Ariel Stratus

  • Nickname:  Airy

    Full Name: Ariel Stratus

    Species: Meerkat

    Age: 36

    Height: Body is regular size for a meerkat but tail is about an tenth longer than usual

    Description: With amber eyes and sand colored fur Ariel like the usual Imperial meerkat wears a uniform composed of pants and shirt that has his clan colors as well as a set of Imperial Regular armor (tower shield, greaves, cuirass, pauldrons, boots, and helm).

    Clans: Primary is Military and secondary is Maritime (red and tan)
    the helm of which has to squares just above the top of the nose piece each colored with his clan colors as well for identification.

    Possessions: Ariel has a long sword sheathed in a belt scabbard as well as a repeater crossbow slung on his back.


    • Can engage in both close and long range combat.
    • Dark fur around the eyes improves vision.
    • Excellent sailor


    • Heavy armor and equipment limits his running distance to a degree.
    • Xenophobic
    • Bad Temper towards friends and foes
    • First option he takes is usually fighting

    Born in the city of Torroscanya located in the distant land of Corra Ariel’s parents taught him the trades of his clans at an early age with his mother being in the Military clan and his father in the Maritime clan. Ariel grew up to excel at sailing and navigation and continued on to join the Imperial Army where he was quickly deployed to the far eastern reaches of the Empire at Norlan Outpost. During his third season at Norlan Outpost Ariel and the patrol he was attached to interferer with a vermin assault on a woodland settlement and during the resulting slaughter of the vermin Ariel disappeared having been knocked out and dragged off by a few weasels. Ariel awoke to find himself in Mossflower the weasels killed by painted ones who left him thinking he was dead.

    Personality: Though he prefers sticking with Imperials rather than the foreign woodlanders he will work with them so long as it means killing the vermin that threaten to overrun Mossflower one of the roadblocks between the vermin kingdoms and the Imperial Empire. While meerkats are technically vermin and suffer from violence they are able to control it to some extent and focus it on their vermin foes allowing them to fight for the ‘good’ causes, Ariel is no different. While Ariel has the blood of the Military clan in him he likes to have pleasant conversations rather than bloody fights whether death is involved or not.

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