Opposing Paths

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    BIC: The searat yelped as it fell backwards smacking against the ground with a deep gash running across his chest the wound slicing his heart clean in half. Two other rats looked at their fallen companion who chocked on his own blood briefly before going limp as the last of the oxygen in his blood was used up. The rats charged the strange foe resulting in one of them screeching as he was sent flying backwards due to the hind claw that had imprinted itself into his chest. The last rat leapt at the foe as a sickening crunch sounded from the other rat as he smacked headfirst into a tree. Sword met sword and the two competitors growled at each other until they unlocked their swords and struck at each other again. The searat saw the blade coming down at him and raised his sword to block it only to have his foes free claw rip a gash in his sword arm causing him to drop the weapon as his nerves were severed. The searat took one look at the white vixen before he blacked out forever, a fired broadsword springing from his forehead above his nose.

    Nova used one of her hind claws to push the slain corsair off her sword which she cleaned on the grass before sheathing in her scabbard. The white vixen looked south, her dark blue eyes coming to gaze on the land of Mossflower a place she had only heard of and read stories about. She knew what woodlanders were in the sense of what type of beasts they were but she was completely clueless on how they thought and interacted with each other during peace… then again Nova wasn’t even entirely sure as to what peace was really like having been raised in the Northlands where war was practically never ending. Nova bent her knees so she crouched slightly and began moving back into the woods of the mysterious land uncertain of what fate lied ahead of her.

    Redwall Abbey (Time: Evening)

    The Abbot held up his paws as he tried to calm the crowd of concerned beasts in front of him down in Cavern Hole “Please, please, the presence of these vermin is not a cause of concern if they cannot harm us!”
    One of the infirmary keeper’s assistants pointed up the steps leading to the Great Hall as she commented with concern “We can’t be certain of that! Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean that the Long Patrol or GUOSIM killed them, it could be other vermin for all we know!”
    Others commented from the crowd “Aye, the brown rats ‘ave been spotted at the far north by travellers you know!”
    “Brown rat’s are flesh eaters and most of the corsairs were uneaten.”
    “Only most!”
    “What if it’s the Northlanders?”
    “Ugh, I dread the thought!”
    “Shouldn’t we post guards on the wall tops?”
    “Guards on the wall tops, yah, what about letting the Long Patrol know whut’s goin on! ‘elp us find out if they killed the lot too you know!”
    The Abbot shook his head and put his paws into the opposing sleeves of his habit “A two score of dead vermin is something to be cautious of I agree and even if it was some group of vermin creatures keep in mind that recent times have shown us not all vermin are necessarily evil. Any that stave off a threat to Mossflower should be welcome and cared for, for with battle comes wounds!”
    More responses came from the Redwallers “Aye, maybe a few groups should go out and look for any wounded, might need sum ‘elp!”
    “What if that’s what they’re waitin for? Open the gates and let them in so they can slay us in the night?”
    “That’s what guards are for!”
    Out of all the commotion a commanding voice shouted from near the back of Cavern Hole so loud and unexpected even the Abbot jumped“SILENCE!!!”

  • Out in the midst of Mossflower Woods, a lone creature was patrolling.  Earlier that day, her beloved Abbey had been threatened; not directly, mind you, but there were vermin that were way too close for comfort.  She had been told that the Guosim and The Long Patrol had taken care of it, but she was not so sure.  Where there is vermin, there is usually trouble.

    And hostages.

    Amongst the wounded, the enemy had taken several of the shrews and younger hares of the patrol hostage, and drug them deep into the Mossflower Woods.  Some of the more cowardly band of vermin had fled, scattering in different directions.  But there was no doubt, that they would eventually band back together after their wounds and pride had healed.

    Though she had long hung up her sword, and abandoned the life of a warrior to pursue her healing skills, Freedom Windwalker would not sit idly by while her friends lives, and her Abbey, were at stake.  So while all the commotion was taking place inside Cavern Hole, the mouse slipped away unnoticed and took up her saber once more.  She had hurried up to the wall closest to the woods, and with skill that would make a squirrel blush leapt from the ramparts to a tree branch, and thus went on her quest to search for survivors.

