If you were a Redwall character…

  • If mister Jacques were to write a character based on you, who and what would you be and why?  (Note: Please choose commonly used creatures one finds in the  series like rats, mice, squirrels etc.  )

    Please note. I am not asking what you would want to be. I'm asking you what type of character would most resemble your true self.

    If I were written to be a Redwall character  I definitely see myself being as an old, senile mouse.  ^^; I see myself as an abbey beast. Probably not any warrior, cook, or abbot but likely the old recorder or a hermit-like gatekeeper. xD

    My character would probably spend most of his days reading and writing, reflecting on the days of his youth, telling young one stories and often drifting off to sleep mid-conversation  ( Sort of one of those beasts going "When I was your age….blah blah blah.... - zzzzzzz!". )

    He'd be a kind and wise creature with a sense of humor and a young heart.  Not one of those boring old strict windbags. xD

  • I used to feel Matthias resembled me in my Middle School days. Not so much now, though XD

    Of the common creatures, I would most resemble a lone young deranged shrew. I'm rather short (5'6") but I've had a number of experiences where I've had the choice to stand up for myself or leave things to continue on a downward trend for a prolonged amount of time. I chose the former, though I only wish I actually knew how to fight then. As a result, my daily situations got worse before they got better.

    Although calm and calculative most of the time, I don't always follow the path of logic. I also have far more of a tendency to be a follower rather than a leader (kind of like a wolf to a pack). My loyalty to the people I value holds nothing to be questioned.

    I'm the opposite of argumentative, hence the 'deranged' prefix. I'm also not entirely fond of large groups of unfamiliar people and I'm rather reserved, hence the 'lone' prefix. Like the shrews earlier in the series, I've taken on a neutral stance in most situations, and sometimes act as a mediator between two sides. That's kind of ironic for a shrew.

    I don't believe one single common Redwall creature describes me well enough, but the shrew seems to be the closest I could find. >.>

  • Even though I generally make vermin I don't think I am nearly as cruel as them. If anything, I am closest to a badger. I am normally friendly but I am slightly strict in my views. I am sorry to say I have a horrible temper in which I sometimes loose all control. Basically the Bloodwrath… 😛 I can also turn kind of dark and serious.

    I could also be a hare because I have strange sense of humor and like to eat a lot! 😄 So maybe I am a bloodwrathing hare!

  • I myself would probably most resemble to Tramun Clogg from the Martin The Warrior book and television series. I'm everything like him except for his stupidities such as not being aware of things all the time… Like me he is cunning, powerful and fearless. Basically if you mixed Badrang with Clogg thats who I would be.

  • Hmm…..that's actually not an easy question to answer.

    Let's see....I'm very direct; I don't sugar-coat things, I tell you like it is whether you like it or not, because I know that making it sound better will only make it worse for you in the process.

    Apparently everybody I know comes to me with their problems, issues, stresses, etc, because I'm really good at listening and giving the right kind of advice.

    I'm very good at arguing/debating.  In the words of my mother, I could argue with a wooden fence.  And probably win.

    I am kind a caring, though shy around new people.  I'm nice to everyone, and can be the right old mother-hen in other words.  Though if I don't agree with or like what a person is saying I can get...fierce.  I stand up in what I believe in, and am rather good at voicing my opinions.

    I am very unbiased and non-judgemental; I can see both sides of the picture and make my own assessment, choosing not to side with someone until I know the whole story.  I get along with everyone, and hang out with a variety of different people.  Color, race, gender, disablity or no, as long as you have a good personality, I will hang out with you.  Looks do not matter, it's what's on the inside that counts.  If you saw my group of friends, you'd understand perfectly.

    I laugh and joke a lot.  It makes me feel good to be able to make another person laugh and smile, especially if they're having a bad day.  And yes I can be rather loud and obnoxious, I'll admit that.  But usually that's only when I'm around my friends, or trying to embarass my family in public 😛  They do it to me too so don't get any ideas...

    Unfortunately I stress about the little things.  I put myself last when I should be concerned about myself first.  I can hold grudges, if there's a good reason behind it, and sometimes I'm very insecure.  I compare myself to others, though I'm getting better about that.  When I hit rock bottom, and I have several times, I always manage to pull myself out of it.  Which is pretty remarkable if I may say so myself.

    I love food, but it doesn't love me back.  We have this love/hate relationship going on.

    I can be flirty with both genders, but don't worry; I'm as straight as an arrow.

    I love to read and write.  I can sit and read a book from the time I wake up, to the time I finish it.  Depending on the book, it usually takes me less than a day to get one done.  Writing, comes to me in spurts, when my muse isn't on vacation.

    I'm also very outdoorsy; I love nature and hate living in the city with a passion.  I'm a country girl, born and bred; cities make me feel claustrophobic.

    Oh yes, my family and friends are everything to me.  I'd do anything to hhelp them, and if someone were to threaten them, especially my family, things would not bode well for that person.  My mother is my best friend, and the rest of us are all really close.

