A Theft Forgotten (Myself, Silverflash, and Dusk unless they say otherwise)

  • It was a beautiful spring afternoon in the entire country side.  Birds rejoiced aloud as the last of the snow had finally melted, leaving room for the flora and fauna to flourish.  Bees droned lazily from flower to flower, adding their helpful bit in the reproduction of the beautiful area known as Mossflower.  The rivers, springs, brooks, and creeks babbled merrily on, adding their hypnotic sounds to the scheme of things, the woods completely alive.  This was Mossflower Woods song of the spring, and each and every creature that lived there, or even nearby, looked forward to it every year.

    This fine afternoon, the orchard at Redwall Abbey was bursting with creatures both young and old.  It had been a very long and hard winter, and everyone was looking forward to walking the grounds once more.  The dibbuns were especially excited, because they were allowed to romp and play outside as much as they wanted, with the Infirmary Keeper nagging at them to come inside every five minutes.  Spring was the time for everyone to unite and plant the crops that would be harvested in the summer, as well as in the fall.  It was also a time for repairs and maintenance to be done to the beloved Abbey.  It was also a time for celebration.  Not only to welcome the coming season and provide it a name, but to honor those that had perished during the harsh winter, and for those that had been born as well.

    The activities had been halted for the time being, and the grand tables from the Great Hall had been brought out and placed in the orchard.  Piles upon piles of food had been brought out, each dish prepared days in advance for one of Redwall's fabled feasts.  Every beast present was at the tables, gazing at the gorgeous food in anticipation of the coming battle.  After the Abbot had said his piece, and grace had been chanted, it was time to dig in.

    Three young Abbey dwellers sat together in the middle of the table, each one's plates piled high with food.  They laughed and joshed with each other, as well as with the other Brother's and Sister's of the Abbey as well.

    All three of them were fairly close in age, and had been good friends since they were dibbuns.  The middle of the three, a wildcat by the name of  Temperance, was the first to sit back from her plate to take a breather.  "Good grief I never knew food could taste so good after being cooped up in the Abbey this whole time!  I wonder why that is?"  She thought about it for a moment and shrugged her shoulders then turned to one of her companions, a badger by the name of Silverflash.  "Oy Silve, can you hand me that jug of strawberry cordial?  Some beasts gone and drank all mine!"

  • " okay, would you like some more food, or are thinking about bursting," lauughed silver as he passed the cordial.

  • "Mgl.Mgrlg. You say something silver?" Dusk said from a half demolished cheese weel. He grabbed a flagon of october ale and took a swig then grabbed some bread and stated to stuff it with the deep yellow cheese. "I cant tell if im eating food made from beasts, or mana from heaven." Dusk said as he took a bight out of the improvised sandwich.

  • Temperance giggled and took the jug from Silverflash.  Though the badger was younger than her by a season, and the mouse by five, they sometimes made her feel like an old maid.  "Dusk I think if you stuff that poor bread with anything else, you'll both explode!"  She took a sip of the fizzy drink and sighed blissfully.  "I dunno Silve, let me think about it a se-HEY!  Don't even think about stealing my woodland trifle!" she smacked the miscreants paw away and growled lightly, the dibbun laughing uproarously as he scampered way with a blob of cream on his chubby little paw.

  • " I don't know you guys, i just can't understand  how good beasts can eat so much?"

  • "Easy." Dusk said,"You just move your liver down a little, scrunch up your heart and lungs, see if the intestens can squeeze a little tighter togther, and ,BANG, you can eat as much as you want." Dusk said matter-of-factly.

  • The strawberry scone that Temp was about to bite into stopped about midway, and she looked at her friend with a mixture of horror and disgust, her eyes bulging wide.  The tart dropped from her paw and landed with a PLOP, right in the middle of her Woodland Trifle, spraying the trio with cream.

    But it went unnoticed.

    Temp sulked in her seat and shot him a dirty glance, cream on the tip of her nose.  "The fact that you can say that oh so matter-of-factly and provide one with the most horrendous mental image is disturbing." she finally said, pushing her plate away.  She sulked for a moment longer then bursted out lauging, the cream all over her friends too much to handle.

  • "Ha ha, very funny," silver laughed," Well i think ill go for a walk so I can have more space for this Delicious food."

  • "Ok. Just more food for me." Dusk said while eating the cream off his face. When he finished the cream he leapt back at the cheese and began to consume it.

  • " Temp, would you like to join me on a stroll, Its better than sitting here watching Dusk eat cheese forever."

  • Temperance smiled and threw a small piece of bread at the garrolous mouse, the crumb bouncing off of his head to land in a plate.  "You are somethin' else Dusk."  She stretched and got to her feet, shaking her head in amusement as her plate was promptly stolen by several of the Dibbuns.

    "Yes Silve, I think I'm going to do the same as you.  Taking a nice stroll around the Abbey will help releave some of this pressure." she said as she patted her stuffed, yet narrow belly.  "Are you gonna come with us Dusk?"

  • "Ya Dusk, you can even bring some cheese with you," Silver said as he rose from the table.

  • Temperance giggled as she bounded to her feet.  "Or the whole dinner table!"

  • Dusk tryed to pick up the whole cheese wheel, but failled. Instead he took out a cleen dagger and cut off a large chunk of the cheese. Next he took out some paper and scribbled something on it then put it on his cheese. It read "Dusk's cheese. DONT TOUCH!!" He then took his cheese chunk and went off to walk with his companions.

  • Temperance giggled and held a hand to her mouth.  "Do you really think they're gonna take that sign seriously?" she asked, managing to subside her laughter long enough to ask said question.

  • Silver walked with his friends around the grounds, and he couldn't help chuckling at the thought of the face Dusk would pull when he found his Cheese gone.

  • "Well, if it does get eaten, I'll just have another one wheeled out. I'll do it myself if I have to." He said while walking next to Silverflash. "So, where do you want to walk to?"

  • Temperance shrugged and looked at Silver.  "I dunno, do you want to walk around the inside of the Abbey or stay out here on the grounds?  I suppose if we asked real nice Skip might let us take a walk in Mossflower, though I wouldn't hold my breath at that prospect."

  • At the idea of going out into mossflower, a huge grin grew on the giant figure. "Thats a great idea, what do you think dusk?"

  • "Perfectly fine with me. I just need to grab my stuff if we are going into mossflower. It's not completly safe out there you know." Dusk said with a shrug."Lets go ask skip."

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