    There were many footprints surrounding the area of chaos, and a rather large group of them, fresh, lead straight into the heart of Mossflower.  She could pick up the vile scent of the rats, but also that of shrews and hairs.  Freedom's eyes narrowed in anger and she left the spot, slipping into the woods with ease as she tracked the would-be-kidnappers.

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    Avalon had been traveling northwest for weeks now and the constant sight of woodland beasts trying to conceal themselves was starting to both and annoy the black vixen, she hadn’t come all this way just to be feared. Avalon sat down and relaxed an old alder tree the faint view of an open spot in the distance where the path cut through the woods. She looked up at the sky thorough the forest canopy her mind drifting to the point she started to daze, at least that was until something crashed through some bushes a short distance behind her “Errr, gerroff me!”
    “Heh, heh, heh, come here my little stream dog.”
    “No, EEKKK!!!”
    Avalon slowly turned her head around the tree, her dark eyes spotting four searats and a particularly fat weasel slowly approaching a otter pup who was sliding himself backwards along the ground. Another group of sea faring vermin? Avalon’s eyes slowly moved picking up the motion of another beast farther back in the woods, she wasn’t sure but it seemed to resemble a mouse.

    Redwall Abbey

    The abbey’s badger mum came forward and stood beside the Abbot “Enough of this arguing, it doesn’t help us in anyway whether there are more vermin running around Mossflower or not. If we want to find out who did this then the best thing we can do is investigate and ask our allies, doing so would also help give forewarning of any attack on the abbey. We know that some of the band we discovered this morning are still alive and that they have taken some of our friends captive and we can do something active about them. We need volunteers to search for the scattered groups of vermin and force them to… lay down their arms without injuring any hostages they might have, I’m not saying we have to talk to them first though.”
    Everybeast including the badger mum looked over as one of the GUOSIM’s scouts came trotting down the steps from the great hall “We’ve found a second group of vermin in the northeast… no signs of any survivors. Some beast ’as been ’ard at work it looks like.”
    A single reply came from the group of shocked Redwallers “Any chance the two vermin groups were related?”
    The shrew shrugged “We’d ‘ave at capture one of the surviving vermin at find that out.”

  • Freedom heard the otter pup as well.  Her eyes snapped to the direction in which the noise came from and she acted quickly, taking to the trees without a noise.  She leapt from branch to branch until she was directly above the fat weasel.

    With grace she unsheated her dagger and jumped from her perch, landing on the weasel's head and flipped off of it, kicking one of the unsuspecting rats square in the nose before she slashed the throat of the one closest to the otter pup.  "Run young'un!" she shouted at the babe, before turning around to gut another rat.

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    BIC: "I volunteer to investigate!" responded a voice, loud and clear. A lightly armored red squirrel grabbed a spear and stood up, his crystal blue eyes shining with a courageous heart.

    It was Leonid Haiden, who was considered one of the Abbey's defenders after several conflicts in the past, despite his rather young age of 20. He stood at 5'8", and his build was rather muscular for an average squirrel. His secondary fur was white, and his ears and paws were tipped with black. A large bloody scar ran diagonally across his muzzle, a tragic reminder of a skirmish with a vermin leader in the past that nearly took his life. He wore a green tunic, belted down with a black strap. Even during times of peace, he wore a leather breast plate beneath his tunic. The excuse he provided, was that he always wanted to remain prepared.

    His equipment consisted of a small hand axe with a hard wood hilt and steel head, a sling with a supply of stones, and a large spear with a hardwood shaft and a three-pronged steel spearhead he had crafted on his own. His crafting skills were learned from his father, a black smith who died during a vermin raid a few years back. The spear was his primary weapon, and he was rather skilled at using it. He hated vermin with a passion, and had every right to do so.

    He stepped through the Cavern Hole towards the Abbot and badger mum. "There can only be one group responsible for this mess, and it is my bet they're even more crooked than the vermin they've killed. I'll be more than happy to personally investigate this matter."