    Sooo....I think that's pretty much me in a nutshell...  I honestly couldn't tell you what creature I'd be 😕  Maybe a shrew or a hare.  What do you guys think?

  • Lesse…  I'm an extremely right brained person.  I love to learn hands on, and love to imagine...  I'm disorganized by nature, and hate planning my life.  I like to roll with punches and do stuff spur of the moment-like.

    I hate large crowds, even of people I know.  I'd rather go and do something crazy with a small inner circle of friend.  I enjoy hanging out with people of different cultures, and can identify with them well.  I have good friends in South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, England, Israel, Mongolia, China, and South Korea.

    I'm friendly, if reserved when I meet someone.  However, it doesn't take me long to warm up.  Unfortunately, once you get to know me you will find out that I am an input person.  DO NOT ask me about my hobbies.  I will overload you with information (all with the best intent) but chances are it'll drive you CRAZY.  I'm trying to work on it...  But personality is a stubborn thing.  :}

    I enjoy a good debate, but NEVER over the internet.  Too many people misconstrue your words and tone... And can get away with being totally unreasonable and pig headed without being cold-cocked.  :3  I try to always be reasonable and to look at the other person's viewpoint, but...  Being right brained, sometimes I just can't stand to listen to other people rant.

    I'm straight.

    I'm very secure and satisfied with my life.  I'm generally a very cheerful and happy person.  My sister is probably my best friend ever, followed by the rest of my family.

    I love to read.  P.G. Wodehouse was arguably the best satirical author ever.  My sister and I have this thing on for 1920s England, and his stuff fits the bill just perfectly.

    I love small arms.  I love to shoot.  I love to hunt.  I love semi-pro airsoft.  I love cars.  Fast ones.   While I believe that zombies are 99.9% physically and scientifically impossible, I enjoy being prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  Scratch that, I enjoy being prepared.   Rule #18: Limber up

    I love the outdoors.  Like Temp, I hate cities…  Except for Duluth, MN.  I love to run, mountain bike, rock climb, down hill ski, snowboard, and cross country ski.   I love being outside in the wilderness, just doing nothing, except perhaps imagining.  My sister and I love to go hike and just talk about life.

    Hmm...  This is all just a small part of me...  Ask me about anything if you're interested.  🙂

    And I have no idea which Redwall Char I would be.

  • @Marshall:

    Rule #18: Limber up

    Rule # 1 is also quite essential.

    I would say you're a gung-ho hare, more than likely an officer of the Long Patrol.

  • Absolutely!  Er…  The ones who don't are lunchmeat.  To put it lightly.

  • Yes, yes they are.  In a big way.

  • I've often thought about this, Being a character and all. I once almost made a character resembling myself though not quite. So here we go.

    I'm more of a people person, (though I like to think I'm more an animal guy) I get along with people very well and love making friends. I have most friends online because I don't do much traveling. (though I'de like to) me and two of my brothers usually stay home with Mom and Dad. But its good enough for me because I love making friends. I'm kind and try to think of others first.

    Even though I make friends I'm reserved. Whenever I do or say something or even think it I always seem to regret it later for some reason, so for that reason I don't say much I just keep it to my self because I know I'll regret it later though no one else cares or notices.

    I get frustrated easily and  am (around my brothers anyway) quick to anger. I try to stay out of fights and wish I could be a better me. I don't know how to go about doing that though. I'm not very good at winning arguments and would certainly lose if I picked one with a fence post  :P. I like to joke and I have a good sense of humor.

    I love living in the country and I don't think I could stand living in the city. I love nature and animals and often go out into the woods and spend time there alone thinking to myself or just admiring the scenery. I love water and love swimming. Almost half the time I spend in the pond is under water. That is one reason why I would've liked to think of myself as an otter (besides the fact that they're my favorite aimal and I love them).

    I like bows and arrows and older weapons. I also like gun (like 22 rifles and pistols) I've shot a shot-gun but its not my favorite gun. I like airsoft and play with my brothers alot ( I have 6 brother and one sister).

    I don't get along to well with my two closest brothers but the bigger ones are great! My sister ( who is the oldest) is I think my best friend. then it would have to be my oldest brother. I often wish I could be to my brother what my sister is. Whenever he is in distress or sad she is always there for him and helps him. She comforts him and love's him. I often wish I could be like my sister. I wish I could help people with their problems. I guess it's just who I am. I sometimes wonder if someone brought a problem to me how I would handle it. I think I'm just too young though. I don't know what kind of personality you guys see that I have here on the internet I wonder how different it is from my real self.

    So you guys can tell me what animal I should be. I certainly don't have any idea.

  • Hmm…  Remember Shad from the Long Patrol?  Yeah.  You.  Him.

  • Okayy… I'm kinda going for nice little shrew maid who likes to debate... A LOT (and sometimes not very nice...hmm).

    Actually I don't know. Here's what I think I'm like. Correct me if you think I'm totally wrong Vikenti.

    Though I don't get out to much I'm sociable, and can make friends easy. It's easier for me to be outgoing in public when I'm with a group of my peers and my family isn't around. xD haha. Though I can be around Vik and I'm cool with that 'cause our ages are pretty close.

