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    Oliver was at the kitchen, a drool droplet from his mouth. The aroma alone sent his taste buds soaring. "Umm.. Mr. Friar? May I have some food please?!"

  • Flick smacked oliver smartly across the hand as it reached for a blackberry pie cooling on the counter next to him. "Absolutely not you fiend. this is for the dinner requested by the abbot. Here is a loaf of bread if you are hungry."

    ooc- (who is the abbot any how)

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    ooc: I don't know o_o

    "Ow!" He moved his hand away quickly and rubbed it. "A loaf of bread? C'mon please? Can I have some soup and some strawberry cordial? I do love strawberry Cordial. Best drink ever made." He started to drool again, he devoured the bread like nothing.

  • "Quit drooling or you're going to get the pie slobbery!" shoving a loaf of bread into Oliver's arms along with a flask of elderberry wine pulling the pie away at the same time. "Does that please your ever hungry stomach?"

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    "Yes thank you. Mind if I ask why you are preparing so much food right now?" He sipped the wine and munched on some bread. "You know theres rumors of an evil beast walking about the roads."

  • "All the more reason to eat. Here, take this to the beasts on watch." Flick said shoving more vittles into the squirrels arms.

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    Oliver sighed and walked to the ramparts, arms full of food.

  • Flick pulled out a fresh scone and set it aside for Oliver for when he returned. Got to be a reward.

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    He walked up the ladder, and handed out the food stuffs to all the beasts on watch. They all smiled and thanked him. Oliver wave to them and they waved back; he returned to the kitchen. "Its all done, I gave them the food and they loved it. " He smiled.

  • -ooc-  The abbot will be voted on after the first great war, just like the Champion.

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    He grabbed the scone and thanked him politely. He had plenty of elderberry wine left. He put it in a container he made that is usually used to hold water and walked out of the kitchen. He had a smile on his face, keeping the thought of that creature on the path in the back of his mind.

  • scampers in and slides to a halt. and sneaks in staying the the shadows. Jessie points at the scones. tessa nodded.
    One by one the scones disapeard. Tessa and Jessie scamperd out and when to the noth wall.
    they opened the sack of scones.
    "nothing better then fresh hot scones, eh, Jessie?"
    "Your right on that!"

  • ooc- If you try to steal the scones then you would burn your hands doing it cause they are still cooking in the pan. I took out the first one done in the batch.

  • ooc: drat it oh well. Tessa and JEssie burned thier hands

  • Quarrel grimaced when he saw the maids get their paws burnt. All he could think though was that it kinda served them right.

  • ooc: I know they are trouble makers and so that is the punishment

  • Quarrel glanced around for a moment to make sure nobody was looking. Then he reached into his pack to retrieve his hotroot crystals. But when he did, he saw with a terrifying shock, that they were gone.
      When he glanced around again he saw that they were nowhere to be seen.
        "Oh, no…

  • Tabasco edged around the doorframe, hesitating at the windowsill. Her talons made muted tapping sounds on the ceramic flooring.  "Keharr! Friarbeast, this bird need vittles!" She rudely demanded, wingtips creeping near a fresh mushroom pastie.

    { EDIT: Since nobody seems to be posting here.. xD; }

    After curling her feathertips around a pastie, and an accompanying cherry pie, the hawk hastily hopskipped out of the kitchen, wary of the Friar's smarting ladel.

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