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    BIC: Avalon stood up and stepped out from behind the alder and watched as the mouse started dispatching the vermin as the otter pup rolled onto all fours and started scrambling away. The black vixen had her short sword partially unsheathed but she trembled in fear that the mouse might mistaken her for one of the vermin, something she wasn’t to overjoyed to have happen considering how well the mouse seemed to be doing at the moment. Avalon froze stiff as the otter pup spotted her and squeaked in dismay leaving her to shiver.. No…


    The badger mum looked at Leonid Haiden and a few others who were stepping forward as she held a paw up in front the Abbot signaling for him to be quiet “If you want to volunteer then go, you don’t need my permission… and I don’t want to keep you here and give the Abbot a chance to stop you… go, all of you who wish to help the abbey. I will arrange for guards to be placed on the wall so we will be safer here… and so there will always be somebeast to open the gates for you upon your return.”
    The Abbot glared at the abbey’s badger mum but said nothing as he soon realized arguing was pointless leaving him to sigh “Why did I ever appoint you to be in charge of the abbey’s safety?”
    The badger mum shook her head with a slight grin “Because you knew a beast that could take charge when you saw them.”
    The Abbot chuckled lightly as a few of the volunteers ran up the steps to get any equipment they could find.

    Two days earlier Clavicuss sat in the center of his crew’s camp watching as one of the Bloodlusts cooks stood in front of him stirring a pot of porridge that had been ‘borrowed’ from some nearby moles who they had left to rest in their burrows for the rest of time. The searat captain stretched one arm as one of his scouts came over to him “Capim.”
    “What is it this time ya overgrown gut?”
    “The forward force is trackin sum hares on the eastern side of da path, sounds like they’re frum the mountain!”
    “So? That doesn’t mean much if we don’t even know where the abbey is now does it ya idjit?”
    The scout stumbled away and dashed off towards the south to give the orders to the forward force of vermin not noticing that the ship’s vixen had been watching him with a smile, pleased at how easily the supposed undefeatable corsair was frightened by a beast his own size. Clavicuss glared at the vixen “Whut chya laughin at you pile of discolored snot?”
    The vixen grinned widely finding the insult more amusing than insulting “I’m in awe at how well you… ‘control’ your crew captain.”
    “Ohh an’ what would you do at ‘control ‘em ehh?”
    “Your way is just fine for what we are doing, I’ll let you know how I would go about this one day.”
    Clavicuss snarled at the vixen “Careful of yee wurds Thyra or they might be da last uns ya say.”
    Thyra shook her paws “No, no, please don’t take my words the wrong way captain, I meant no hostility.”
    Clavicuss relaxed as Thyra started lightly scratching his neck “Sometimes I wonder what you are.”
    Thyra grinned as she whispered into Clavicuss’s ear “I can be many things captain, a cook, a guard, a servant, an oarbeast, or a squad leader, all you need do is give the command.”
    Thyra’s grin grew to a smile as Clavicuss started to snore leaving her whispering to herself as she walked to relieve one of the guards for the night “Heh, heh, I will show you, what I am.”

