Neha Sonakshi

  • .:Neha:.

    Nickname(s): Ne, Aussie

    Full Name: Neha Sonakshi

    Age: 21

    Species: Wolf

    Height: 5'7"

    Profession:  Loner

    Possession(s):  Unfortunately the only thing she has to remind her of her parents is the tribal insignia on her left hip.  Other than that, all she has are her vague memories, and this necklace that she is unsure of.  It’s a locket, but since she never learned how to open it, she just wears it.  Inside of it is a painting of her family and herself when she was naught but a babe.

    Physical Appearance: She has golden eyes.  Though she is a wolf, she's colored like an Australian Shepherd Blue Merle; Her base coat is a light gray, her stomach is mostly white. She has one black ear with a white tip, and the other is entirely a creamy colored orange. The patches around her eyes are black, her muzzle is mostly the creamy orange with splashes of white, black, and gray in it, and she has a creamy orange mask. Along her body and tail, she has spots an splashes of white, creamy orange, and black. The very tip of her tail is creamy orange. Her belly is white. Her right arm is gray, but her fingers are creamy orange; her left arm is creamy orange and her fingers are white. Her right leg is black and her toes are white; her left leg is also black and her toes are creamy orange. She has long dark brown hair that she keeps back in a loose braid.  On her left hip there is a tattoo of a wolf's paw print in black (Redundant? Yes, but I like it lol).

    Material Appearance: She wears an olive colored vest that buttons up the front.  She also wears a pair of tan colored Capri’s, and does not wear shoes.

    Personality: Since Neha has lived most of her life in the woods, she has not been exposed to worldly things, or creatures her own age.  She taught herself how to survive in the wild, most of it instinctual, but she does the best she can.  She has a natural and profound knowledge of the flora and fauna of Mossflower Woods, as well as the creatures that inhabit it.

    Though she has had little to no contact with civilization, she has come across lone travelers and such in the woods.  She was very friendly towards them, and kept them company in their camp until they decided to leave.  In exchange for food and medical assistance if they required it, the traveler’s shared their stories with Neha, and provided her a companion to talk to.  Many a time they had tried to get them to come with her, but she politely declined.  The idea of living in a confined space did not sit well with her at all.

    She was very playful, and sometimes acted childish.  This came from having to raise herself, and not having anyone to turn to for guidance.  She was also quite fierce when she had to be, and could hold her own in a fight.


    • Excellent swimmer, climber, tracker, and forager
    • She has a natural instinct for things, such as fighting and surviving on her own
    • She is also a good runner


    • She has not had much social contact, and is sometimes unsure how to act around others
    • Confined spaces make her uneasy
    • Unfortunately, everyday things are foreign to her
    • She does not understand the terms some creatures use, and has to have them explain the simplest of things
    • She is not sure how to act serious

    Background: She'd lived in Mossflower Woods for as long as she can remember, her parents long since gone.  One night their home had been raided by a band of cutthroats; her parents got her out of the house, and perished in the process.  She did not have any other family that she knew of, so she decided to stick with what she was familiar with.  Despite the tragedy, and her age at the time, she survived, using the skills that both her mother and father had taught her.  She had tried living in one spot once, but it was too small for her, it made her feel too vulnerable.  So she decided to make all of Mossflower her home.

    The woods were her haven.  They protected her from the weather.  They provided shelter for her when she settled down for the night, large leafy bushes and trees with wide branches hiding her from view.  They provided her with the nourishment she required to live.  The River Moss was an eternal source of water, small streams and creeks branching off of it, some forming majestic water meadows, others providing many lush trees and other foliage to further intesify the beauty of Mossflower Woods.  Fish were a never ending supply of food for her; the trees provided her with fruit; generous birds provided a plethera of vegetables for her to pick and eat.  Occaisonally the woods offered her companions for the night.  Travellers, weary after their long trek for the day, welcomed her warm campfire and hot food, in exchange for stories of their travels, an exchange of food for somebeast to talk to.

    The woods was her friend, her ally.  They were her home.

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