy, but at the same time it was smooth sailing. Sure, his brothers were vicious to him, and in turn his father put a heavier burden on him, but he was a Winder. In their controlled region, he could in theory get whatever he wanted. Furthermore, he was always his mother's favorite. She loved him for him, not for what he could or could not do.

    However, it wasn't enough. The weasel noticed the odd trend that society had created: vermin bad, gentle beasts, slaves. He had begun to travel as much as possible, even reaching outside of his family's borders, seeing how "vermin" were outside of their area. Still, the name "vermin" stuck to him and his fellow kind, and he felt condemned for his species. Granted, the weasel knew he deserved it. He had kidnapped, stole, killed in self defense, or well, if a beast was defending itself from his robbery.

    He began to ask questions as his daily routines would finish. Kaden asked his mother why things were the way they were; why they were vermin? Was it nature? If so, nature was a fickle thing. Disgusted, his father and brothers lashed out on the weasel more and more. Fortunately, his skills of the blade had grown to the point he had surpassed his brothers. The weasel was never sure of his father's compared to his, but in the end, Kaden decided he had enough. Plus, if his skills weren't at his father's level, he'd surely be slain. Distraught and confused, the weasel left his lands. Knowing he would be hunted by his brothers for such a treasonous action in the eyes of the Winder family, he left with haste. After all, he was coming to the age where it was time he and his brothers expanded and brought about the dream of a Winder Empire. This, only heightened the rage of the family.

    The weasel did whatever it took to make money on his travels and move as fast as possible. After a couple seasons, he saved up enough to buy his way off the isle his family lived on, and sailed toward Mossflower. After abandoning ship on the first sight of land(which as said, happened to be Mossflower), he embarked on a journey. The cold and hardened young weasel was adventuring for the sake of his safety, and to hopefully discover a new life, answering his question: is he truly vermin?

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