    Clavicuss was awoke by somebeast shaking his arm “Huh, what, what’s going one?”
    Clavicuss sat up to look at Thyra who looked around briefly before facing the captain again and replying “Captain, can’t you see what’s wrong?”
    Clavicuss was about to rasp at Thyra but then scowled when he noticed all four score of his corsairs had left their fires burning in the night, something you did only if you wanted to be spotted “Mud brained fools!”
    Clavicuss walked over to the nearest fire and kicked at one of the searats, he didn’t move. Clavicuss kicked the beast again and stiffened slightly as he noticed the beast wasn’t breathing “What?”
    Thyra spoke from behind him with the usual follower’s tone “They’re all dead captain.”
    Clavicuss turned to Thira “Wha, what happened, how can they all just up and die in the middle of the night?”
    Thyra pointed at another nearby corpse as she walked up  to Clavicuss “Look.”
    Clavicuss looked over and immediately took notice of the dart sticking out the beast’s neck “Poison??? But who would do something like this? How could this happen?”
    Thyra began scratching Clavicuss’s chin lightly as she placed her other claw on his shoulder “Painted ones have never been spotted this far north according to those moles we… befriended and woodlanders don’t usually use poison do they?”
    Clavicuss was annoyed by the way Thyra was acting “What are you doing… and are you trying to say vermin did this.”
    “Thyra nodded as she put her free claw on her other arm “Yes and I know which one.”
    Clavicuss looked at Thyra with anger and disbelief “ONE??? Have you lost it, were you poisoned too?”
    Thyra smiled “No my dear.”
    Clavicuss was becoming totally confused and enraged by the vixen and her words “Dear, dear??? Who do you think you are?”
    Clavicuss reached for his saber but stopped frozen in place when he heard Thyra’s reply “Relax, you’ll have command of the crew again soon enough.”
    The searat captain looked at Thyra with disbelief “Whaaa? You mean yo…. Gurgualhhhhhh!”
    Clavicuss’s words became a gurgle of blood as Thyra pressed the button on her bracer that sent the bracer’s switchblade piercing into his throat leaving the white vixen to glare into his misting eyes as she spoke with a cool voice “You’ve led us around this place for two seasons only to find minor trinkets and just enough food to keep us alive… What use is a captain that is already doomed to defeat? Go join your crew and tell them how one beast slew them all in a single night.”
    She pulled the slider retracting the switchblade leaving Clavicuss’s body to fall to the ground with a thud at which point she disappeared into the night leaving the dead vermin to be found by the GUOSIM.

  • One of the rats that Freedom had missed snuck up on her and took a swing at her head with his fist, his sword forgotten.  Fortunately, the mouse had lunged forward to plunge the blade of her dagger into the heart of a rat, the blow clipping the back of her head lightly, but his claw scratched down her back.  It ripped her cloak in two and left a scrape down her back.

    Enraged, she whipped around, grabbing the hilt of the protdruding blade, now that her cloak was ruined, and swung at the remaining rat.  The last thing he saw before his life was snuffed out, was the merciless glint in her eyes.

    Freedom cleaned the blade of her dagger and sword on the hapless weasels tunic; he was still knocked out.  She sheathed the dagger at her hip and quickly turned around, the otter pup's distressed squeak reaching her ears.  She dashed over to his side and looked down at him, seeing that he was unharmed, then looked up and spotted the vixen.  Freedom made no move to attack her, but kept her sword hung loosely at her side just in case.  "Friends of yours?" she asked, indicating the slain rats and injured weasel behind her.

  • Leonid headed up to his quarters and picked out a dark cloak. It would allow him to sneak along the darkness, should the need arise. Otherwise, he assumed he was as ready as he could be.

    He grabbed his spear and left, his heart pounding with anticipation as he returned to the night air. He approached the gates with the other volunteers. He stopped before the great doors and tapped the ground with the butt of his spear. "It's about time we got to the bottom of this mess. Let us out! We'll return before you know it!" he called out to the guards.

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    …She dashed over to his side and looked down at him, seeing that he was unharmed, then looked up and spotted the vixen.  Freedom made no move to attack her, but kept her sword hung loosely at her side just in case.  "Friends of yours?" she asked, indicating the slain rats and injured weasel behind her.

    Avalon backed up a little and laughed nervously at first “Ehhh no heh, heh… I’m here to help you woodlanders, I just want to make sure you’re not going to behead me first. I don’t bite… actually I do but that’s beside the point. Ugh….are you going to attack me or not?”


