Rymn Vokk

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       I'm going to introduce him via Role-play before giving the list of his attributes because I'm finding it more comfortable to do so.  It shows the psychology rather than telling about it.
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       … Equality. Rymn opened his eyes. He took a deep breath.
       The youngsters danced around him in circles, casting insulting remarks, jeering and laughing. He refused to let himself glance in the direction of the wall steps. He hated to think that Tess might be watching. He clenched his paws.
       "Are you angry, mousy? You gonna take a swing?" Martin taunted. "Come on, are you a complete coward? Don't you know how to fight?"
       The older children all stood around in a circle, calling encouragement to their idle, Martin.
       Pretending to ignore their calls, Martin leered at him. "He father says that all vermin are cowards. You can't be so different." He kicked sand at Rymn. "Come on, swing a paw!"
       Peace. Equality. Rymn tried desperately to remember what Reuben had taught him, hoping he could block out all of the taunting and teasing by remembering his words. He felt his eyes begin to moisten and he squeezed his eyes shut as the tears began to flow. He felt a sob rising in his throat.
       "The rat's crying!" Martin laughed. "He's crying!" He held up his paws as if in helplessness. The others laughed.
       These particular children were unusually bullyish for Redwallers, but Martin was the worst. He was the same age as Rymn, but a full head taller. He had pale-brown fur and sharp features, with bright blue eyes. He was a fighter and a leader, but too young and too proud. He had been named after the famed Warrior of Redwall, but he had not been granted the Warrior's humility.
       Out of nowhere, he pushed Rymn. Finally, Rymn couldn't take it anymore and let out his frustration in a poorly-aimed swing for Martin's head. Martin dodged easily and twisted his arm around, then flung him down onto his back. Rymn gasped desperately for air.
       "Weakling. Coward." He laughed and crossed his arms and grinned as Rymn looked up at him. "You don't belong here, rat."
       You don't belong here, rat… The words echoed through his head.
       You don't belong here, rat…
       Simple taunts felt viscous, the slightest tease stung like a needle. Joel or Reuben always came to his rescue when it happened. Joel was another mouse, Martin's younger brother. But he was every inch the beast that Martin was, yet kinder. A true hero at heart. Even Martin was afraid of him.
       Rymn might have become a closer friend to Joel, but he looked up to him too much. He would not draw close because he was scared to. And then, all too similar, was Tess. She was beautiful. Rymn couldn't bring himself to even look at her when she was near. He felt hideous, inadequate, vile.
       You don't belong here, rat…

    Rymn slipped his paw into Reuben's emaciated, ink-stained fingers. The ancient vole smiled. "Hmmm… you are there, Ruvokk?" Martin found a word once in a book that he enjoyed using: Ruvokk. Half-rat. The elders forbade use of the word when they first heard it, but the damage was already done. Only Reuben used it out of endearment. Any other time it was whispered in secret or in taunting. Reuben was an ancient vole with so many years behind him that his fur was half-white and his tiny paws left like feathers. His mind, however, never dulled. He was witty, he was wise. He was gentle and kind. He was also Rymn's one real, truly equal, friend.
       "Yes, father, I am here." Rymn replied.
       "Father…" Reuben chuckled. "Grandfather is more like it. Even then, I think that's stretching the species a little far." There was a moment of silence between them. Then the gatekeeper spoke again. "Do they still torment you?"
       It had been years since Rymn had run to him for comfort, but his silence was answer enough.
       "Remember, Rymn; never hate. Hate is never the answer. Peace, Humility, Equality. Even in adversity. It will all change for the better someday."
       Rymn swallowed. "Do you remember my mother well?"
       "Oh yes, very well. Beautiful, young. As you know, she died giving birth to you."
       A lump rose in the child's throat. "Did she die before she saw me? Did she see what she gave her life for?"
       There were several moments of silence. Then, firmly, the vole rebuked him. "Now see here, boy. Your mother would be proud of you if she were here today. Don't ever forget that. It didn't take long for us to discover what you were, but we treated you with all the care and love that we gave any other youngster. You cannot allow the children to chose what you think of your own character. You are a strong, handsome and brave lad. You are wise. That counts for much. When I leave, I will be proud that I had left such a fine beast to take my charge."
       Rymn smiled sadly. "Are you leaving soon?"
       "Oh yes," The blind vole smiled. "I am going home soon. I'll see Lily. And Ciera." He sighed.
       A tear trickled down Rymn's face. "I know I can't tell you not to go, but I know I will miss you."
       The vole squeezed Rymn's strong paws gently. "And that's enough for me. Thank you. I'll see you again, friend."
       "Tell my mother that I love her."
       "I will." The vole smiled. Moments later, he passed into a deep sleep.
       "And that I forgive her." Rymn whispered.

