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    Name: Zhyhin Roguewave

    Age: 31ish

    Species: The Stoat!

    Description: Dark, shifty beady brown eyes, and raggedy dark gray fur. He’s short as far as stoats go and very thin, appearing pretty mal-nutritioned. His fur is worn thin in some places and he’s covered in claw and tooth marks.

    He wears a dark brown vest and black pants that look about ready to fall off his skinny hide. He has various tattoos and piercing and wears a bright red bandanna on his head.

    Possessions: Concealed within the interior of his vest strap, he has about seven small daggers tucked away and already ready for use. An elegant silver rapier is rests on his right hip, thrust through the scabbard on his bet.

    Personality: Zhy is a sincere and (Author's Note:Yeah erm…I lied >.> ) friendly creature. A sucker for good food, ale to warm his belly and a love for swapping stories (especially tall tales). He loves a good laugh just as much as he loves a good spar. Despite his corsair’s background, one might say he was more suited to be a sailor than he was a pirate. He’s not a particularly violent creature, preferring to engage conflict with words opposed to his steel. He’s doesn’t exactly have the purest of hearts as he will steal the food right out from under your nose and not think he’s done anything wrong. I mean, it’s not his fault if you’re silly enough not to keep your eye on your stuff!

    He loves the sea, loves to sail it and longs to go back to it one day…

       - He’s got a keen eye. He’s an observant beast and it may prove to be difficult to catch him off guard.
       - Good aim. He’s a marksman by trade and while he isn’t the best, he’s likely to hit a moving target about 75% of the time.
       -  Skilled knife and bow beast.
       -  Knowledge of sailing and a fair sense of direction (though on land he‘s pretty lost at first!) . He was a former corsair. 😛

       - He’s a sucker for food and might be stupid enough to be persuaded to do foolish things in order to get it. He’s starving so logic takes a backseat.
       -  Poor health. Due to starvation, he’s not physically in the best shape. He’ll tire easily.
       - Braggart and somewhat of a liar. He likes to tell some pretty tall tales to impress people. Most of them definitely aren't true and while 90% of them are harmless, sometimes he's expected to back up his ridiculous boasting and this lands him in hot water for sure!
       - Illiterate. He lacks education and isn’t very intelligent but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an ounce of common sense to him.
       - Being a former corsair, he does not exactly have the best rep.


    Zhy has been at sea since he was a babe. His mother was a corsair and her father was a corsair and his grandfather’s father was a corsair and…er, well, you get the idea. The sea was all Zhy ever knew and the only love of his life. While his parents and the crew were off pillaging and plundering , young Zhy was often left in charge of the ship, the Bloodtide and little Zhy loved every moment of it. He loved the ship. Every inch of it and he spent hours upon hours cleaning her and making sure the proper maintenance was done.

    When he was old enough, his father taught the young enthusiastic stoat how to steer. And little Zhy fell in love all over again.

    He was a fine young steers beast and life couldn’t be better for him. He was happy.

    He sailed for many seasons but in his eighteenth season , the Bloodtide went to war with another rival corsair vessel and she was sunk and most of her crew, slaughtered.

    Zhy was among the few of the crew to survive.

    He swam to shore with the remaining five survivors. Unfortunately for him, the meaner members of his crew had lived and he didn’t care much for them.  After witnessing much quarreling and fighting amongst one another, Zhy broke away from his fellows and made his way off on his own.

    He’d find a new crew. A nice crew to sail with him. There’d be adventures and treasure but less violence and messy stuff. Yup. Lots of food and ale too…

    Best plan ever.

    Author's Note: Another rough draft. I really wanted to play a corsair type but I wanted him to be like one of the worst pirates ever. xD  He's not sneaky and crafty enough.  Sort of a dim-wit you might say.

    Changing the order of my profiles so they make more sense. @.@


    Here's something for Mokaal now.

