Nickname: Silverflash

Full Name: Silverflash Broadsleek

Species: Badger


  • Male Badger
    -6ft. tall
    -Wears a silver travelling cloak
    -Has silver fur with a sleek black strip from is nose to his tail
    -Friendly and helpful

Longbow and quiver
Walking stick
Stone from mother

-War tactics

-Doesn't sleep well when travelling
-sometimes hunger gets in his way when thinking

He was born near the abbey of Redwall. Parents were killed in a vermin attack when he was but 3 seasons old. Grandmother took silverflash to Redwall and raised him, telling him stories of Salamondastron. When grandmother died silverflash journeyed to the mountain of salamondastron, along the way meeting a lone shrew who had lost his tribe.When he reached salamondastron he learned their ways and became the badger lord. Once in awhile he returns to the abbey to visit old friends.

I don't sleep well while traveling either.

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