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    Nickname: Rodo, Kyro, Kyr

    Full Name: Kyrodo Rivare Blackheart

    Species: Black Wolf

    Age: 20

    Height: 6'1"
    Build: Average weight and muscular formation.

    Appearance: -Black main fur. White fur on the tips of the ears and tail. Fiery orange eyes that glow like embers.

    Normally wears black trousers and a blue trench coat.
    Acrobatic and highly adept in terms of sword play. His endurance and vitality is also nothing to scoff at. When it comes to close combat, he can be quite the formidable warrior.

    He is faster than most at running, but not fast enough to start bragging about it.

    His aim is about average but not the best, so he tends to avoid using long-range weapons. If the battlements are short on archers, he will still take a position if need be.

    He is adventurous and loves to explore the unknown.  His excitement is stemmed from the books his read from the Abbey library during his early seasons at Redwall.

    He can be extremely tolerant around obnoxious or nearly hostile behavior, but will not let other walk over him.

    He is not afraid to enter front lines in battle, and is prepared to take arrows and sacrifice himself for his fellow Redwallers. If they must face their last stand, he will be more than happy to take down as many vermin as he can down with him.

    His leadership skills are limited. As he sees it, it is far easier to execute and follow directions than it is to create them. He can still communicate and provide logical advice given the current conditions.

    Possessions: -Katana with a black and blue hilt and a black sheathe.

    Combat knife. Utilized for a quick secondary weapon, and sometimes for small practical uses.

    Background: One of three siblings: Kyrodo, Kadan, and Talina Blackheart.

    He came to Redwall when he was extremely young, during a harsh blizzard on a winter's day. The poor pup was found freezing and close to death when he was around four years old.

    What became of his family is still unknown, as his memory only dates back to his acceptance as a Redwaller. As he was growing up, he spent most of his time reading various books in the library, and playing swords among other games with the other dibbuns.

    The abbey suffered several vermin attacks as he was growing up, to which his involvement was minimal for being in his younger seasons. He grieved alongside his friend Leonid over the loss of his father who was also the abbey blacksmith. As they reached their teen years, he fell victim to several of Leonid's psychotic berserk vermin-hating attacks, and was saved several times by Freedom who had been their close companion, and since, Leonid's patient overseer. Were it not for her, he would have been banished from the Abbey to protect its inhabitants. After Leonid successfully got over his attacks for the most part, he presented Kyrodo with his father's prized katana on his fourteenth birthday. He explained that it was a sign of recovery from his father's death, and a gift for remaining by his side despite his earlier condition. They were also sparring partners in their younger seasons, and Kyrodo had wishes to become a Redwall defender.

    He and Leonid were able to put their combat practice to use in future vermin raids, where the grandeur of war was quickly disillusioned and replaced by it's realistic horrors of blood and death, as well as the risk of having their lives cut short. They survived nonetheless, and proceeded to perfect their combat prowess through intense practice. They also began to take a more strategic view on the abbey defenses and in battle overall.

    At 17, he gathered survival necessities and proceeded into Mossflower to visit all the areas he's read about in his earlier youth, and to see the world outside the Abbey in general. This was at the dismay of Freedom since they had always been by each other's sides since childhood.

    At 19, he returns home to the Abbey after stumbling upon a vermin camp preparing and attack on Redwall. He runs into a rather hostile situation with Freedom which took several weeks to resolve peacefully. The hostile situation has to deal with his disappearance for over two years.

    As they are recovering from the attack, two travelers make a stop at Redwall consisting of a white wolf and a black wildcat. They introduce themselves as Kadan and Red respectively. They appear to be innocent friendly, but they are also planning their own attack on the Abbey while Redwall's defenses are weakened. They scout the Abbey's interior and secretly relay information to their troops under the cover of night. Kadan also observes Kyrodo with interest, realizing that he is indeed his long lost brother.

    As the vermin invasion commences, Kadan stabs Kyrodo in the chest as he reveals that they are siblings. He curses Kyrodo for being a pathetic good beast and throws him over the battlements. The invasion greatly cripples the abbey but ultimately fails. The two travelers are nowhere to be seen.

    The attackers numbers were crippled almost beyond repair, and they were not expected return any time soon. Being a miraculous mouse healer, Freedom is able to revive Kyrodo to good health, but a scar remains.

