Training(Silverflash, Danker)

  • Ooc: This is a battel. The rules are a basic and simple: No instant kills, events here will not affect your current threds, be fair, work your way to the ending and try to build that moment. The arena can be where ever you wish.

    Bic: The area was a flat training ground. Equipment was placed about in various spots. Jerico stood standing, waiting on his pupil. "I see you decided to show up! Let us begin our training." The master spoke.

    Ooc:That's a good simple way to introduce a battel. Bring your chara in, then we'll go on.

  • Silver showed up late as usual, but he was determined to do well in this battle training session. "Hopefully i will please you today master." Silver had shown up with his training sword draped from his belt, the double edged blade had been blacksmithed in his forge for training purposes only.

  • Zuragan sat on a near by bench" i'll right then" he then drew his shrew raiper. the weapon gleemed in the sun light. " do you have any more raipers aroud this size…i wouldn't like damage my blade." he questioned Jerico

  • OOC: Um, Fox, I think this thread is only for Silver and Danker. If you asked though, I'm sure they would let you join, if not, there are lots of open threads out there.

  • 8/ oh …

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