    Vespair grinned as she cradled her baby daughter in her arms while her husband Darrius rummaged through one of the supply packs as he talked to Vespair “Shouldn’t bee too long now, only about a day’s travel to Redwall I figure… Are you feeling any better, those two rats gave you quite a scare back there?”
    Vespair nodded and let  her daughter’s tiny paws grab one of her paw toes “I’m fine now, I never thought rats would be so clumsy as to chase us into a holt full of otters.”
    Darrius agreed though he felt a little disappointed about the otters “Yes, I only wish we could have stayed with ‘em longer but with Callie so young I want to make sure you both are as close as possible to a good healer.”
    Darrius turned around as something rattled the nearby bushes “Hello, is there someone there?”
    A cool, relaxed voice replied as a white claw protruded from one of the bushes “Why yes there is some beast here, just looking for a few beasts to spend the night with considering all the rats in the area.”
    Darrius saw the white claw even in the darkness and reached for his shrew rapier which was a little small for a mouse like him “If that’s the case then why don’t you show yourself?”
    The voice sounded a little hurt by Darrius’s mood “I don’t want you to run or attack.”
    Darrius pointed the rapier low to the ground and tried to be more inviting though he was cautious “Then show yourself now and I promise I won’t throw the first blow.”
    The voice sounded more pleased as the claw retracted back into the bush “You won’t.”
    Darrius nodded “I won’t I promise.”
    Thyra stepped slowly from the bushes and grinned “Hya!”
    Darrius and Vespair looked at each other before they both spoke to Thyra simultaneously “You’re a fox!”
    Thyra stopped grinning and sounded plain “I noticed, you think I had a list to pick from as to what kind of creature I wanted to be?”
    Darrius looked stone faced for a moment but eventually began to chuckle “No, come on and sit down. Best we eat and try to get some rest while we can or we might not get any!”
    Thyra looked up at the dark night sky “There is still a decent amount of night left, I’m sure we’ll get a good amount of rest in before tomorrow.”
    The group had a small meal and then dozed off to sleep until the next day.

  • "No, I'm not going to attack you.  If you were with them, you'd of try to kill me already."  she sheathed her sword and smiled reassuringly at Avalon before she put a soothing paw on top of the little otters head.  "Shh little one, it's ok she's not going to hurt you.  Where are your mum and dad?"

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  • Leonid ventured into Mossflower, becoming more and more wary of his surroundings as he headed further away from Redwall. The other volunteers were scattered about. He did his best to avoid making noise along the brush, as his eyes continuously scanned ahead of him. He stopped and froze as his paw struck something soft. His eyes traveled down to the body of a sea rat who was recently killed. Several images from the past swept through his mind.

    "Urk!" He doubled over and brought a paw to his mouth as he nearly puked. He swallowed deeply and took several breaths before looking around. Several other beasts were scattered about, lying dead still in the clearing. He couldn't tell if it was the work of an individual or a group of beasts.

    As his composure returned, he stepped past the bodies and continued further, his heart racing as he felt the perpetrator was somewhere nearby.

  • The young otter looked up at Freedom with watery eyes “I dunno, other rats took ‘em sumwhere…”
    The otter started sobbing as the feeling immediate danger around him faded. Avalon frowned and started walking over at a slow pace still completely unsure of the woodlanders “Is there anyplace that you can take him where he’ll be safe for now?”
    The fur on the back of Avalon’s neck stood on end as a feeling that they were being watched entered her mind “Do you feel that?”