    Weeks later, after the vole's funeral, the teasing subsided for only a short while. Now there was no one to defend him. Joel didn't leave his room anymore, for grief. He had loved the old teacher and gatekeeper as well.
       Rymn felt numbed by friend's passing. Reuben had meant everything to him. Standing beside the fresh grave, all alone, he stared blankly at where his friend had gone to rest.
       "He was jealous, you know."
       Rymn turned to see Tess standing right behind him. She smiled sadly and stepped forward. "Martin was jealous. The old vole constantly said that you were his finest student."
       Rymn shrugged in an embarrassed manner. "No, that was Joel. Joel was the better student."
       Tess shook her head as she put an arm around his shoulders. "Reuben didn't think so."
       Rymn felt warm all over suddenly. Tess had never done that before. He wanted to stand there with her all day, just talking. But then, the words were gone. He couldn't think of anything to say. So he went silent. Hesitantly, he raised his paw and put it around her shoulders as well.
       "Tessella!" Martin called.
       Tess quickly pulled away and turned. "What do you want?" Rymn thought for a moment that she might have felt sounded guilty, but he banished it as wishful thinking.
       "What are you doing over here?" Martin demanded, his soft brown ears twitching with annoyance, his paw resting on the hilt of his small practice sword. "Shouldn't you be picking apples in the orchard?"
       Tess crossed her paws defiantly. "What business is it of yours?"
       Martin passed slowly by her, trying to stare her down. When she met the gaze unwaveringly, he become bored and turned to Rymn. "I want to talk to you."
       "What about?" Rymn lacked the spirit to snap and felt too tired of heart to be scared. He turned back to the vole's grave. Behind him, he could hear Tess leaving.
       Martin stepped close and whispered into his ear. "Keep clear of Tess, or you'll regret it."
       Surprised, Rymn suppressed a hollow laugh. "All these years, you've called me a coward. Now who is the coward? You've been reduced to threats to protect your affections." Rymn spat.
       Martin's face hardened. "Try saying those words while staring down my blade."
       "I'm no soldier."
       "Then stay away from me. Or I'll prove my superiority."
       "Superiority? And you wanted to be Reuben's star student? Remember Equality. And yet you play the part of a fool, thinking the sword rules all. You are an idiot, Martin."
       Martin whipped out the sword and locked Rymn against the blade so fast that Rymn couldn't see it coming. But the ruvokk didn't flinch.
       Martin looked furious. "Do you know why Reuben called you 'Rymn'?"
       "It's the old word for 'Antithesis'. He said I would bring shame to my kind."
       "And yet, you've only shamed the kind you wish you were. You are Rymn, the antithesis of not vermin, Redwallers." The mouse breathed down Rymn's throat. "Did Reuben ever tell you what happened the day you were born? I was there. I remember."
       "What are you talking about?" Rymn scoffed, but he could not help feeling afraid. What happened? "How could you remember? That was so long ago."
       "Because," Martin said coyly. "It's the only time in living memory that a creature in Redwall screamed."
       Ice filmed over Rymn's heart. "She screamed?" Don't believe him, he told himself. He's lying. He only wants to torment you.
       Martin laughed. "She screamed all right. It was your father's last torture. She would have survived the vermin's whip's, but she died giving birth to her greatest shame. You traded your sorry self for the last thing my sister had."
       Rymn's breathing grew labored. His eyes narrowed. Never hate, Reuben had warned him. If he had ever needed his friend's advice, it was now. In memory of Reuben, he swallowed his pride and put his trust in his word. Peace. Equality.
       Martin threw him to the ground. Then he kicked him.
       "Stop!" Tess put herself in between Martin and Rymn. "Stop it! Leave him alone!" She glared at him.
       Rymn stood up, obviously in pain.
       "Leave us alone. We're just practicing, aren't we, Rymn?" Then he pushed Tess out of the way. He lift his sword. He was going to slap Rymn with the flat of the blade.
       Tess didn't see it coming. She stepped in front of him again.
       "Don't!" Rymn shouted. He grabbed her and pulled her to one side.
       A feint. Rymn saw it too late. Martin's swing had been a feint. In the same instant that Rymn moved Tess, Martin moved his sword.
       Rymn caught her as she fell, crying out in pain. The sword had bit deeply into her side. "Tess!" His voice broke with his horror. "Tess!"
       Martin looked broken. The sword fell from his numb paws. "You killed her…"
       "Go get help!"
       "You killed her!" Martin shouted in fury.
       Abbey Beasts were already hurrying over to see what the matter was. One of the sisters gasped in horror at the scene. An Infirmary keeper knelt beside Tess to inspect the wound. Rymn stepped away.
       "She'll live." The sister said calmly. "But she's still awake. She'll need something to put her to sleep." She looked up at Martin first. Or course. "What happened?"
       He pointed at me. "He said rude things to me. He..."
       The sister urged him on. "And then?"
       Martin swallowed. "Well... I got angry and I was... going to punish him." The sister was about to saying something, but Martin interuppted. "Her grabbed her and put her in the way! I wasn't going to hurt him! He got scared and put her in front of him."
       All eyes turned to Rymn. The sister looked stern and distrustful. He felt speechless. "No... I..." He began to stutter. He couldn't think of anything to say. Reuben would know he was innocent. None of the others knew him. He never spoke or spent time outside the Gatehouse, except to eat. To them, he was simply ruvokk. How could he explain himself?
       "Rymn?" A weak voice said.
       Everyone looked down. Tess had her eyes open. She was staring and Rymn.
       "Tess." Rymn began to feel some releif. Then he saw the look in her eyes. "Tess. Please. Tell them I didn't mean to…" He knelt down beside her. "It was an accident. It wasn't my fault." He tried to take her paw, but she pulled away. The abbeybeasts started whispering. Rymn felt the urge to cry, but his tears were gone, all of them used up and dried away. He saw the look on her face, the same look that the dibbuns gave. Fear.
       He stood up slowly and looked at the others. "You believe me, don't you?"
       He saw the looks on their faces then. He heard Reuben's voice in his ears. There is equality within Redwall. But wouldn't they believe him if he weren't a rat?
       "I'm sorry, Rymn." One sister said. "Tess does not support your story."
       "He attacked me!" Rymn pointed at Martin. "He swung the sword, not me!" There is peace is Redwall. There is equality.
       "I'm sorry, but in the absence of an Abbot or Abbot, I must declare you outcast."
       Rymn felt the world crash in around him. He took a step back. Then another. He was an outcast? And Martin was forgotten.
       "You must go."

