Saoirse Greenleaf

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    Nickname(s): Saoirs

    Full Name: Saoirse Greenleaf

    Age: 27

    Species: Otter

    Height: 5'8"

    Profession:  Healer’s Assistant; Fisher

    Possession(s):  She owns a beautiful bow, made from the wood of a yew tree that stood for over one hundred years.  The fletching to her arrows is purple, plucked from some exotic bird that one of her ancestors had come across many moons ago.  This was her mother’s, and she also owns a simple, yet beautiful dirk, the hilt wrapped in black leather with an amethyst set in the pommel. She keeps this sheathed inside her quiver, the handle protruding over her left shoulder.  The blade was her father’s.  Her bow can also double as a staff or a fishing rod.

    Physical Appearance: She had creamy red fur, the fur around her eyes, ears, tail-tip, and paws a darker shade.  The fur on her throat clear down to her belly was an off-white color.  She had curly, shoulder-length auburn hair that she sometimes kept back in a bun.  All in all, she was pretty much a normal looking otter.  But her eyes; her eyes were a beautiful bright blue-violet.  The only other distinguishing thing about her, was the fading brand on her left cheek. She is sleek and slender; one would describe it as being simply feminine.

    Material Appearance: She wears a simple light purple dress that ties in the back.

    Personality: Saoirse is very different from both Mira and Freedom.  She keeps to herself, and does not socialize with creatures that she does not know.  She’s happiest when she is fishing; she finds it very peaceful and relaxing.  Not only is she able to think about things, she can also clear her mind and NOT think about a thing while doing this.  Despite all this she would be described as friendly and helpful towards others.  The creatures living at Redwall Abbey had made them all, Freedom, Mira, and Saoirse, feel extremely welcomed when they first arrived there, but no matter what Saoirse felt out of place.

    The only time she is herself, is around Freedom and Mira.  Only then, does she feel like she can let lose and have fun.

    Like the other two, when she is threatened or her loved ones are, she will set aside her feelings and defend what’s right.


    • Excellent swimmer
    • She recognizes her weaknesses, and strives to mend them
    • She has very good aim in both stationary and mobile targets


    • She does not socialize with others
    • She is very weak, mentally, socially, and emotionally
    • She withdraws herself from society
    • Does not have very good physical strength, though she can use her dirk

    Background: Her past, to most, is a mystery.  She doesn't talk about it with others, and the ones that know about it, were either part of it or she actually told them.  She does not dwell on the events, but from time to time they do cross her mind, though unfortunately, they have affected her ability to socialize.  The destiny behind this otter, as well as three others, is still a mystery, even to her.

    Everything was chaos.  Like Freedom and Miranthia, her parents, Ivory and McCloud, had also crossed paths with the wrong creatures.  After what had happened to the Windwalker’s, the family, as well as that of Freedom and Miranthia, combined, becoming one big extended family.  Freedom, Tomas, Miranthia, Saoirse, Elizabeta, and Christain (Saoirse's twin sister and brother) were all born on the same day.  That same day, a prophecy was made about Freedom, Mira, Saoirse, a mouse, fox, and otter that they'd never heard of, and Mira's older brothers, was made.  Why, when, and how is not clear, to anyone of the family, so instead of taking it to heart, they brushed it aside.

    When Saoirse was ten, both Elizabeta and Christain went missing.  This affected her deeply; though she was the middle child of the triplets, they were all treated equally, and all the kids were inseparable.  Not too long after, Erthjerne and Ubel, Mira’s older brothers, took up arms and slaughtered the family, or so they were led to believe.  Only Freedom, Mira, and Saoirse was left alive, and Erthjerne sold them into slavery.  He soon became the leader of the rabble, Ubel his second, and branded his insignia into the three.  The three then faced years of torture, starvation, and cruelty.  Freedom protected Saoirse the entire time; she would throw herself in front of the lashes that were intended for her, and both Mira and Freed would save up their food to give to Saoirse.

    Eventually, with Mira’s help, Freedom managed to escape, promising to return with help.  After months of recuperating and finding adequate help, Freedom returned, and slew Erthjerne before turning to the rest of his ghastly band.  Freedom had managed to find her long-lost brother, and the four of them, together, found Redwall.  Tomas grew restless and decided to leave, in hopes that he could possibly find information on the whereabouts of Elizabeta and Christain.  Freedom, Miranthia, and Saoirse, however, decided to remain at Redwall, to try and live as normal lives as they could manage.

    Author’s Note:  If you read Freed’s profile, then yeah the history should be familiar.  This is going to be repeated several times, since basically both Mira and Saoirse’s history is the same.

    And what I mean about extended family, is that like…Freed, Mira, and Saoirse’s mother’s claimed each other as sister’s.  It’s kinda complicated but it works XD

    And please don’t ask me what the prophecy is, I’ve been trying to figure that out for five years now.  It just seemed like a good idea and I’m still rolling with it XD

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