    Every now and then he leaves for his own adventures, but for the most part he remains at the Abbey as a wall guard for about a year (First RP availability span). After suffering constants recursions of bad dreams concerning Kadan Blackheart attempting to murder him, he decides to leave the safety of the Abbey once more to seek out his brother and bring an end to the nightmares, one way or another (Secondary RP availability span).

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  • It may be easier for me to put all my related character profiles on one page, the mains being Kyrodo, Talina, Kadan, and Red. I will eventually delete the other topics, change the subject name, and place them all in this thread.

    And I may completely revamp this XD So far, this character has never been serious, nor a strong character. I've mostly been focusing on my many other characters. Not to mention I've had a story planned for him but never got it carried out, since I was thinking about RPing the mess, which might not be the best idea. His history will instead be a selective fusion of RP, and the story development posts which will be placed here.

    He will still have a little bit of shared history with Temperance's characters, but he'll be considerably less family-oriented and more independent like I initially was planning to do. The kept history will be almost strictly with the Freedom mouse healer character, since she's the easiest to understand and a character I'm most familiar with.

    His mischievous attitude towards Leonid may also get a revamp. It's fun, but it forced him into a base goofy character personality I don't like very much. I want his story to be a bit more epic XD Instead of taking his trip out into Mossflower and coming back after a year, he will simply be a complete wanderer with ties to Redwall as a valued defender, and as an unintentional scout for nearby vermin activity. His innocent traveling motivation is to explore the world and to see what he has not seen. Areas he's visited already includes key good beast-inhabited areas like the Holt, Green Isle, and Salamandastron, where he has left on good terms, despite his initial appearance has a vermin beast. So far, his vermin instincts have been nearly non-existent, but they do show themselves from time-to-time, especially when survival out in the wilderness turns to dire circumstances, and good beast travelers start to look like resource targets.

    His siblings, Kadan and Talina, also need a bit of work. Storywise, Talina's mostly fine in that she grew up in Noonvale, but the mentor thing and her reasons for leaving will change. Her RP attitude isn't fitting her profile either.

    Kadan's story is just strange, but I was forcing myself to come up with something, so that is facing a massive revamp. His carried equipment will be strictly throwing knives and a katana. His swordsmanship is half-learned from Red who has taken fencing classes. The rest is self-taught, with some added knowledge enriched by books. His charisma is naturally obtained. His main goal in life is to take vengeance upon good beasts for the death of his parents, Redwall Abbey becoming his clear target.

    His mentor, Red, will also be revamped as a former servant of a vermin royal house who gets booted for getting friendly with the princess. He pursues a pirate life, and just as he becomes the captain, his ship gets sunk by the royal navy. He gets washed up onto the shores of Mossflower and begins an independent wanderer lifestyle, where he finds Kadan in a blizzard and keeps him alive.

    Despite his best efforts, Kadan still turns up to be a twisted evil maniac, because he witnesses and remembers their parents getting killed by a good beast during their youngest days. Whether their parents were the ones who attacked first or not for well-needed supplies will be eternally left to ambiguity. After coming of age, Kadan takes assertive control of their travels and ends up leading them to pursue his own plans, as Red, no longer with obligations or a place to go, becomes his reluctant second command.

    I will start making my changes above.

  • Full Name: Red Saiyud Firecross
    Species: Wildcat
    Age: 35

    Height: 6'

    Build: Medium Muscular

    Appearance: Black fur, red eyes. Wears a bright red cloak, black belt and trousers, and black chain mail over his torso. Presents a prowling deep voice. His retractable claws are lethal weapons by themselves.
    Possessions: Carries a canteen and a large ration pouch on his belt. Also carries dual rapiers at his sides in black leather scabbards, both with brass handle guards.

    Details: Kadan's subordinate and second in command. Also acted as Kadan's father figure and raised him after rescuing him from a harsh blizzard.

    A well-trained fencer. Highly conservative fighter during combat, possessing especially immense stamina.

    Even against tougher opponents, his defensive stance, focus, and energy conservation can allow time for reinforcements to come to his aid, or for his enemies to tire themselves out for him to strike the final blow.