    Rymn Vokk washed the blood from his battle-scarred face. The stream turned murky red. Kneeling low, he took a long moment, examinging his reflection in the rippling waters. His fur was gray and brown, the white stained blood red. He bared his pearly-white teeth, cold and angry. What had Redwall turned him into?
       The best and the kindest had taken him into their home. They brought him close to their hearts. They taught him peace, humility and equality…
       ... by example.
       He hardly looked like a mouse anymore. It wasn't hard to pass off as a rat when it was half your blood. It was even easier when you were raised by an Abbey full of them.

    I'm sorry this turned out so long. I couldn't help it. I wanted to included everything.  :wubs:

    Whomever takes this chara can make additions/alterations:

    Full Name: Rymn Vokk

    Species: Half water-rat, half mouse

    Description: Dark brown eyes, brown and grey streaked fur. He has many battle scars and typically wears a stony expression. He is very large and well-built for a rat. He has spent the last eight years of his life on his own, fighting and foraging by himself, fending for himself and establishing his territory. Vermin stay away from him when they can.

    Possessions: A dagger, a leather belt and an old broadsword. He also has a makeshift tent and constructs whatever else he needs.

       - Well educated

       - Still believes what Martin said about his mothers screams. He believes, also, that he is as hideous and vile as he was told when he was younger.

       (See above)

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    It was actually hard to write. I was trying to find something I could do to a character that would completely alter and define him.

  • I think you hit the nail right on the head with that.

    I found it quite interesting that Martin, who is named after THE Martin, is the exact opposite of his namesake.¬† Very interesting. ūüôā

  • Amazing‚Ķ If no one else has, I lay claim. But, I don't know if I can do justice to such and amazing character. He is evil now, correct?

  • Yep, he's yours ūüôā

    And whether or not he is evil is up to you. Try to think about what he would think. If he was hurt so deeply while inwardly defending the ideals that Reuben had taught him, wouldn't those ideals snap somewhere in his mind? The question is, does he suddenly lay no value on them? Or does he feel an intense desire to cleanse Mossflower of people who despise them? Like Redwall?
        I think that he would probably be a twisted good guy who does bad things in the name a good. Shrug I hope that makes sense.
        As far as doing him justice, don't RP him. Let him RP you. Don't control your character. Become him and let him do whatever he wants, be it shallow, undramatic or anti-climatic, always move him toward his goal.

  • So he's more or less a vigilante caught between a bitter, cold, and calculating view of the world, yet can't help to feel that while there is so much evil, there is still good in the world despite what he's been through?

  • Maybe. ūüôā

    Oh! Or he would simply resign himself to being verminkind. Actually, I think that is the most likely result because he believes that everyone will always see him as vermin. So what's the difference?

  • Sounds reasonable to me; it's the classic looking-glass theory;¬† "I think I am what you think I think I am."

  • It saddens me that the story ended so soon! I want to read more!

    Amazing. Simply amazing. You had my attention from start to finish and you did a superb job at breathing life and realism into your characters. I felt for poor Rymn and boy oh boy would I love to beat the stuffings out of Martin (and then some! Grrr!).

    I couldn't blame Rymn for turning to a life of villainy. No beast stood up for him (not sure how many were there) but that is truly terrible when people make assumptions about things they don't know about or were witness to.

    I can imagine how angry and hurt this character would feel…and I can see his bitterness twisting his psychology over time.

    This character has a lot of potential to be very interesting!

    I applaud you sir. A most excellent read, this was !

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