How To Create a Charcter Profile

  • **    Read the entire post. It will not disappoint. Also make sure that your character profile follows this as exactly as possible. You may make additions if you like.**

    Each new character should be introduced in the following format:

    Nickname: [Display Name]

    Full Name: [Character's first and last Name]

    Species: [Water rat, Giant Otter, Black sea otter, Bank vole, etc…]

    For example:

    Nickname: Jarg/Jargle

    Full Name: Jargle Sliteye

    Species: Brown Rat

    Then fill in the following Categories:

    Description: (Eyes, fur, height, typical expressions, scars, typical clothing etc…)

    Possessions: (Weapons, jewelry…)

        - Example
        - Another Example
        - (No "He was the best in the world/Mossflower at Swordplay/knife-throwing/archery/swimming")
        - (No "Impossible to kill" or "COuld smell a rat from fifty feet away")

        - Example
        - Another Example
        - De-ja-vu
        - ("Gets mad easily" or "Has BloodWrath" or other stereotypes are not weaknesses, no matter how you try to rationalize it)
        - (True Weaknesses equal "Can't swim," or "Dislikes and cannot use polearms of any kind," or "not physically attractive" are weaknesses. In my experience, Scars don't detract from most charas' appearance very often, either. So don't add it unless it's truly hideous and no one would want to come within  fifteen feet of them)

        (Character history, take Mary-Sue test in other thread before writing this. It really puts things in perspective. Also, posting rules apply here. Separate the paragraphs, but in this case keep it short and sweet)

    This will make it very easy for people to find and understand your characters and to get some detailed information on who and what they are.
        It is suggested that as you creatures get promoted, resign, get demoted, killed, win victories, ect… that you create a detailed history, this will help to make RPGing more realistic.

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