    Heavier weapons may present a burden, though he has learned to fend them off with both blades and his build aids him well.

    He can climb and swim considerably, but he absolutely hates being in the water, which is ironic seeing as he was once a pirate.

    Being Kadan's second in command, he can assume the role of a leader fairly well, sometimes getting so into it that his efforts are laughable, especially when the task is menial. He addresses and preps the soldiers in an audible deep voice, and his enthusiastic war cry presents much to be admired. He is also a considerable strategist, and can quickly adapt and order his soldiers appropriately when new situations arise.

    Having been born in a port, he speaks using "aye", "'tis", "yer" and "ya", but his speech isn't entirely pirate-like.

    He can be rather grumpy, mainly due to leading a miserable and unfulfilled life. He considers saving Kadan as a pup from a harsh blizzard his greatest regret. Were it not for Kadan's evil plans of vengeance against the good beasts, he would be living a quiet and enjoyable solitary life.

    He tends to be rather subserveant, having been born as a servant under a royal house. He is also very sensitive regarding matters of honor, because he used to dream about becoming a knight. This honor is reflected in his avoidance of underhanded combat tactics. Were he more assertive, he would've left Kadan behind to pursue is own life ages ago, or at least presented more effort in telling him right from wrong.

    He often takes jokes literally, as humor isn't one of his strong points.
    Background: He was born as a servant to a royal palace of a vermin kingdom across the sea. He enjoyed himself despite his predetermined lifestyle, but dreamed of gaining grandeur as a knight. He was kicked out after getting particularly close to the princess, and found himself alone in the city streets. He managed to survive off familiar jobs such as washing dishes and glasses for restaurants and bars, during which he took classes in fencing.

    He attempted to join the military, but his request was immediately denied for his state of exile from the palace. Feeling defeated, he decided his try his luck as an underhanded pirate, to which the vermin port had no lack of. He came across a band of pirates searching for new crew mates to join their ranks and relieve their lowest members of menial tasks. They were more than happy to accept him as a laborer.

    His absolute hate for water was tested many a time as they left the familiar port tone and proceeded to attempt ungracious deeds upon unsuspecting merchant ships out on the sea. Despite his miserable experiences, he remained persistent. As other crew members died or wimped out, he gained rank and placed himself on good terms with the captain. Soon after becoming first mate, the captain died while they were fighting against rival pirates. He knew the ropes of running a ship, but knew not where to head to, so he decided they would resupply at the port city he was most familiar with.

    Unfortunately, the surrounding waters were on high alert for pirate ships. As soon as their flag was glimpsed by a small squad of royal navy patrols, they were pursued. Red ordered a retreat and a ready of arms. The chase proceeded eastward for severally days, but they were ultimately outrun, and their ship was blown out of the water.

    After drifting on a wood plank for nearly two days, he was washed up onto the shores of Mossflower. A couple of searats found him, and he was revived at a nearby vermin encampment. They threatened him to join their ranks, but he managed to escape over night after taking some survival supplies.

    His first days as a survivalist were shaky at best, but he managed to keep himself alive. He lived as a wandering traveler in Mossflower, until winter came by. As he was attempting find cover from a harsh blizzard, he found the wolf pup, Kadan, collapsed face down in the snow. Deciding it was the right thing to do, he picked him up and found shelter in a nearby cave.

    Kadan was able to revive. Knowing not who its owners were or what else to do with him, Red kept him along in his travels and proceeded to raise him. He got to know several vermin-inhabited areas in Mossflower, and gave them frequent visits as Kadan was growing up. Kadan was very adamant on learning combat from him, as well as reading books to Red's surprise. He turned be quite the handful and a very crafty troublemaker.

    As Kadan reached his adult years, he began to boss Red around as he attempted to pursue his own plans. The subserveant wild cat protested on multiple occasions, but his old nature soon got the better of him. The charismatic wolf gathered up a growing band of vermin to follow his commands, and granted Red the position of second in command. Kadan painted his sights on Redwall Abbey.

  • Nick Names: Tali

    Full Name: Talina Raven Blackheart

    Species: White Wolf

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Pure white fur and glowing orange eyes. Also has white hair slightly past shoulder-length, identical to her fur, that's loosely pull back near the bottom by a blue band. She is 5'11" tall, and between a light and average build.

