Asylum Nextdoor (Vik,Danker,Oliver,Temp)

  • On a could fall night in a mansion empty as the desert, a lonesome fox wandered his halls. Jeromey, with his insomnia, had to find things to do at night, his favorite playing his large pipe organ in his study. His house was so empty, and the hard wood trees that surrounded his home made for excellent amplifiers. When he played, it could be hears miles around, causing other beasts to be prone to sleep deprivation. He didn't care if the world hated his music, he loved it, and that's the only thing that mattered to him. His notes echoed through the land, making it have a old horror film feel to it. His joy was evidence in his organ, the song so merry.

  • "Who is making all that racket in the middle of the night!" Bartholomew yelled from his bedroom, "is it Jeromey and his blasted organ?" Servants milled about the house in disarray. Some managed to quickly put on normal clothing while others stumbled about in nightgowns. Vinch was in the center of it all, already wearing his armor and carrying his giant axe.

    "I think it would be 'im boss!" Vinch called to his master, cupping his free paw around his mouth, "should go give 'im a taste of m' axe?"

    Bartholomew emerged from his bed chamber, fully dressed, but not a little disgruntled. "No Vinch, that will not be necessary," he looked down the tall flight of steps at his confused minions, "how were you able to but on all that equipment so fast?"

    "I sleep wit' it boss," Vinch grinned, "I never let go ol' Gutcleaver!" He raised his giant blade.

    "Oh great," Bartholomew rolled his eyes, "it has a name now. Come on Vinch, we should go see Jeromey." He walked down the flight of steps and made his way through the masses. Vinch followed, though somewhat more noisily. He elbowed and pushed aside those who wouldn't get out of his way. They went tumbling several feet.

    Bartholomew unlocked and unbarred the door. Vinch pushed it open and they both went out into the cold night air. Without the walls of the mansion muffling any sound, the music grew only louder. "Blast that fox," Bartholomew muttered, "why couldn't I have a normal neighbor?" They proceeded to Jeromey's door and Vinch began to knock loudly upon it. "Come on Jeromey!" Bartholomew shouted, "this is the third time this week! Let us in!"

  • Jeromey stopped playing with a bang of several notes, a bit mad. He started to walk out of the room, Has moving along the wall. "What are you doing Jeromey?" He softly hissed.
    "Bartholomew would like a word with me."
    "Leave the moussse be. He doesssn' dessserve to ssssee you."
    "I'm sorry Has, but I think I should at least talk to the neighboor." The fox walked down his large staircase, pawsteps echoing. The entrance was quite empty of any thing extravagant. He walked to his front door and opened it, the creaking grew louder with in his home. "Yes Vinch and servant Mew?" The fox still thought Vinch was the owner of Barth's manor, despite many explanations from the mouse. "Would you like to step inside? It's quite cold outside."

  • Vinch grinned when Jeromey called him the master. He knew he would never be in charge but he still like having somebody thing he was. Bartholomew just sighed. He was done with trying to explain his position to the mad fox.

    "Yes, thank you," Bartholomew said as they entered, "I don't mean to be rude, you are a wonderful organ player an all, but could you find something else to do in the night?" As he stood talking to Jeromey, Vinch started wandering about. He started to open a door but was halted by Bartholomew.

    "Vinch, please leave Jeromey's house alone," Bartholomew said. Vinch quickly released his grasp on the doorknob.

  • The fox tensed up as Vinch grabbed the knob. Out of all the doors in his house he had to grab that one. That lead into the brood room, Has and Fa's laying chamber. As Bartholomew called Vinch back over, he relaxed. "I don't sleep well at night. The organ keeps me fom getting upset, and calms my nerves."
    He walked into his large, spacious living room. Just a few large chairs, made for badgers, infront of a fire place. No pantings, rugs, or statues. Just emptyness. The fire place had extravegent carvings of vipers though. "Come sit, Vinch you may look around my house, but do not enter the rooms with red doors." They were other brood rooms.

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    The music is what called to her.  The music is what drove her on, through her cold-induced feverish state, the sound of the organ playing led her through the woods, bringing her closer and closer to some semblance of civilization.  She had taken refuge in the trees before the sun had set; some creatures had been following her, chasing her, hunting her, but as soon as the trees and foliage of the errie place enveloped her, they quit their pursuit.  She stumbled around in the darkness, far from home and frightened, and then through the quiet the music started to play.  She had been entranced.  Once the music stopped, she was plunged back into the darkness and quiet of the forest, but through the dark leaves and the moonlight, she could see a mansion.

