Josalyn Viverridae

  • .:Josalyn:.

    Nickname(s): Jo, Jos, Lynn, Viv

    Full Name: Josalyn Viverridae

    Age: 10

    Species: Genet

    Height: 3'5"

    Possession(s):  She wears a leather thong with her tribe's insignia hanging off of it, the only thing she has left to remind her of her tribe and her parents.

    Physical Appearance: Her fur is mostly dark grey in color, but in some places there are various patches of reddish gray fur. She has small brown spots on her body and stripes on her ringed tail, which is bushier than that of other genets. She has a black muzzle, with white around the eyes and mouth. She also has a dark dorsal stripe that runs from the base of the skull down to the tail. When she feels threatened, it raises defensively like a mane. Five rows of elongated spots or stripes run down either side of her neck. Her eyes are a beautiful chestnut brown, and they seem to always have an inquisitive sparkle in them. Her long hair is reddish brown, and she keeps it up in a ponytail.  She is very small, even for her age.

    Material Appearance: Little Josalyn wears a too-big-smock, and a pair of too-big-pants.

    Personality: Before tragedy erupted, she was a fun loving youngster.  Being the youngest one in the clan, as well as the leaders parents, practically every elder there helped to raise her.  She was loved by all, and she loved them all.  Before their deaths, Jo's father had taught her how to use a sword, and her mother had trained her in healing.

    She was a very rambunctious youngster, and loved to go exploring by herself.  She was also quite the prankster.

    After witnessing the slaughter of her entire tribe, that all changed.  Violence scares her.  She took a vow of peace and to treat others with the kindness they deserved.Violence does strange things to a creature; sometimes they become berserkers, mindless and blinded by their own range they become so evil they hate themselves. Sometimes they close theirselves up and just wither away, mad at the world and mad at themselves.  
    And sometimes, they turn into Josalyn. Neither bent on revenge nor ready to just lay down and die. She might had taken a vow of peace, oh yes, but she wasn't opposed to dealing with bullies, speaking her mind, or trying to stop a fight when there was always another alternative. Violence did frighten her, but when she is feeling threatened, or if somebody she is trying to help is being threatened, the fighting spirit takes over and she is one leathal little creature. Some beasts, however, can not be reasoned with.  Because of all that, she had to grow up WAY before her time, and had to learn to survive on her own.


    • She is very mature for her age
    • She can be very persuasive
    • She has the ability to calm others, and help them think rationally
    • She is physically strong for her age
    • Tracking is one thing she can do well


    • Violence frightens her
    • She is only ten, enough said.

    Background: Basically her past is in her personality; her tribe was slaughtered by a mixed band of cats and she was witness to it all.  Her father rushed her away from their colony and told her to run, that they'd come back for her.  Only, she didn't do that; she followed him because she wanted to help.  What she saw scarred her for life.  Nobody survived, and she was the last of her tribe.  This happened when she was five in a half.
    Now she is on her own and is forced to fend for herself.

    And that's pretty much it…

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