    Wear's a light blue cloak with a green robe tied at firmly the waist by white rope. She wears a prominent-looking silver necklace with an oval sapphire hanging from it.

    Weapons: Dual lightweight daggers at her sides, as well as a bow and quiver.

    Details: Acrobatic and nimble. Dual wields two daggers at close-combat. Also carries around a bow and quiver of arrows to deal with ranged targets

    Her primary asset is close-combat, as her secondary weapons are only meant for back up. Thanks to her robe, her running speed is also rather limited.

    She also carries around herbs, bandages, and other first aid healing supplies. Her healing knowledge is limited to bandaging up wounds and applying herbs to speed up the process of recovery.

    Being a former resident of Noonvale, she holds fast to the ideals of right and wrong. There are ideals that have not agreed with her, such as the idea of not keeping up defenses for Noonvale.

    Background: One of the three sibling: Kyrodo, Kadan, and Talina Blackheart.

    Back when she was a mere dibbun and she was separated from her family during a blizzard, and found in their broken down wagon by a traveling mouse family. She was four years old at the time, and she remembers very little about what happened. The travelers that found her were former residents of Redwall headed to settle in Noonvale with their young one. Little does she know that her father figure was also the one who slew her father and mother.

    Regardless, she was happily raised in Noonvale alongside their son. She heard many stories from her father figure about Redwall Abbey and what it was like. She also read books about it that they had up on the shelves. She wanted nothing more but to visit the place, but her parents told her it would be too long a journey to be a casual family trip, and they were needed to tend to the fields for Noonvale.

    At her request, her father taught them how to use a bow. She practiced often in her free time, sometimes with her brother and sometimes alone. She dreamed about fighting the evil vermin and protecting the innocent.

    As she grew old enough to make her own decisions, she got ready to make her trip to the Abbey. Her overbearing mother did not want her to go, but her father figure kept trying to convince her it was okay. She got into an argument with the village elder after a band of vermin passed by particularly close to their village. He of course denied any intentions of arming defenses for the village.

    She became curious one day, and asked her father about why she was a wolf when they were mice. She wasn't surprised to hear they weren't her biological family, but her father presented a suspicious reaction to her question, as if he'd done something wrong. After confronting him about it, he told her how they found her, and how he was the one who killed her parents, then he dearly apologized. They told her she two other siblings, but knew not where they were, or if they were able to survive the blizzard.

    She was unsure how to feel about it. She understood her father's feelings, and respected him for telling the truth. She wanted to find out what happened to her brothers, and decided it was finally time for her to leave. After gathering her weapons and supplies, Talina made her final goodbye and disembarked for Redwall Abbey.

  • Full Name: Kadan Valeon Blackheart

    Species: White Wolf
    Age: 21

    Height: 6'5"

    Appearance: White wolf with black fur on the tips of his ears and tail. Eyes are mainly orange and glow like flames.

    Wears a hooded black cloak and trousers.
    Weapons: A katana with a blade of black steel and a red and black hilt, as well as a set of throwing knives.

    Details: Adept at martial arts. Acrobatic, fast, and highly coordinated.

    Skilled at fencing and makes accurate use of his throwing knives.

    Quick-minded and possesses cunning. He is also fairly adept at acting innocent.

    A creature of purely evil intentions. He is very much a sadistic beast, and views all good beasts with indiscriminate animosity. He dreams to rid Mossflower of wood lander filth.

    He possesses natural high charisma and is good at manipulating other beasts.

    He is a creature of immense planning, always plotting his next move. Every action he takes serves a purpose. His allies are expendable mediums to further his own goals.

    He possesses a silver tongue. If he makes a deal with a fellow vermin, he is likely to back stab them when their use has been worn out.
    Background: Oldest of three siblings: Kyrodo, Kadan, and Talina Blackheart. Parents are Song and Kantra Blackheart. He is the only one who remembers the past when they were separated.

    He was five years of age when they were separated. During a cold winter day at the beginnings of a strong blizzard, his family's traveling wagon hit a snag, and one of its wheels broke loose. Father tried to find shelter for them as mother stayed behind to watch over them. Father came back and asked mother to help with something. Kadan was placed in charge of the two other siblings. A cry was heard in the distance.