    Fynn was a young squirrel of the tender age of twenty.  She was an odd looking creature; her fur was a light gray, with random splashes of orange and white mixed in with the gray.  Kinda like a tortoise shell cat.  Her hair was long and multicolored, like her fur, only it was more red.  This she kept back in a bun of sorts, but in her current dishelved state it was falling in her eyes.  Her dark blue eyes were wide and frightened.  Usually, she was a composed and calculated woman; it took a lot to set her off, and she is calm.  However, due to the harrowing event of being chased down across country, she was currently off her guard.

    She stared up at the mansion, almost positive that the beautiful organ playing had been eminating from within.  Though it was quite an eerie sight, she decided that she was going to need some assistance if she wanted to go back home.  She hugged her ripped jacket to her body closely and stepped out of the woods, the mansion looming ever closer.

  • Bartholomew looked around the rather empty house with interest. He couldn't walk five feet in his own mansion without passing a decoration. The mouse sat in the offered seat, marveling at its size. "It's not that I mind organ music, I just don't like it in the middle of the night," Bartholomew sighed, "is there a quieter thing that calms your nerves?"

    Vinch began to wander once again; looking through the empty passages for anything abnormal. "No red doors," he muttered to himself, "must remember no red doors…" He returned to the door he had almost opened a minute ago, reaching for the handle again.

    "Vinch, you idiot!" Bartholomew yelled, "that door is red! What are you thinking?"

    Vinch drew back his paw in alarm. "I though it was blue," he said dumbly, "I forgot this color was red." Bartholomew rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to Jeromey. Vinch wandered over to a window and looked out. Though he was not the brightest candle in the chandelier, he wasn't blind. He looked with interest at Fynn as she approached the house. "Hey boss! There is a squirrel coming to the house," Vinch called out, "does she want Jeromey to stop playing music too?"

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    Flynn climbed the stairs to the massive mansion, her body shaking and trembling now that the adrenaline rush she had had wore off.  The cold and weariness and finally set in, but she was still determined to find out where it exactly was that she was at.

    The moonlight was much brighter out in the open, and on closer inspection one could see that not only was her coat ripped, but her pants and shirt were as well, and she had small cuts and scrapes all over her arms.  There was one particular nasty gash above her eyebrow, where she'd run into a low tree branch.  The pain hadn't quite reached her yet, but there was no doubt that it soon would.

    She raised a paw to knock on the door, and hesitated a moment before she knocked politely.  "Hello, is anyone home?"

  • Jeromey's ear pricked up, an unexpected guest. "Hold your thought Bartholomew." Jeromey quick stepped over to his door, what was on the other side somber him. A squirrel maid, roughed up and injured. "Oh my! Come miss, you'll freeze out there."
    He took her paw and lead her to a large chair near the fire place. "There now, you'll be warm. As for you Mew, music is the only thing that keeps me sane, only a few other things help. " Jeromey wasn't going to say it was Has and Fa, they'd be greatly upset if he did. The fox stood once again and headed to his piano.
    He started to play moonlit sonata, hitting it note for note, the pitch was even right. As did with the organ, though not as loud, echoed through out. "Do you play?" He spoke to the two.

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    The night of woods made for perfect night traveling. A warrior, short of stature, but wide with muscle trudged onwards. His war helmet was still fastened tightly while his tattered cape was wrapped tightly around his body. He had some chain mail armor on, shin and leg guards, and heavy spartan style armor which sat on his chest and shoulders. The warrior was that of a mouse, twenty five years old; he still had his padded gauntlets on while his large broadsword sat in the beautiful scabbard strapped to his back. Bradley Steelwall, Champion of the Canyonlands! Name still ringing through his head. "Hmm… I should have brought Oliver on this journey with me.." he sighed and pressed onwards.

    His ears perked up at the sounds of the organ "Hmm.. That music.. its eerie.. yet so well played." He traveled towards the direction of the sounds, running through some bushes and dodging some trees. He appeared  right near the mansion. "Woah.."

  • The sound sent a chill up Fynn's spine, but it was beautiful.  She sat in the chair, the warmth from the fire slowly seeping into her body.  "You play so beautifully…" she said weakly, the exhaustion finally hitting her like a freight train.  She slumped back into the chair, now a weak, semi-cold, aching, pitiful creature.

    "Where am I at?" she managed to ask through her stupor, her eyes only partially open.  It was becoming progressively harder to even THINK about keeping them open.

  • Bartholomew looked at Flynn with some interest. He had never seen a squirrel colored like she was before. The mouse was also surprised by her condition. She didn't look like she had had a very good evening at all.

    "Well Jeromey, I do play the piano and the violin a little," Bartholomew answered, "but I am sure I can't play as well as you." He turned towards Flynn when she asked where she was weakly.

    "Well, this is Jeromey's mansion, he is the fox," Bartholomew told her, "my estate is right next door."

