Jet Melrose

  • My character for the Story Arc RP thread called "Assassin's Creed".

    Full Name: Jet Melrose

    Species: Spotted wildcat

    Age: 28

    Height: 5'10"
    Build: Lightweight

    Appearance: Yellow main fur and black spots. White secondary fur. Emerald Eyes. Two gold earrings on his left ear.

    Clothing: Tan or brown in overall coloration. Normally wears a cloak, tank top, and trousers with a brown leather belt. Also wears two straps (//) over his left shoulder to carry his bow and arrows.
    Possessions: Steel scimitar with a hilt made of oak.

    Simple quiver made of leather, and containing a hard leather strap. Arrows with steel broad-heads, shafts footed with hardwood and balsa, and fitted with red feather fletchings. Carries a short bow made of yew and stringed with hemp that he carries slung over him.

    A combat dagger with a curved steel blade and a leather hilt, made specially for assassination.

    An oak telescope of with unique curving designs carved into it's surface.

    A brown leather canteen and ration pack that he keeps belted at his side.

    A much smaller canteen containing a potent poison mixture. Most smaller creatures could immediately be put to death with a single drop of it, nary making a squeak.

    A second small canteen contains fur dyes effective for camouflage in areas of vegetation.

    Description: Range and infiltration specialist. Extremely accurate as an archer. Highly attentive of his surroundings using his eyes, ears, and the ground, making him an excellent tracker.

    He is wickedly fast, but low in stamina. His hand-to-hand and close-combat skills are specifically focused on taking out targets from behind or quickly disarming them. If these fail, he is more likely to run away than test his shortcomings in close-combat.

    He is highly adept at moving silently, hiding, and camouflage. He can sneak up behind enemies and quietly put them down by dagger and a paw over their muzzle. He carry's with him an incredibly potent poison to put down enemies quickly without allowing them time to scream.

    Though a great leader, he is not social except when strictly for business. His sense of humor is limited. The main purpose to which he lives for is to uphold the honor of his past predecessors as the head of the Ring of Assassins, which means following the creed. Though surrounded by his ring which he has come to know as his family, even those lucky enough to be within his circle of trust sense that he strictly maintains a distance from everyone.

    He is very aggressive when it comes to haggling a deal for the services of his association, especially when the stakes are high. He is also unforgiving to those who betray him, and never forgets past transgressions.

    He is impatient and straightforward with his words. Rarely is he ever indecisive.
    Background: His past is shrouded in shadow. When he came to sign his life away to the Ring of the Assassins, he was in the most pitiable of states. He had obviously been underfed, and by the look in his eyes, it seemed as if everything he held dear was lost to him forever. Despite suffering from what seemed, a self-induced starvation, his capabilities in the trials were remarkable, showing excellence in stealth, tracking, and ranged weapons. He possessed great speed and agility expected from one of his kin, but his close-combat skills were rather limited.

    He was force fed into a natural dietary habit. After his rehabilitation, his highlights proved to be valuable assets to the Ring. Through scrolls given to him by the previous head general, he studied the creed more diligently than most other newcomers. In nearly no time at all, he memorized every verse that was required of him.

    When his probationary training was over, he performed well as expected on the assassination missions, even surviving solo missions he was not expected to return from.

    However, his social habits made him unlikable by the other assassins. He made every last ditch effort to seclude himself from the others and their conversations, contributing strictly during team missions. He valued a kind of solitude that was unacceptable as a member of the assassins.

    In an attempt to counteract this, he was appointed as a commander of the Ring. His leadership skills were much stronger than anticipated, and despite previous dispositions, those placed under his command grew to respect him. He had no hesitation in reprimanding those who would go against him, and his strategies for executing targets were flawless. He was granted the rank of captain, and after showing a strong devotion to the creed, he was chosen to inherit the Ring before the previous head passed away. He was the youngest to become a head of the assassins, being 21 years of age upon inheritance.

    Though once hated bitterly, all grew to respect his rule, and his decisions without question. He was extremely brutal to any assassin who dared to betray the Ring, and cowards were immediately hunted down as the creed intended.

    He also grew a knack for milking the money out of clients. He always asked for 50% in advance, a small price to pay for the Ring's unmatched speed and efficiency.

    Being a devote follower of the creed, he realized each head of the Ring was required to choose a successor. However, he would sooner trust a newcomer than the followers of the previous head. Seeing as Temperance showed great promise upon joining the Ring, he tested her capabilities as an assassin and as a leader, and eventually appointed her as his second in command. Despite her terrible attitude, she was quick to learn the verses of the Creed, and her ability to lead was admirable. Her judge of character also appeared less shifty in comparison to her peers, or so it seemed.

  • I love tribal themes. 🙂 Could be interesting if you elaborated on his tribal life. It's not anything like the Juska , is it?

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more as you further develop this character.

  • Oooo big kitty…  Good prof Kyro!! ^^

  • Why thank you, Night Fang and Temperance. ^^ I appreciate the comments, and I certainly look forward to developing this character more.

  • 8D  The only downfall, is that they don't want you using non-traditional characters in traditional rps xP

  • That's fine. Trial and error XD Not to worry, I'm sure I'll find a use for him later.

  • Hey for the sake of traditional rps you could say he's a spotted wildcat :3  Brian Jacques never ever said what species of wildcats he uses, so as long as they're prone to that part of the country side it could work!!  That's what I do with Temp since she's a cat-wolf hybrid, I just chose one or the other for traditional rps ^^

  • Why i must say. You put up an impressing character. I am pretty newbie here and I do not know anything  ???. When I make my character does the name have to be my username? and can I have more then one?

  • you're character name doesn't have to be your username. Most people have their username set to the name of their first character, or their fav. character.
    And yes, you can have as many as you can handle

  • I appreciate your compliment. ^^ And welcome to Redwall's Legacy. If you require assistance, I think you'll find this post helpful:

  • Very nice very nice indeed Ky! I think he will be prefect for the big Assassin! LOL yes you can have as many as you want just be careful though, not to get to many like someone else I know 😉 looks at Vik lol jk he only has 30 after all 😛 LOL.

  • Haha, I'll keep that in mind XD Oh, Vik.

    I'm looking forward to the RP. ^^

  • Made a massive update to the background and the character to fit the Story Arc. This explains how an exiled tribe hunter grows up to be the head of The Ring of Assassins.

  • Name updated from James Ashton to Jet Melrose.

    Tribal appearances and background omitted.

    Strength/Weaknesses section omitted.

    Details and Personality sections merged, and modified to be better explained.

    Ring of Assassins background recreated to be a faction with prior history, and give the creed some manner of significance.

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