    Elsewhere Darrius, Vespair, and Thyra were awake with the first one slinging a supply pack on his back “Well off to Redwall I guess, nice meeting you… Come on Vespair.”
    Thyra looked at Darrius with curious and harmless eyes “Redwall, what is Redwall and where is it?”
    Darrius grinned as he turned to the vixen “Redwall is an abbey just south of here. A lot of woodlanders live there in peace protected by the sandstone walls that contain the abbey as well as an orchard. Would you like to come?”
    Thyra smiled giving the impression she was pleased about the offer “Certainly I’d like to travel to Redwall.”
    Vespair was about to pick up when she heard Darrius choke causing her to turn around and see her husband clutching his neck as the vixen stood with a shocked face “Darrius, what’s wrong?”
    Vespair ran over to Darrius who fell to his knees as the vixen walked over sounding honestly concerned “Has he been stung by something?”
    Vespair trembled as she tried to pull her husband’s paws from his neck to no result before he suddenly fell onto his side dead “But.. Wha… Don’t leave me Darrius, please, what about Callie? Darrius???”
    Thyra put a claw on Vespair’s shoulder “Easy, don’t worry you’ll see him again soon enough.”
    Vespair put her face in her paws “How ee’s dead can’t you see tha…” Vespair looked at Thyra and heard a distinct whirl as something small zipped through the air “Uhack!!!”
    A small dart pricked Vespair in her throat causing her to clutch her neck with both paws, she looked at Darrius in horror, the same thing was happening to her!
    Vespair looked back at Thyra and spoke with a weakening voice as the vixen smiled broadly “You… you killed him!”
    Thyra laughed and put her claw over Vespair’s paws “Ha, ha, yes… and you, the instant reaction of putting your paws over the wound only speeds the injection of the venom you know. Ahhh, it doesn’t really matter though, you’re dead either way… Told you you’d see your ‘beloved’ soon enough, I didn’t say either of you would be alive now did I?
    Vespair fell over on her side paralyzed as it became more difficult to breath leaving the vixen to walk over to inspect the other supply packs. Thyra was about to kneel down and look at the largest of the packs when she heard Callie start to whimper. She looked at the tiny mouse and gave a smile that would have broken a mirror it was so evil. Vespair’s vision faded as Thyra lifted one of her boots, the last thing Vespair ever heard was a sickening crunch followed by silence only broken by the vixen’s laughing and nothing else including the whimpers of her daughter.

  • "Don't worry little one, we'll find them.  Until then, you can come back with us to Redwall."  She stroked his head softly, Avalon's words causing her to nod her head.  "Yes I do.  Take the babe and stand behind me."

    Freedom drew her sword and took up a stance in front of them, her ears picking up the sounds of somebeast coming cautiously towards them.  The wind shifted and she sniffed the air lightly, the smells of the woods around her and something else faintly reaching her.  It smelled of….freshly baked bread and October Ale?  She cocked an eyebrow and called out into the night.  "You can stop trying to sneak now, I can hear you plain as day.  Who are you and what do you want?"

  • Leonid crept through the woods, steam rising from his lips as he exhaled into the cold night air. He squinted through the darkness as several silhouettes took shape ahead of him.

    The same images from the past swept through his mind, images of war and bloodshed. His vision started to double as he felt the adrenaline pump into his veins. He let out a quiet growl as he turned his spear forward, gripping it in both paws. He imagined them as vermin, laughing wickedly with their crooked smiles, and their eyes glinting with the desire to maim and kill. It had to be them. In his mind, there could be no other explanation. He watched as one of them approached, reinforcing his initial assumptions by drawing their weapon. Whoever it was was calling to him in a muffled voice he could no longer recognize.

    "For Redwaaall!" he shouted like a beast driven mad, charging forward with his spear as he was yet unable to make out the creatures before him. He started to stumble as one of his foot paws struck a root.

  • Avalon’s right paw dropped close to one of her throwing knives as the feeling her black eyes emitted changed not to something cold but something that would send a chill down the spines of most beasts “Freedom careful, I feel that there’s more than one about.”
    Avalon kept behind the otter pup with the intention of preventing any beast attacking him from behind though she wasn’t quite sure of how many beasts there were and what direction they were in.

    Nova’s eyes shined hostilely as she watched the squirrel, crouched from her position in the bushes behind him, the beast seemed to have his eyes on something giving her the opportunity to strike. The white vixen shifted on her legs with half her mind telling her to just gut him from behind while the other half opted to stay and watch to see if he’d attract other foes. Inside her head Nova argued with herself even as Leonid began to charge at whatever it was he was watching.