    Name: Mokaal Feldeep
    Nickname: Mokaal the Malicious
    Age: 45

    Species: Sea Rat

    Appearance: Mokaal is as big and nasty as a sea rat comes, tall and forged of muscle and sinew. His ears are tattered and pierced, his right ear appears to be three quarters missing. A cruel smile often plays across his long, scarred muzzle. There is nary an ounce of mercy in his savage orange gaze. His fur is thin and darkly grizzled, painted and pierced with the corsair livery. Dressed smartly in a long navy captain’s coat with gold trimming and silver buttons, light gray breeches. A large dark chocolate tri cornered hat rests proudly atop his fearsome head. He has a long, whip-like tail that he’s known to use against foe and crew beast alike. (Similar to Cluny the Scourge)



    -Mokaal used to be carrying a map of considerable worth. The map is believed to lead to some very valuable treasure.

    Personality: Malicious. Mokaal is the very embodiment of that word. He is a wicked and sadistic creature who revels in spreading fear, carnage and ruin wherever he goes. Arrogant to a fault, Mokaal has supreme confidence in himself and his abilities and scorns those who cannot at least match him in ruthlessness and cunning. He captains his ship , The Doom Dirge, with an iron claw and he has no tolerance for failure or cowardice.

    -Physically powerful. His strength exceeds average, but it does not match that of a badger lord.

    -Confident. He never doubts himself and is capable of making decisive orders to those he commands.

    -Proficient in all manner of blade weapons. He specializes with the cutlass and stiletto.

    -Excellent sense of smell. As his eyesight and even his hearing is failing him, his ability to track an opponent and identify them by their scent is nothing to be laughed at.

    -Poor eyesight. As he ages, Mokaal’s range of vision has been shrinking, making him terrible at long range combat and also vulnerable to it. A skilled archer could take him out with relative ease if they’re fortunate enough to be presented with such an opportunity.



    -Greed. His lust for wealth and power is insatiable and there are few things he would not do to get it.

    -Phobia of cats as well as birds of prey.

    -Short-tempered. Certain things will set him off into a blind range, making him extremely dangerous but also twice as likely to make fatal mistakes.

    • Hates cooperating or answering to a higher authority figure. Ever since he got a taste of being a creature of authority, he cannot stomach the idea of stepping down.


    Formerly known as the first mate to the captain of the infamous pirating ship, The Blood Tide. Mokaal has participated in countless raids against otter holts and is responsible for more bloodshed than any other corsair on board. His greed ultimately led him to betray his captain and crew.

    He is now the captain of his own ship, The Doom Dirge.

    Additional Information:

    Crew Members:
    Atul- Mokaal’s first mate and likely the only real friend the sea rat has.

    Author’s Note: This character is in the process of being developed. I have him here because he's kind of turning into a main antagonist and I am not a rule-breaker!


  • Of course! I just need to figure out where to put him. xD

  • You could always come up with a rp where he assembles a crew and gets him back out to sea 😛

  • .> Oh dear. I have to wonder what lot of loons would want to follow a creature like that.  xD It's probably going to have to be one of those blind leading the blind things.

  • LOL, aaaand that's different from every other rp how?  ^^ I have an otter that needs to loosen up and enjoy life, and she knows it!

  • Mokaal's profile has been added under Zhyhin's. It's not complete but it's a start and it's there as it should be since he's playing a much larger role now than I had originally intended.

    I will be adding Torema, Ghaert and Sarvash if and when I must.  Their profiles will be added here in this section as well in order to reduce the amount of profile topics on the forums.

    I will also be working to better flesh out Zhyhin's history now that I've actually had some more time to consider it.  Notice how he actually has a surname now but I'm thinking he changed his name so other creatures would not confuse him for his bloodthirsty father.  Need a much more wicked sounding name for daddy.

  • Awesome, that sounds like a good plan!

  • My goodness, Mokaal sounds like the perfect rival/antagonist for my searat character Vorna that I made, their backgrounds even fit together rather easily. Would you mind if I got Miss Scarclaw involved in whatever RP you plan for these two fellows?

  • Not at all! Mind you though, the RP presently is of a light and silly nature. Parts of it (or all of it?)  are also wholly illogical and if you can stand that, then you're welcome aboard. Things will get darker eventually though.

    I added the link to their current thread at the top of the page.


    ….Is it my turn?

  • Nay. 'Tis mine and I'm working on that.

  • Ok, I wasn't sure.  I've been slacking, didn't want to leave one out that I needed to post in xP

  • No worries. I would send you a PM if that was ever the case. I'd never forget that thread. I love it. xD

  • ^^ Aww good, I would hope you'd do that!!

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