    "Hey boss! Here comes another beast!" Vinch called out again, "it's a mouse!"

    "A friend of yours?" Bartholomew asked Flynn.

  • Fynn shook her head slowly and forced herself to remain conscious and ignore the throb that was her body.  "No, I came here alone."

    She frowned and looked at Bartholomew questioningly.  "I get that I'm in an estate, but where is it exactly?  It was maybe midday; I was walking down a lane that runs between my home and my grandmothers, and some…..creatures, for lack of a better word, dashed out of the woods and started chasing me.  I didn't know what else to do so I ran.  I finally lost them in the woods and I'd been in there ever since."

  • The fox stopped playing and squealed in excitement. It's been a long while since he has had many visitors. Jeromey hot footed it to the door, passing Vinch like a ghost.  The door creaked loudly as he pulled with effort on it. He poked his head out the door and shouted to the second unexpected guest. "Come in, come in! The more, the better!" The fox shook with happiness.

    Both Has and Fa looked at the guests from shelves in the entrance, making sure they did nothing wrong. Fa came close, twice, to biting Vinch. Though they didn't like other creatures in the manor, when Jeromey was happy, it lead to a shopping expedition.

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    Brad was surprised at first by the sudden greeting, but it was genuine and he took it as such with a friendly smile. His armor clanked together as he stepped inside of the large mansion; he was unfamiliar with the surroundings while he stood in awe. "I never seen such a place.."

    The mouse warrior, short in stature, but wide and thick with muscle, felt like an ant in such a large home. "Excuse me, Sir. May I ask what this place is? And your name by any chance?"

  • Jeromey smiled at the armour clad warrior. "I'm Jeromey Luster. This is my home in the woods and that Bartholomew and that is Master Vinch of the manor next to mine. I haven't had many guests in a long time. It's always quite empty.
    I'm not the type who buys frugal things often. They just get in the way of things." The fox pulled over a beautiful chair near the fire place for Bradly to sit in. "Come sit, rest your weary legs." Luster brought his attention back to the maiden.
    He quick stepped over to a closet and pulled out four thick blankets, each embroidered with snakes in them. He laid it over her. "Just try to sleep. You'll have a warm place to rest tonight." The crazed fox laid the rest of the sheets next to her, then walked back over to his chair. "What a nice night it has been."

  • Fynn smiled slightly, immediately feeling the warmth seep into her.  "Thank you very kindly, sir."  The squirrel sat back into the chair and watching the flames blazing merrily, the fire almost hypnotizing.  But, try as she may, she couldn't sleep.  Perhaps it was due to the fact she was chased by strange creatures and nobody seemed eager to fill her in.  She didn't mind, though; she was actually grateful for that.

  • Bartholomew turned to Brad and gave him a none to friendly stare. "Not another stranger," he muttered, "and in the middle of the night?" He looked back to Fynn, remembering her question.

    "We are to the southwest of Redwall, north of  Southward and Castle Floret," Bartholomew told the squirrelmaid, "you do live around here, do you not?" He raised his eyebrow questioningly and leaned in towards Fynn. Depending upon her answer Bartholomew had some nastly plans of his own. The Bartlebee family wasn't feared for nothing.

    Meanwhile, Vinch was still wandering about the house. At the moment, he was searching for a kitchen. He was seemingly unaware of the fact that it was in the middle of the night in another beast's house.

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    "Nice to meet you all, I am Bradley Steelwall, champion of the Canyonlands, but I temporarily live at Redwall now. I left for a little bit to go journeying, to clear my thoughts, to travel a little further from the Woods onto new lands. Lots of untold things beyond any of these areas to explore. Lots of unfinished business to take care of.." Bradley nodded after he spoke and then followed Jeromey.

    The burly warrior happily obliged, taking the fox up on his offer. "Thank you for your hospitality; I won't stay long, I have a long trip ahead of me still." He unbuckled the strap across his back which let the large broadsword in scabbard fall onto the floor. The firelight gleamed off the jewels in the scabbard, giving off pretty colors. Brad Set his war helmet on the scabbard and sat back into the chair, sighing with relief.

  • Jeromey gazed at the sparkling armour, mesmerized by it. "The sounds wonderful Bradley." He shook his head got back on track. "Feel free to stay as long as you want sir, I don't mind." The fox smiled and returned to his piano.

    Has and Fa followed Vinch diligently. They watched his every movement, step, and breath. "The large one is quite the nuisssance." Has hissed.
    "Quite." Fa agreed. Has slithered ahead Vinch and around a door's carvings. The adder hung down in front of the large creature bared it's fangs, then mad a loud angered hiss.
    "Go back!" Has hissed loudly, ever closer to biting the wolverine.

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