    On the path to Redwall a group of Noonvale travelers were pulling a covered wagon towards the abbey with the intent on bartering and resting. The mouse sitting at the front of the wagon looked behind him at the two squirrel maids who were dozing lightly in the back of the wagon leaving him to chuckle lightly to Nith the badger who was pulling them “Heh, sleeping like abbey dibbuns they are… You think Redwall’s changed since last season Nith?”
    The badger grinned slightly as he replied easily, his young muscular body able to easily pull the cart and spare enough energy to do just about anything else in an instant “I don’t know Caghn, I’ve heard rumors that a few beasts have returned to the abbey and that another Abbot has taken seat at the abbey but they are only rumors. I want to see everything for myself before I make any judgment.”
    Caghn heard one of the squirrel maids shift around in the back causing him to look over his shoulder “Sorry I didn… Irella? Argh… Nith, I think Irella rolled herself out the back… again!”
    Nith stopped bring the cart to a halt as he spoke with confusion “I thought you fixed the back latches?”
    Caghn stopped and looked back again “Huh, the back’s still up, that’s odd.”
    Caghn jumped down off the wagon and walked to the back “Irella… Irella!”
    The other squirrel maid sat up and looked from the back of the cart “Wha, what’s going on?”
    Caghn looked up at the squirrel maid “Srella, your sister’s gone missing for the third time in a week, stop sitting up there and help me find her… Again.”
    Caghn froze as a dart suddenly sprouted from Srella’s throat causing her to instantly grasp her neck and fall onto the floor of the wagon leaving Caghn dashing back around the wagon for cover as he shouted to Nith “Attack, we’re being attacked!”
    Nith looked at Caghn who was shivering leaving him no doubt the mouse was telling the truth “By who? Where from, tell me and I shall deal with them!”
    Caghn looked up to reply but suddenly rocketed into the air screeching with pain as a dart pricked him in one of hiss footpaws having been shot under the wagon “Ahhh, I’ve been hit! HELP!!!”
    Caghn scrambled up into the wagon and yanked the dart out of his footpaw and observed the dart as a liquid dripped from its bloody tip “Ack, poison!”
    Caghn reached for a flask in the wagon when he noticed the head of a white beast rising up from behind the back of the wagon “Ohh, no!”
    Nith turned to look and was knocked back as Caghn jumped back out of the wagon with three more darts protruding from his back. The badger looked into his friends clouding eyes as he fell off him and landed on the ground leaving Nith all alone. The badger crept to the side of the path and took cover in the ditch slowly making his way along to where the vegetation on his side was closest as he shouted “Who’s there? Show yourself coward!”
    Nith heard no reply as he climbed from the ditch and made for the nearest bush. He was almost there when four whirrs sounded in rapid succession leaving four darts to stick into his chest causing him to roar with pain “Ahhh, you’ll pay for what you have done coward!”
    Nith lunged into the bushes and tackled Thyra, slamming the vixen against the ground. Thyra growled and clicked her boots together. Nith began to strangle her with his powerful paws but realeased his grasp as the vixen plunged the switchblade on her left boot into his abdomen and kicked him away with her right boot. Nith stumbled back into the ditch realizing that even he wasn’t immune to the poison “I, I… Argh!!!”
    Nith charged forward and swung sending Thyra tumbling along the ground back into the vegetation and out of his sight. Rather than pursue his attacked Nith knew it was wiser to seek immediate attention and grabbed the flask from the wagon which he drank as he stumbled along, the contents would slow the poison but not stop it. Nith looked back guessing he must have knocked the beast unconscious but still he didn’t have time to check and he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to find out.

    OOC: This entire post is now taking place in the present.

  • Freedom recognized the the shouts from the Redwall squirrel, but then the scent of another beast hit her; a fox.  She cursed lightly under her breath and sheathed her sword, her mind whirring as she decided which move to make next.  "There are two of them.  The one charging at us is my friend.  He has….delusions, that get set off by certain sights and smells.  They trigger memories that he'd rather forget.  I can handle him, but there's another fox out there somewhere, I can smell it.  Whatever you do, don't leave the babe alone." she said to Avalon before she dashed forward to meet Leonid head on.

