Posting With a Non-Traditional

If you make a Non-Traditional character, please only use him/her in the Non-Traditional RPG board.
If you have any questions, this is the topic for them.

Thank you: Sparhawk.

Since I choose either a cat or a wolf with Temperance when posting in a traditional thread, instead of doing the cat-wolf hybrid, do I have to move her profilel here?

Well, as long as you use one or the other than no you don't need to move her here. If you want to use her as a cat-wolf hybrid than you should use her in the non-trad board. Lol, there are two traditional characters if you choose, but only one non-traditional, so the traditional side wins! 😛


More than likely I'll probably at some point in time actually use her as a cat-wolf ^^

But for now she's a kitty :3

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