    Sensing something was wrong, he told Kyrodo and Talina to stay put, and stumbled towards where he heard the noise. His mother lay dead. An angry mouse had a bow and arrow aimed at his father, who lay wounded on the ground with a dagger lying in the snow beside him. The mouse muttered something and released the arrow, which struck his father in the heart.

    Kadan ran over to his father, who now lay motionless. The mouse stepped forward for a moment when a female voice called to him. Their eyes met for what seemed like an eternity. The mouse's expression was that of utter shock. He finally turned and walked away without a word as he followed whatever voice had called to him.

    He sat there out in the cold with his father's head resting in his lap. He cried over his father's lifeless body for at least an hour before he finally stood up and staggered his way back to the wagon. Talina and Kyrodo were gone. He recognized the faint scent of Kyrodo's tracks leading away from the wagon, which were quickly being buried by the blizzard. Possibly to search for Kadan. Another bigger set of tracks led towards the wagon, then away. Someone must have taken Talina. They were gone.

    He searched the wagon for rations, but they must have been taken. The traumatized wolf pup could think of nothing else but to find shelter or die. He trudged through the snow, shivering as the blizzard steadily increased in intensity. After several hours, he collapsed face-first in the snow. He had no will to pull himself up. His short life, it seemed, was over.

    To his surprise, he awoke in a cave setting next to a fire place. A wildcat by the name of Red saved his life. He wasn't quite sure if that was a blessing or a curse. For that reason, he did little to thank or respect his savior and new found guardian. His behavior was less than adequate, and he did the opposite of everything he was ordered to do. Red did not disown him, however. Eventually he came to accept the new lifestyle as they traveled to unfamiliar territories in Mossflower. They never seemed to stay in one spot for any longer than several months at a time.

    He face of his father's murderer continued to haunt him. He wanted the nightmares to end. He learned that his father figure, Red, was great at fencing. He demanded the wildcat to teach him, and for the first time, they started to develop rough family bond.

    After the wildcat taught him how to read, he started to read every book that he could lay his paws upon. He read of places of high royalty, vermin cities, and famous warlords. He read of the infamous Redwall Abbey, a great fortress and good beast haven that has withstood even the most powerful vermin armies. Mice are good beasts… mice killed his parents. Good beasts must not be allowed to exist any longer.

    His world was slowly shaped as he learned of the histories and the geography of the world they lived upon. Salamandastron. The Holt. Green Isle. Noonvale. They were his targets... he would become the first warlord to conquer each and every one.

    He started to write down his plans. He read of vermin settlements, tribes, and encampments, like the Juska, Raventail, and Baddred. All he had to do was promise them riches and rally them against a common enemy... Redwall Abbey.

    He knew well enough to survive on his own now. Red's presence was no longer necessary... but despite having presented the old wildcat with nothing but trouble, he valued him as a mentor. He was also a well-trained warrior, which was difficult to come by. Red would remain at his side, as a commander for his growing army, which they would lead to vengeance and glory.

  • Nick Name: Leo, Leon
    Full Name: Leonid Fethrius Haiden
    Species: Red Squirrel
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'8"
    Build: Relatively high muscular formation
    Appearance: Red main fur, and white secondary. Black fur tipping the ears and paws. Crystal blue eyes. Large bloody scar running diagonally across his muzzle, descending towards his right.

    Green tunic falling to his ankles, belted by a black leather strap. Underlying leather breast plate.
    Weapons: Custom-made spear with a shaft of oak and a long steel spearhead fanning outward in a three-pronged design. Steel hand axe. Hemp sling with a stash of polished oval stone bullets.
    Details: Most adept with the spear, where he can maintain safe distance between himself and his enemies while still being able to strike in close combat.

    Normally arrogant and highly irritable to newcomers. He can seem about as grouchy as an old hag sometimes.

    Otherwise, he's actually easily approachable to those who know him well enough. He is fun to tease and provoke, and he has a great sense of humor. He is overly competitive, and likes to play bragging games.

    To a point, he can be respectful to those he trusts, and even be friendly and sociable at times.