    I'm the nicest, politest thing in public... But lock me up at home with my 4 crazy brothers and... YIKES. Yeah. So I love arguing with my brothers... and sometimes my dad (but only if I'm being dumb…blah.) Cause I really love them all dearly. ❤

    now...I HATE, I repeat HATE, being wrong. It's SO annoying!!! I never want to loose an argument, I ALWAYS have to prove my point, and getting in the last word is a MUST.

    I think I could change my argumentative behavior. And maybe I'd be a pleasanter person to be around for that! xD

    I love being outdoors. I kinda don't like where I live, at least it's the suburbs. I wanna go off to the country. With nothing but open space and fresh air for miles. And horses. I love horses. And dogs.... And maybe some kittens. And an apple tree... Everything kinda down-to-earth and free, if you get my meaning. I'm such a dreamer. I'm imagining stuff all the time. Like... What If, such-and-such were to really happen. This ties in with another aspect of my personality.

    EMOTIONAL. Yes... I'm such a girl in terms of emotion. I can't be screaming one minute, smiling and being friendly the next, wound up and fiery later, and bawling the next day. My dad teases me why I cry 'bout something that seems small. haha! xD He wouldn't understand right...? Just kidding.

    I'm pretty tough. Don't like it when one of my brothers complains about getting hurt. :3 I give them a rough time sometimes. I know that is so not right. -sigh-

    Other things?

    -I can be independent or work in a team
    -I'm relatively decisive, not too wishy-washy
    -I likes it when peoples likes me... xD
    -It's hard for me to admit to being wrong
    -I'm really not as mean as this post makes me seem. xD haha
    -I don't like the way school takes up all my time... Dx

    Lolz... I'm done... So, What do you all think I am?

  • Global Moderator

    I guess I could be Jared Sandeye definitely, and not because he shares my name. He's adventurous, strong, respectful to other creatures, devoted to his family and friends, and though I could never be a king, I can be a leader and a teacher. And just like me, he's not brave enough for politics, but he can sing really well. Jared Sandeye just fits my personality so well I could be him, no doubt. I've always admired squirrels.

    Just don't ask any romantic advice from me or Jared. You won't get an answer.

  • Thanks to all that have replied so far! Interesting responses so far and all so very different! I enjoy reading these kinds of things. : )

    I'll be thinking about what I think each of you would be for those of you whom were uncertain. : D

    Keep those responses coming! I'm looking forward to reading them.

    And so is  &=)

  • I was delighted by your theory that you would be an "old, senile mouse".  Somehow, it's just comfortable.  ^^

    Who really wants adventure all of the time?  Sometimes, all one wants is too be able to kick back with a book and a cup of tea, any time of day, without the constraints of a younger creature's schedule.  🙂

    And yes, I too enjoy these auto-character sketches.

  • xD Honestly, it suits me perfectly. Though I can imagine that my character, in his youth likely would have hailed from somewhere other than Redwall. I had a rough childhood that I won't discuss because, frankly, I'm not one to dwell on the past and let myself become all morose. xD

    I used to be all gloom and doom at first but I got tired of it, you know? Life is too short and I want to enjoy the time that I have. xD

    I'm not physically old though so mayhaps my character would be a young mouse who acts like an old man. xD

    I'm pretty content with my life now. I'm not a very adventurous.  I just don't go looking for excitement. xD It usually finds me!

    So, if Jacques were to write my character as a hero (for some crazy reason)  I would definitely be the reluctant type who's not really hero material. You know. That poor fellow that kinda just got sucked in against his will (aren't there quite a few of those? Ah well!) . xD

    Yup. That's me for sure. The one that's often wishing that I could be at home seated comfortably in a nice warm chair with a good book and a nice cup of tea and also having like no clue whatsoever how to use the sword that I just so happen to be  carrying. xD

  • Warrior Member


    Very happy most of the time, I'm big on exercise and nutrition (Eventhough I like to feast on non healthy foods sometimes x3) I love to participate in various sports. I'm an experienced folkstyle Wrestler. (6+ years) I have a large appetite, but I'm tall 6'1" and lean, but I'm gettin' pretty heavy (yaaay! finally) 195lbs atm, going for my goal of  205.

    I'm approachable and fun to be around, I like to relax alone, but I don't mind big crowds or small crowds, or even one other person. I'll talk to anyone!

    I'd say I'm a squirrel or an Otter, but leaning more toward Otter more so because of my height and weight.

  • Hm…Well i have thought about his before long and hard. And i have never come to a solid conclusion. I am short 4,5 like a mouse yet i am very strong, athletic, competitve, Then i also love rivers so mabye a shrew or an otter. I am also kind , and pashant with children. I am how ever divious, cunning, slightly bloody, yet loyal. So go figure, Mabye and Moutter or Shrat if thats possible.

  • I have no clue what I could be, I'm too good hearted to be a vermin type, and too mean tempered to be a woodlander, if anything I could be one of those characters like Blaggut.

  • Hee, a shrew maybe

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