    She managed to side-step the thrusting spear as the squirrel fell forward, but the edge of the blade caught her on the side and she sucked in a sharp breath, grabbing  the wooden shaft of the spear at the same time.  "Leonid snap out of it, it's Freedom!  Keep your voice down or you're gonna attract every bloody living thing in the woods!" she held on gamely to the weapon in an attempt to take it from him before he REALLY hurt somebody, trying to keep her voice down but get her point across effectively at the same time.  Most of the time she was successful; but then there were the other times….  Freedom hoped he'd return to reality quickly, for she feared for the little otter's safety.

  • Leonid struggled against her. "Grr, what are you babbling about, you-!?" He used his strength to break her grip from the spear and shove her down.

    The double shapes before him rapidly fell back into place. He looked down to see Freedom on the ground, suffering a wound likely inflicted by his spear. Disillusioned, his eyes widened with shock. "Freedom!?" He turned and noticed the otter pup and the black vixen. It seemed they weren't a threat.

    He cursed at himself under his breath as he dropped his spear and ran over to Freedom's side. "Are you all right? Can you still walk? If so, I'll help you up." As he lent her his paw, he was immediately aware that there were other unknown presences nearby. His eyes frantically scanned the trees left and right.

  • Avalon watched Leonid ran over to Freedom and froze stiff as something came thundering from behind her. Avalon slowly turned her head until she could see Nith charging at her leaving her jaw to drop open. The black vixen pushed the otter pup forward and yelped as the badger tackled her to the ground and put one arm across her neck to start strangling Avalon who didn’t have the strength to fight such a large foe even if he was weakened. Avalon looked Nith in the eyes and squeaked seeing that they had a red tint to them his blood wrath having been triggered as a result of the poison and resistance potion “HELP!!!”

    Nova kept down waiting for Nith to attract the attention of the others before making a move though she did let a claw drop to her broadsword.

  • "Don't worry about me, what's a couple of scars to add to my collection."  As she said this she grit her teeth, the pain in her back and side almost overwhelming.  But as of now they had more pressing matters to attend to.

    The commotion from the young badger and Avalon's cry for help brought her to her feet in a hurry and she dashed towards them.  "Leonid come on, he's gonna strangle her to death!"

    When they got close enough, there was enough moonlight for Freedom to see that it was a young badger, and from the way he was frothing at the mouth it looked as if the cursed bloodwrath was upon him.  She also noted, that his movements were lethargic and strained, as if he were trying hard to fight against something.  Then she noticed the dark stains on his shirt, and new something was wrong right away.  "Leonid quick, can you knock him out or something?  I think he's been poisoned and the venom has sent him into the bloodwrath!"

  • @Belisarius:

    The black vixen pushed the otter pup forward and yelped as the badger tackled her to the ground and put one arm across her neck to start strangling. Avalon looked Nith in the eyes and squeaked seeing that they had a red tint to them his blood wrath having been triggered as a result of the poison and resistance potion “HELP!!!”

    Leonid's head turned and his eyes widened as the badger pinned the vixen to the ground and attempted to strangle her. Her scream for help ringed in his ears.

    "Don't worry about me, what's a couple of scars to add to my collection."
    The commotion from the young badger and Avalon's cry for help brought her to her feet in a hurry and she dashed towards them.  "Leonid come on, he's gonna strangle her to death!"

    "I can see that!" Leonid quickly ran for his spear before following after Freedom.

    When [she] got close enough, there was enough moonlight for Freedom to see that it was a young badger, and from the way he was frothing at the mouth it looked as if the cursed bloodwrath was upon him.

    "Leonid quick, can you knock him out or something?  I think he's been poisoned and the venom has sent him into the bloodwrath!"

    "Poisoned!? I'm no weak squirrel, I'll think of something," he muttered as he ran his spear into the ground and left it to stand.

    "Hold on!" he shouted to the vixen as he approached the badger from the side. His brows furrowed as he cuffed a fist in preparation. He attempted to smash his elbow into the back of the badger's neck, hoping his strength would be enough to knock the enraged beast out.

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