    Once traumatized by his father's death to the vermin, he has a psychotic anti-vermin state where he will attack any vermin beast that he sees, even his own friends. Sometimes he is even unable to discern who is vermin and who is not. Freedom (Temprance's character) is usually there to snap him out of it, but this has proven particularly stressful for the mouse maid. She has also been afflicted with several permanent scars from nearly fatal wounds as a result of his breakdowns. Were it not for her, he'd have been banished from Redwall a long time ago for presenting a threat to its residents. For this reason, he greatly values her presence and considers her his closest friend.

    Kyrodo is another friend he has learned to value, despite teasing him every now and then. They were sparring partners in their younger days, and both dreamed of becoming one of the abbey defenders. After finally getting over most of his psychotic episodes after his father's death, he presented Kyrodo with his father's most prized possession, which was a perfectly-balanced steel katana. It was his way of getting over the past.

    He is also a brilliant crafter and blacksmith, following in his father's footsteps.

    Background: A redwaller, and son of a blacksmith. His mother died of childbirth. His father started teaching him about crafting and smithing from a young age. He was inflicted by his scar during a vermin raid upon the Abbey, while he was trying to douse the fires that were being lit around the Abbey. A couple of stray vermin found its way into the abbey courtyard and slashed him across the face with a scimitar. His father came down from the battlements to his rescue and slew the vermin that were attacking him. However, his father was also inflicted with a fatal spear wound. Kyrodo and Freedom grieved beside him at his father's funeral. Ironically, his primary weapon became a spear.

    His father's death traumatized him, and caused random bouts of violent psychotic madness, where he would attack nearly any beast he saw while yelling "VERMIN!". The mouse maid, Freedom, has been there to stop him from attacking his fellow Redwallers, while suffering wounds herself from his episodes. Eventually, his psychotic nature was, for the most part, put to rest.

    He played swords and other games with the other dibbuns during his younger days. Kyrodo was one of his most frequent sparring partners, which they eventually developed into professional swordplay.

    He became the new abbey blacksmith and crafter, his life mainly taking place at Redwall Abbey save to go out for resources. He is also one of the Abbey's valued defenders.

  • ((STORY))

    Screams and battle cries filled the air, backed crackling of flames. Orange tendrils licked the buildings and wall tops of Redwall Abbey, the air choked with smoke, ash, and a rain of stone and arrow. Vermin swarmed the east and west walls, a siege log battering the front gates as grappling hooks and tall ladders attempted to reach the upper walls. Kyrodo stood on the east battlements with his katana drawn, fighting alongside the other defenders to take down the vermin entry points.

    A newcomer white wolf traveler by the name of Kadan them with a stupid grin on his face, his serious-faced black wildcat traveling partner, Red, following closely behind him. Kadan picked up a fallen rapier from one of the fallen beasts, then walked straight past the vermin attacking the defenders. Kyrodo kicked off a vermin-infested siege ladder, then dashed over to them. "Kadan and Red? We'll take care of the vermin. Get back in the main building where it's safe!" he directed. His eyes went agape as Kadan raised the rapier and thrust it into his chest.

    "I'm surprised you don't remember me, brother," Kadan laughed. He pulled him forward and put his muzzle close to his ear. "I see you grew up to be a good beast fool. Your abbey friends will join you soon enough…"

    A sick expression crossed Kyrodo's face. "B-brother?..." he repeated in disbelief. Kadan pulled out the rapier and shoved him over the battlements.

    Despite intense opposition split between two sides, the defenders held fast, dwindling the vermin numbers until they were forced to retreat. The orchards and crops were mostly wiped out, but the buildings suffered minor damages. The death toll was high but in Redwall's favor. Among the bodies that remained, the traitorous newcomers were nowhere to be found. The miraculous mouse healer, Freedom, was able to revive Kyrodo back to good health. A permanent scar remains.

    Kadan didn't show up again, but Kyrodo knew he was still out there plotting Redwall's downfall. His dreams were constantly haunted by the face of his long lost brother who tried to murder him. Growing impatient and anxious, he finally decides to take another trip into Mossflower to search for where they might be building up their forces. Freedom made sure to threaten him this time after suffering from his first long excursion away from Redwall.

    "If you don't come back to visit after a month, you're brother is going to be the LEAST of your worries! Does a cast iron skillet ring a bell?"

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